Friday, March 26, 2010

wedding package-ep.4

Salam to all..
Another post for tonight..haha..this is me..once I feel like updating, then there will b a lot of posts at a time=p

I would like to continue about my looooongggg...journey to get the wedding package. Its not like I don't want to take things at different boutique. I do not care to take each of the things at different places. But, due to my tight budget (almaklumlaa...I am still a student), I think its better for me to get all things in one package. There might b a chance for me to get any freebies ke nnt=P save rm50 pon jadilaa...

yeah2..Im sound sort of stingy..but I did felt the difficulties of earning especially in my case where I'm depending solely on my scholarship. Therefore, being wasteful is not an option here. Another reason of me being so limited with budget is, FYI I will get married with somebody who stays in other country. The country pulak has a pretty high currency rate. So, I have to save some of my money so tht my visa will get approved easily later. Plus, I am used to be independent since my dad had gone. Therefore, as in logic, I need more money to survive after the wedding. I think everybody alert on this as well, but in my case, I have to be extra careful as me n my future husband will be living far away from our family and friends, thus nobody will be close enough to rescue us in time of harsh later.

However, typical me..eventhough I was stuffed with a lot of theories and advices (like above=p) I have once decided to take wedding dress at other place, pelamin at other place, accessories..bla2..haha..(cakap je lebey i ni=p)...yes!I did that!I even paid the deposit. So, right now, my money is everywhere=( even d veil pon i took from other boutique T_T (see how cerewet I am T_T). At one point, I felt very d rugi..I paid 100% higher than d package price. The worst is if I take by package, I can get more things!But, during that time..lelap je mate...asalkan sume bende bekenan=p haha..

Just 2 weeks ago, I was contacted by my future MIL. She asked me about all the prep (she will do the A-Z prep at groom's bf turun flight tros akad je nnt=[). The conversation was sort of like this:
Auntie: prep mcm mane?
Me: Em..baru ada baju je
Auntie: Baju je?harge?
Me: RM1.5k
Auntie: Baju laki?
Me:belom ade lg=p


N next, she called my mom discussing about how terrible I was in this job=(

So, she booked another package under her package so that I can get a special price. The package's price was given 50% off by the owner of the boutique: Mama Roi. Thanks Mama=) The things that were sketched in my mind was not in their house. But, they are willing to produce semua baru according to what I have in mind=) Alhamdulillah...semuanya dipermudahkan..n much2 cheaper than what I have planned. Oh, Thanks to my future MIL cz helping me out in this!Mwax!!haha=)

p/s: I'll put on Mama Roi's boutique address later when all things have became official=)

Hope the story above gives u some inspiration that sometimes please..get help from older they knew best!haha


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