Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 Minnasan (you ols :P)
Let's say goodbye to my...(drumrolls)
first wisdom tooth >,<
Watashi no hidari wisdom teeth:D

You know, I have been postponing to extract them (yes, them..they are 4 of them >,<).
Well, actually I have choice to not extract any because all are in upright condition which is..okay.

First thing first, I got myself checked by my colleagues here..(well, I told one person but when I came to the clinic (next to my office:P) everybody was..hmm..willingly to check and gave opinions *_*

50% of the crowds said, I don't have to extract any because they are all good. The others voted yes to extractions..

After the first check up (for consultation purposes), I went to the radiography section to get my tooth set recorded by x-ray.
All good, no holes whatsoever. Alhamdulillah...
From the x-ray it was obvious the wisdom tooth were yep!the upright position which left me in doubt for sayonara >,<

However, finally I have decided to go on with the extraction and so did 100% of the other crowds:P (my husband tak masuk campur >,<)

You see, most people will have problem with their wisdom tooth. Many cases seen are either they are sort of buried (due to limited space in the mouth). Patients can either live in pain or they simply didn't noticed it (which is..lucky!).
Other cases involved wisdom tooth grows out of the gingiva in horizontal position which leaves them with lots of problems.
My case is an easy case. Despite of the good growth, I have difficulties of taking care of them. Furthermore, food loves to stuck at that area and this will jeopardize the neighboring tooth which are more important than the wisdom tooth. I decided simply because of this reason.

Call me sissy (well I am) because I was actually scared to extract a healthy MANDIBULAR tooth man!huh!!Besar gila kot..and the gripped is so much stronger than the other tooth >,<

My friend (who extracted my tooth) also had problems yesterday..haha..due to strong grip >.<
We had already discussed about cutting the enamel then the tooth came out:P huh!!lega..
And seriously..I didn't feel anything...up until now :D
They said I'll feel pain for at least 3 days. No I didn't.
Terer gile kowt derang nih >.<

When you pay a visit to your dentist, like it or not, you are going to be briefed by a nurse about everything. I said everything and yes...everything >.<  She will give you flow diagram on what to do since 10 minutes you left the clinic >.< until to the time you have to go to bed. Picture shows meds I was given yesterday. Oh, sampul ubat tu yeah..2times bigger than my tapak kaki..there's even details of the prescription for me. Memang kalau salah makan ubat tu mmg saje la tu >.<

One down, two more! Yosh!ganbatte!

p/s: You ols yang try to conceive, it is advisable to get oral treatment beforehand. You may think it has no relation, but taking care of your oral condition is trust me...the first thing first.


  1. hehe...sayonara gigi. dua kali yoo cabut tak rasa sakit. happy gile. then kali ke3...something went wrong...huhu akar dia patah n tertinggal. doktor tu try nak kuarkan. sbb ubat kebas kan tak la rasa apa2. mlm tu ahhh sakit gila berguling atas katil. akar tu still ada wani. selamat ke? but suka gi klinik gigi kat sini...tak takut. :)

  2. do u hv ur x-ray record with you?

  3. akar tetinggal ok je sayang:) yg jahatnye tu enamel :P

  4. Wuuu...mine br 1 tumbuh...tp terbenam separuh. Sakit gilos. Doc ckp if nk remove kne operate dulu. But man...I am scared to death! >,< Huhuhuh

  5. terbenam separuh mksdnye dah keluar la kan?x susah la kak..potong gingiva siket je..n pull.tp kalau kat Malaysia pun den takut.bahaha

  6. rekod x-ray takde la. emmm..enamel tu yg mana wani? tgk gigi tu mmg ada 3 je akar. 1 lg mmg crack. mmg x kuar, lps tu doktor jahit gusi tu. x rasa apa pun skrg..heehe ok kot. ;)

  7. Ho, TTC ada kaitan ngan gigi? First time tau ni. Can you write more about this?

  8. Yoo:enamel is the tooth part that is visible to us tu..mksdnye ur tooth tu mmg susah nk keluar so, kite pancung die:D

    Syida: basically, pregnancy will affect ur oral condition to the worse. if u mmg ada problem, baik seek treatment beforehand.kalo tak die akan exaggerate the condition to the max and doctors may not be able to do anything since u r pregnant. Masa ni, org yg xda gingivitis pun akan dpt gingivitis..org yg mmg ada mmg akan teruk gila..if you observed, ramai moms yg tetibe gigi die terok post pregnancy...sebb they care less:/



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