Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This is for you..mom:)

The front page of my thesis:)

Submitted even before I got married..now I'm married, the happily done correction was at the last line of the last paragraph:)

Congratulations Wani!!

Today is the istiadat for me..but I can't (refused) to attend it..hehe..
My feelings is too much around relieve than happy. I don't feel like celebrating it. My mom is again, the happiest person on earth. I did this all because of her, so she deserved all the happiness in the world for this. hihi..But then she has to know that I am no Einstein :/

The path for me to get this second highest education degree was not easy. I have to say it was torturing in which at one stage I cried hard!I never thought that I would cried for already completed thesis! The procedure had once drove me crazy. It took me about 1 year for the thesis to reach examiners and another year for the thesis to be returned to me again. Absurd...I know. But Allah knows best. He gave me the best place right now:) Alhamdulillah..

For you readers, never ever you stop halfway in anything you already started doing. Never. With lots of dua' and tawakal, trust me, at the end point of your journey (God knows) everything will be in miraculous speed like what I had experienced in my journey getting another scroll.

Can you do me a favor? DON'T BE A LOSER.

p/s:seriously..the hardest part of a study is not the study itself! >.<


  1. congrats wani!
    i dont know y lately i suke sgt bca blog u. this is my 1st comment kot. hikhik . so far ur n3 so inspired me la. congrats again!

  2. hoho...thank you.thank u jugak sebab sudi bace blog I yg memang jelas menunjukkan graf hormon penulis juge :/ (ikot mood:P). thank you for dropping by and thank you for this as well inspiring comment. Thank you!!XOXO

  3. thanks.i really need this kind of entry.motivation to finish what i've started..

  4. oh yukata ne~~ganbaremashou asfahani san ^_^

  5. Congrats again wani! :D
    n very inspiring. Tolong la doakan kawan ko yg sorg ni pulak. loteh den ni. >,<

  6. arigatou!x sgke u find it inspiring despite of knowing who i am..bahahaha..:P InshaAllah pn mmolina..nnt bb lahir lagila murah rezeki korang sekeluarge.itula yg aku perhatikan kt kwn2 aku yg baru menimang bb:)Miracle happens but with doa':)



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