Thursday, October 6, 2011

Favourite shades...EFER!!!!

I don't love makeups. 
Don't really like to put them on my face. For everyday basis I mean. 
Plus, my job not require me to put some. Who je yang nak tonton kot..Tambah2 di Jepun ni majoriti patients ialah 70 and above yang yours truly clerk:/
Oh, and my colleagues here (99% are Japanese and 20% are ladies) came to work bare faced. They just walk into the crowd with their flawless pinkish skin!>.< I am so so envy and feeling puzzle! How la they got such pretty skin!
Moving on..
Tapi kan, I realized, I am now a ladies. Sikit-sikit kenala pandai put on little make ups especially bila dah kahwin. Believe it or not, I only being extra conscious about make up ni, just after being married. 
Masa single (and not available) dulu, tak ada, I have a sister who even sleeps with make up on:|
So, whenever "suddenly" I have to put on make up, oh..we share the same dressing table (enough said:P).

With seldom makeup routine, I have to make sure the purchased makeups won't easily compromised in their quality provided that I'm going to mainly keep them in my makeup box most of the time:P

I did experiments. Buy this and that. In conclusion, best make ups are those come in a higher price. 
Only some are good yet affordable (which you have to be lucky to stumble upon them..or..ask your make up guru:P [like yours truly])

I did many mistakes in buying shades. Yang paling menyampah about shades is when they tak stick to your skin :/ sometimes you have to rub them hard from the case and rub even harder to apply them on your eyelid. Benci sunggoh!Sometimes they refused to blend..leaving the 'tekejut' effect :/

And then, came my savior..
If you are my follower tegar, you must know my 'weird' relationship with SCR :P Beliau ni..memang la suke kale2kan muke beliau dengan mekap..Sebab tu la die cantik je memanjang (hahahaha)..
Atas keprihatinan beliau dengan nasib golongan seperti yours truly yang asyik silap membeli kalah memakai ni, maka beliau decided untuk menjadi tokey barangan mekap..
Pastu, yours truly pun macam fikir jugak la kan..."Biar betul..murahnya mekap dia jual...brand apa nih??" (hahahaha)..
p/s: Yelah...teman ni pengetahuan mekap ni memang takat buku lali je kan..haha

Because I trust her taste (and yeah..her choices so far are never not good. That's fact.), I bought some product. Basic stuff for beginner jek..hehe..

The packaging as I open the wrapping..I love you too tokeh!

Two eye shadow palette consist of essential colors much for beginners and seldom 'mekapers' like yours truly :P My imagination kan..appearance and bekas kualiti maybe like those I can find in Sinma or kedai seketurunan Sinma (sebab harge tokeh ni jual murah sgt!). Tetapi sangkaan yours truly sangat tidak tepat! Nak tahu??try pegang Dior's make up pallete...hehe
One blush used for 'pengurus pipi' due tu my square face :/ sebab tak reti buat...akhirnya jadi blusher jek:/ Tapi texturenye....awesome!>.<

Inilah 'ghope' dalam nye...ade cermin and texture shades tu..awesome!!!!!seriously serious!!!
I never heard of NYX. Honest!But I saw kedai NYX bersepah kat Jakarta..and it is one of the exclusive makeup booth! Well, you don't have to go all the way to Jakarta to try NYX..
Just do like yours truly..arah2 kan aje si Pn.Liyana tu..suruh poskan kat you ols..lagipun die kata die tengah dalam misi kuruskan, sesuai sangatla you ols letak order banyak2..biar die ulang alik pegi pos ofis...bahahaha...

Oh, place your order..HERE.

For us, who do make ups like once in a while, prices offered are so reasonable:)


  1. oh sungguh terharu. tapi...mase bile saye dlm misi kuruskan badan? wuwuwuuuu >,<

    ;P thanx anyways wani. :D hihihi

  2. hahah..cerite rekaan semate2..haha

  3. me lg xreti pki make up..hihik..since pljr engnrg ni semuanya bila eiqa pki wedges g kelas pun kena kutuk..T_T

  4. hehe..pos ke jepun boleh ke SCR? bnyknye kaler...I selalu guna kaler pink aje....sebabnye takut nak letak kaler lain. kalau gi facial je minta macam2 kaler sbb org yg makeup kan.

  5. Pos tu bole je kot..sediekan jela ongkosnya:P

  6. Eiqa: Rilex...kene kutok tu derang jeles >.<

  7. @Eiqa (chewah dah mcm blog aku pulak) haha. I pun engin juge. I paham. hahaha XD bile klua outing je br la rajin nk tempek mekap. if g kelas, jgn harap la.. haha

  8. @Atashi, pos ke jepun? err....kne refer postage fees kat pos laju kot. haha XD



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