Saturday, February 18, 2012

Paris: The best part:)

The best part in Paris? 
Besides Eiffel tower (of course), we found it not far from our stay.
Apparently, it's just a minute away ^_^

It was our hotel roof top:')
We got private access to the roof top:')
And from there, you see everything!! Every major landmark in Paris!!
Look at the above picture, where the Eiffel and Invalides are beautifully captured:)
Since we were so near to the Notre Dame de Paris, yang itu lagila jelas terpampang depan mata :')
Even the much farther Grande Arche could also be seen from here!
Besides, this spot is a good location to have a sneek inside those Parisien house:P

Since it's private, most of the time only two of us were there. It's a good place for us to spend some quality time and have a rest after long walk everyday:)

Since our hotel is near to everything, we will go back for solat, and went here to feast our eyes with view of sunset:D It was indeed a dream came through. Oh, look!!it's the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur behind us! If you would like to have a view of the whole Paris for free, go there!
*p/s to honeymooners: Here, they provided you with dim light and romantic French song too!Lol XD!

Also, sunrise while having breakfast ^_^ *On our left side, you can see Notre-Dame*

One fine morning in Paris:)
So, the secret is revealed!Now you know where to go to have it all in one place; in my case, the rooftop of Holiday Inn Notre-Dame. Lol XD!

Friday, February 17, 2012

On discovery

Was on hiatus last weekend. 
My monthly routine; trip back to Toyohashi started again last weekend after 6 months not doing so. 
Sounds like a burden for many who knows, but for me, it's a bless. Alhamdulillah. Although 700km apart, as long as we are on the same land.
So, I was determined to take half day on the Friday. As usual, not having time out for lunch, I tried to settle as many work as possible. Typical things happened, when you wanted to leave, suddenly jobs berduyun tiba..
Nevertheless I managed to leave at 4:P Ingat terer sangat, I didn't had anything, and masa berdiri solat jatuh gedebuk low sugar level:/
Then I had no choice but to just...ignore it, find the last drop of ATP mobilize myself to the shinkansen station which is just 5 minutes away from my house. Tummy keep asking to be filled with anything, by my heart told me to keep walking.
Following my heart, I was brought to this one bentou stall just steps away from shinkansen platform.
It was my favourite bentou house T_____T They opened a stall here. Dah setahun lebih dah back and forth by shinkansen never noticed :') I was so excited and bought the most expensive box:P kekeke..

I consider this as the most delicious bentou (lunch box) ever >,< My husband was skeptical towards this kedai bentou. I left some for him and...he was amazed and could not agree more:') I'll definitely will bring him this on every trip back home:')
 That's I consider as my one new discovery:P

Moving on, sigh..leaving a house to a person who would never cook (sanggup berlapar..), the chance of you getting something decent to cook in the house is.thin.

So, I found rice (of course), some leftovers chillies and I brought my favourite ikan bilis jepun with me!
Then I decided to cook porridge, my mom's style. This is my first time cooking porridge :')

Rice porridge with fried anchovies mixed with chillies, ground nuts and onions. After this, hubby requested this for breakfast every morning :/ 
 That's I consider his discovery:') Then, it has been one of his favourite breakfast menu:)

I wanted our first weekend to be relaxing. Just two of us, spending quality time together.
Read the subnotes: "I want to bake!"
So, I dragged him to several supermarket searching for baking stuff. Bad news, it's almost valentine, banyak barang tak ada T____T
All and all, I managed to bake one cake ^_^

Orange moist cake? imagining the soft spongy orange cake? try again, moist orange cake something sooo different and mashaAllah sedap >,< Thanks Aim for the recipe ^_^
 I didn't know we can do 'moist' orange cake before:')
My discovery was of course, first timer baking moist orange cake, also, I just knew hubby can finish the whole cake in 10minutes:\

It's not a surprise we both love outdoors so much. So, tahan duduk rumah sehari je.hehe..then I nagged him to Otsukaya (kedai kain in Nagoya). I've been longing to buy my families japanese cotton. Consider my token of appreciation:)
Here they are ^_^ Sebok beli utk org, lupa diri sendiri. Plus, penat dah:') 
 My discovery?
It was so great!!I gotta to buy my favourite type of cotton on 70% discount!!Who would ever think of that!
*still, I didn't have enough cash. Not even close to pay half of the total cost T_____T*

My routine cooking food stock for 2 weeks has also started.
This could be consider my ultimate aim for going back to Toyohashi every month; to prevent looking at starving husband through skype every night:|

Scoop sikit for dinner:D Eh lihat itu gulai daging lembu hokkaido. Dagingnya sangat lembut T___T So, that's another discovery:D 
So, we discover new things everyday. If we were to write it in a book, we could have our own library by now:)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What God and them taught me.

