Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OOG Otto

MashaAllah...I should teach this one class for 1.5hours..Tapi my big sensei let them dismiss after just half an hour..with assignments...hoho...maka, terduduknya saya di depan laptop mengarang sesuatu buat anda diluar sana (I just read BeautifulNara ok..mind the sentences:P)

I am so so so in a good mood today :) *tarik nafas and smile*
My baby turns 27 today!
And for the 27th times, I cannot be by his side for at least buy him a cake! >.<

I was in the hunt for his prezzie (at least right?) for almost a year?or..I have to say..forever?
A decade together...I never been able to buy him something that he likes or wanted :/ Susah gila kot nak cari hadiah orang lelaki >.<
Until just a few minutes before clock ticks to 12, I had this idea. Childish I must say...but enough to make his day. Hopefully:)

Finish watching?
Juvenile..I know >,<
Tried to play songs with both hands..but susah for the camera to catch the view I had in my head and also..the sound. So, I have to hold camera with one hand, and play with one hand. Posted after 1 minute trials:P

Posted this video on fb to actually surprise him in the morning..Tapi tak sempat..I stumbled upon him online. just returned from work (at 1am >.<)
He watched and laughed :)
Looked like the video made his day after all;) He could not stopped saying how much he loved it *blush*

Otto dearie, Otanjoubi Omedetou!!^_^

p/s: I had to go home in the afternoon just to grab jacket and socks. Everybody was shocked by the sudden dropped in temperature this morning. It was 11! >,< Looks like aki starting to show its 'taring' >.<

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  1. happy birthday Otto! eh hahaha happy birthday son! hihihihi



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