Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunda Food Dining:Jakarta

My Indonesian friends here knew about my visit to Jakarta. Their common recommendation to me was that I have to try the food as for Indonesian themselves, Jakarta is a food heaven. 
So, in my head all the way was always to use that opportunity to experience how heaven it could be :P
Well, the problem was, I don`t know where to start. Furthermore, my husband has this principle; `you tak jab thyphoid, so, we will only do fine dining -__-`.

Actually senang sangat you all nak indulge in their authentic cuisine. There are everywhere in the form of stall..I have to say, almost all spaces available are occupied by the hawkers selling (trust me) salivating Indonesian food. But, I could`t due to hubby`s amanah to me>.<

What we did, before we leave the hotel to get taxi, we asked the hotel person their recommendation. I insisted, it must be Indonesian food>.< So far, my favourite was Sunda.

Makanan Indonesia banyaknya digoreng seperti di atas ini. Picture shows sunda food selection (part of it)

Sunda food restaurant in Cikini, Jakarta. Ambiance.

Sayurnya pula dalam bentuk ulam-ulaman..I was at first did`t get the difference between Sunda and the others. My frined (Indonesian) told me Sunda has their special sambal (green color)..and I was like `!` 

Kesian..balik kerja kene entertain wife yang sedang dalam misi mengembara mencari Food Heaven >.<

We had, sup buntut (no, I did`t eat the buntut..story about it..later >.<). Nasi nye beras merah..lain sangat rasa dia...makan 2 sudu kenyang (yes..I meant my husband..surprise??o_O). Sambal ikan kering, ikan tilapia bakar (yang rasanya lain sangat), ulams, tempeh (a must) and I had jemput-jemput as starter (seriously..sedap!). The sambal (which at first we reluctant to take (sebab kami tak berapa gemar kot...). Tapi sambal itu (hijau especially) made everything sedap 100x!. The tea (complimentary I guess coz we never ordered) completes everything we had on the table:) This restaurant has planted a good image of Jakarta in my brain:)

Because this restaurant brings good memories for us:) Bumbu Desa, we will definitely meet again:)
Besides the food, all other aspects of this restaurant deserve 5 out of 5 star from me. I have to compliment on their service. They are beyond some waiter/tress and cashier. The same when I visited Food Opera in Bandung. I never seen such friendliness between customer and server. As for the taxi, we don`t have to stand by the road to stop it. The counter will call the taxi for us, for free. From hubby`s and my experience, the friendliness is not just inside this Bumbu Desa:) Indah kan?

And me..the price sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat murah!!!!(bayangkan kalau makan dekat stall or canteen o_O OMG!)

Just tell taxi driver, Bumbu Desa di Cikini kalau anda di Jakarta nanti ya! ^_^

Later!(fetching my just baked cookies :D)


  1. mungkin aku akan tersekse kalo g kedai tu sbb sume sayur. >,< pengsan. Nak balik mesia! ;P

  2. ada banyak gile ikan2 and seafood >.< sayur tu kt galeri sayurla..haha..
    btw, banyakla sup buntut terdiri daripada buntut..tu ekor la>.<

  3. aik?bumbu desa kat malaysia pun ada..

  4. oh yeah?great!x payahla pegi jakarta:P

  5. bumbu desa, yup is a gud choice..
    yup ade kat m'sia jugak kat the curev an oso tempat lein yg x ingat..tapi....mind the price here darl -_-' pernah makan berdua dengan puan udect it cost us around RM80 for nasi, ikan talapia goreng, terung goreng sambal, sambal udang and oso air alpukat.
    i mean mahal sebab it's nasik -_-'. x pernah mkn nasi semahal itu.

  6. iye ke mummy??woaa...yg di sana murah sgtla pulak sampai tekezut!yg kitorang mkn tu dlm rm30:| n ko taula laki aku kire dlm yen..lgla mcm harge beli air tin kt jepon >.<



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