Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hari ini sejuk. Mari makan udon.

It was hot, burning summer when I left Japan.
But when I arrived, the weather was so nice and fine. In short, it was as sweet as I could imagined. Temperatures mingle around 25-30 with refreshing breeze blew consistently all along the day, which made cycling back and forth is super duper nice!

Today hari hujan dari pagi..explains my lateness >.< 
Do you know how 8am plus rain in Malaysia??
I am composing this at 1pm Japan...and it is just exactly like that!>.< Oh, with additional coldness here. 

Sejuk..and I didn't wear socks..I mean complete socks:/ Plus my shoes are wet >.<

All I can think of right at the moment is...a bowl of hot udon with tempura!

First meal I had when I arrived in Japan after been missing for almost a month:P I miss you...plain tasted udon!

With this adorable lady yang selalu provide me with food whenever I arrived late from work (which is...often!). Well..she hates Japanese food:P 
How about you?Do you have Japanese food that you love in particular??:)
I can help you put pictures in here!LOL!


  1. walaupun udon tu nampak tawar...di saat2 begini ko buat aku lapa...wuwuwuwuwuuuuu

  2. suka gila sushi and takoyaki..huhuuu..nyummy tiba2 terbayang mcm2 japanese food yg sedap..tabetai..huhuu

  3. Puan Liyana SCR tokey mekap yg buncet:sedapp!!I like soupy2 gitu..tmabah2 kalau tempura tu direndam>.< slrrpppp

    Y (pendeknye name >.<): hehehe..later ha..I put my fav sushi :D

  4. udon kat kedai ni mmg sedap...dan penting sekali...Cheap!..hehe Wani..hari ni sejuk...hahaha sedapnye makan udon gini panas2.

  5. ya betul >,< kalo plan awal2 bole buat birthday dinner G kt sini kan??i pon lame gile x mkn udon yg decent gini >,<



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