Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jakarta

"Hotel Bintang Lima"
The words that captured my eyes first when we arrived at the reception.
If you ask me which hotel in Malaysia I can put as referance, well...I have to say, Hotel Istana perhaps:)

Macam biasa la, sampai-sampai kenala daftar masuk kan..I think hubby took forever to check in.
And it wasn't entirely the hotel reception to be blamed. He is just fussy like that.
We siap tukar bilik lagi because he disliked the first hotel view...I was pity the hotel attendant yang kene assist us ke hulu hilir:/
But then after I know how their 'tipping culture', well, I decided to maximize their function >.<

Ours was Deluxe room. I think the setting was standard as any other deluxe rooms in other hotels pun.
Despite of that, I have to highlight some point here:D
Spaaacious bathroom!Seriously spacious. Boleh buat dance rehersal kot :P
Came with bath tub. Biasa la kan...hehe..

Kind of extra spacious for a Deluxe room.

Awesome view:) with 100x better at night:) I was tak jadi nak marah when i stepped into this room:P 

Where I spent my mornings:) You can have your breakfast buffet here too ^_^

This hotel is located in the middle of Jakarta, nearby the busiest road of the city. When  I said the busiest...trust me, Jalan Ampang at 6pm is nothing compared to this >.<..From this photo you can see, setinggans are at every spaces available. Just behind the walls of this hotel, there lived many families in setinggan..Banyak sangat hawkers. So, actually tak susah pun nak cari Indonesian food :) *again, if you don't have issue like us did:P*

Couldn't do much to leave my trace for hubby. Just simple dinner overlooking the awesome night view of our room:)  
I would strongly recommend this hotel if you are planning to visit Jakarta.
One important factor is, the location.
This hotel is located in the middle where you can find Blok M and Tanah Abang (and Kota) at opposite sides of each other. For Tanah Abang fans (like yours truly), it is only 20minutes by taxi (with minimum macet, maximum about 2hours). Tapi seriously, dekat sangat. On the day I went (alone), 20 minutes and I think actually dekat sangat.
Another plus point, Plaza Semanggi is just next to it. So, shopping?not a problem *grin*

Entertainment wise?
There are varieties of channels like, Sports, AXN, MTV, V channel, STARworld, Cinemax, HBO, Discovery channel, History channel, and banyak lagi yang kalau amek kat Astro dikenakan bayaran tambahan:P haha...So, the whole week, keje I memang pegi shopping, tengok TV, pergi pool, baca buku and abeskan duit laki >.<

Food wise?
I may be biased. But Malaysian foods are just unbeatable :P (despite of the `hotelness`)

Tidak lupa juga, hotel attendants were all kind and so helpful with acceptable english command.
Every guests are entitled with 3 pieces free laundry service every day, which is a very important point for hubby yang akan tinggal in the very same room for 6months!

Security wise?
...sigh...security in Jakarta or other parts of Indonesia memang di tahap level yang lain. Entries of every buildings are equipped with body scanner and airport-level security guards. Every things has to be scanned for..you know what.
Not just people and stuff..taxis and cars are also checked (under, inside) for...you-know-what which I think also contributed to the massive traffic jams at every point.
*I feel like boarding a plane every time entering any building*
The system will be so much upgraded if the places are of high class:D
As for this hotel, credit for the private lift to our own floor ^_^

Other facilities?
Restaurants!Plenty of it. In house. Sushi house sahaja ada dua :D There's cake house, pub(s) and formal dine-in.
There's gym and bridal house too:P

Hopefully, I did covered much of the important points here:D
Ok, then. Tata ^_^

p/s: I have to say that I would love to come back here again. *To pick up my heart which I left at the hotel room* T________T


  1. yuppp masa i pegi jakarta dulu keadaan nyer jauh beza dgn kl. jurang kaya and miskin mmg sgt jauh. cuma masa kat hotel, staff kat situ very helpful. siap pesan, suruh hati2, takut kena ragut. tu la, masa masuk hotel tu rasa cam bawak bom plak, seme pun nak kena scan. tp i masa g jakarta, susah nak makan. maybe pasal memang takut giller nak beli dari hawkers tu.

  2. haha...I pown >.< Kitorang tak makan pon dkt hawkers tu..huhu..makan kt pizza hut pon my husband asyik kene diarrhea T___T sometimes I rase mcm I had too much prejudice plak...ntahla >.<
    my Indonesian friends dekat sini pun dh tegaskan don't ever walk alone >.<

  3. everytime pegi hotel sure x sempat mandi swimming pool.... T____T envy envy envy! >,<

  4. udah teman siang2 xde keje nk buat..huhu



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