Friday, March 26, 2010

The theme


I think I have to put on this topic as well. Coz I found it one of a difficult task to be achieved especially for someone who's like me (I mean, d one who doesn't have wedding of her dream T_T).

I always a simple person (except for what I wore everyday=p). I always simplify things in my life (That's y I chose to further study as high as possible so that I can go to work at 10am and be back at 3pm=p haha..). To be honest, I have never once been thinking about how my wedding gona be for the past 25 years of my life. It was because I have so many other things to think of. I have tried to think of what colours are gona b for my wedding day. But my mind would tell my heart to hold on first, that's gona b so long before I have to think of it (my brain said).So, now because everything happens so sudden, I was so 'tak tau' what colour shud I pick T_T d time is ticking n I did change my color theme after every ticks T_T. Damn!!

I did browse Initially to help me designing my wedding dress, but then I found it helpful as it also providing examples of d themes. What's more interesting, how can all these western people could pulled out a very nice wedding scene??All the colour, d flowers arrangements are so stunning. They usually dont put on one colour for their wedding. They alwiz combining colours and flowers. Here are a few theme in my list that I was considering for my wedding.
Due to some circumtances, these themes r not gona b in any of my reception (biasela..kene ikut ckp org tue..).Its ok, as long as we can folow what they want, we just follow..InsyaAllah..everything will be fine=) But, so far, with their helps n ideas everything kind of easier for us=)

The question will be..what will be d colour theme for my wedding?? will b kept mystery, until d day arrive. (until now, d writer still hasn't decide d colour yet=|)

p/s:For you guys out there who are still teenager (haha..) I think you should start thinking of d colour la..

Till then, take care!

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