Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jom bina masjid!

I know my blog was initially a wedding blog. Bina masjid:)
Then, I realize, wedding is not just a day story. Wedding is nothing. The marriage is the most important.
I take marriage so seriously that I put lots of thoughts about to say "I do" to him.
Well, now I did, and trust me that is the most righteous decision I have ever made.
Allah guided me well. He knows well about my fragile heart that he didn't let me waste my time with other man.
My husband is my first love and I promised he will be forever.

Kebahagiaan bina masjid yang satu ini I sudah rasakan (and hopefully the feelings stay forever).

One of my ambition in life is to invest part of my harta untuk membina masjid/surau.
I admit I am not a good person to Allah and to other human being. Traits or shaitan...well, most of the times the khilafs came from myself.

So, here I would love to invite (or plead) to my dear readers untuk sama-sama kita membantu dalam projek membina masjid pertama di Hiroshima city.
In this city, there are about 1000 muslims (from recent report I read dated this year). And it is believe, this number will be expanded in years to come.
When I read the news, I was a little surprise to discover the fact that one of the main city in Japan has no mosque? *roll eyes*
Then I remember my cita-cita. MashaAllah..mungkin ini la peluang yang Allah bentangkan pada saya:)

But I don't want to grab all this chance alone.

Bayangkan how proud you of yourself when you know its your money which helped built a mosque?
To see how your small contribution makes lots of difference to the city? You can sure be proud of that ^_^

Please, for the love of Allah and yourselves, help us and eventually the whole muslim nation.

Let's together build a mosque shall we? ^_^
No, I am not going to ask you to carry those rocks and hammer the steel...

Here is how:
A.For the friends who reside in Japan

B. For you darlings, in Malaysia ^_^

Simply send your contribution to this account:

Maybank: 151306644214 (Mohd Hafiz Bin Habi Buddin)
CIMB: 13020090963520 (Ahmad Syazni Bin Kamarudin)

Done sending some?

Send the details of your payment to: helminahrawi@yahoo.com

I really hope all of you readers grab this opportunity. We may not have the strength to carry those rocks, the cement, the steel. So, here's what we can do ^_^

Send your contribution now!^_^


  1. wani..kalau kita nak buat sumbangan kita hanya perlu masukkan duit dlm akaun hafiz tu yer?perlu bg tau braper jumlah n bila kita masukkan ker?

  2. saudari Mia..thank you for your kind attention:)
    Please find the infos above ya.just updated:)

  3. Hajimemashite kak wani =) Thank you for sharing this info. InsyaAllah...

  4. iye...suro abam J awak derma sikit ye:D



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