Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blogpress testing testo

Konbanwa dearies!!!
Testing on my just installed blogpress

Let's try putting on pictures...

There you favourite danish pie ever!!!Manis-manis buah je...It's true la Japan is the place to find the finest pastry based food (that's what I heard from my friends who believe they should be born Japanese)

this blogpress will help yours truly stay connected with all of you dearies!anywhere anytime!^_^

matta ne..

p/s:i still need to install another application iaitu 'anti-malas' (utk mengcleankn virus-virus malas yg ada dalam diri ini).

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  1. Blogpress boleh pakai kat ipong je ke wani? sobsss T_T

  2. Anum:especially for you yang dah ada ipad tu:D

    Zam: memang sedap gile!aku mmg x minat mende manis2..kalo kt mesia jaranggile dh jadi mcm tiap2 hari kne mkn >,<

    Mmolina: hehe..ada byk application ni plg pemes..wa install la nih..mesti ada application utk model lain jugak o_O na mungkin takde >.<



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