I've been meaning to write something of my thoughts, that have been running through my head for weeks.
But as you know, writing thoughts involve brainstorming.
The idea is there, but you need something extra, the spices to help me get the readers to understand what I meant. 
So, to make understand you why I was instead writing a lengthy, soap-opera like series of review; how should I put in sentence? The word 'lazy' may explains it well here. Short and that is it!

In facebook recently, my friend and me has been discussing about how language barrier has affected us here.
She is a chinese. China, chinese. Not a Malaysian Chinese.
Apparently, many people of China (or maybe only her and clans) has the long time idea to achieve and then move out to Japan. So, this idea has been planted in her mind for so long and now she's here, it's a dream came through.
Have you ever thought of once your dream has came through, what would you do? That's it??
Will the dream be anything like what you have imagined it to be? If it is, could you be any happier days after that? Or worst, what if it's not?
In my friend's case, she managed to finally migrated to Japan, achieving her long time ambition. The thing is, little that she knows, there's a big price for her to pay. Working condition disfavor her in many ways. Most of the time, it causes by the people. Well, at least she has achieved her dreams. I told her, bad days only once in a while and there are so many things available to look at, to feel at, to appreciate.
Honestly, my working place is just okay. I think God gave me as such provided that I am so talkative, I did socialize more than study itself (times before Japan). So, by having a condition limiting my expansion of social skills *sila muntah*, I am now more focus to my work, and finally I feel like really doing the study.
Sigh..I know.I should have been doing this years before this, when I was still young. sigh..
So, it's true, Allah may not giving us what we wanted, but He gave us what we needed.

Speaking about what we wanted or dreams, yours truly doesn't really have one. read it right. I don't:/
Befriend with Japanese, I did some background check and ended up feeling so embarrassed of myself. 
They did many things giving the 30 years of life (plus minus, most of them are thirty one year old). 
They achieved many things in their life name it sports, music, arts. They said they got nothing to regret now and with open heart, moving on with bigger things in their mind. 
Because of this, I decided to play piano again. I did many things halfway in my teenage years. And now, it's a regret. They taught me to do things at my best whenever I start doing something and never done it halfway. I saw one of my friend here playing piano (she said it's been years since she last played), and my jaw dropped:| 
That time I was just wanted to start again, watching her (who keeps saying she is not good), I felt like puking and useless. Then I thought, I'm doing it for myself, not to enter any competition:| Then I swallow back the almost there vomit *_* (eww..) 

Think back, I actually had my own ambition. 
Unfortunately, it was not at all associated with science whatsoever. 
*Excuse my keluhan*- Why is this world likes to give standard to people!!Why do I need to be in science course to be with par with people's expectations??- Cries T___T

*wiping tears*

Ok, what passed has passed. I shall start figuring out how to make lemonade out of all the lemons I have right now. 
I envy those who knew what they wanted in life. How they have seen more life has to offer at a very early age. But again, who is me to get stress on all of these. Allah has given me the best I could have.
One thing for sure I want was, to be married :D
But again, I didn't have any dream wedding back then. Still, people made fuss out of it although I had nothing to complaint about. Again..people..other. people.

It's getting lengthy I see.

Don't take my entry as a form of me complaining about my fate.
I believe, there are so many people out there wish to be where I am now. 
For the record, I am so much grateful for where I am, who I am now.
Life is so far my favourite teacher and all of the above written are set as my milestone.
So that every morning, I feel the need to wake up to accomplish one thing at a time and move on.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Paris:Holiday Inn Notre Dame

As the name implies..
So, today I'll serve you with another entry; review on my stay in Paris. A hotel purposely selected to fulfill the requirement of honeymoon itself. Lol XD
The first thing to consider finding for a stay is location. So, let's see where this hotel is located :)
Image source
1. Located at area no.6. Very near to the notre dame. About 5 minutes walking. The Notre Dame is one huge, magnificent church, so, 5 minutes away is like it was just in front of your eyes >,<

2. As you can see, it is in the heart of Paris :') We are in the middle of everything!yey!

3. Lagi best, metro is one minute away (if you walk berlenggang kangkung). The station's name is St. Michel/St. Michel Notre Dame. Yang lagi best, RER (train which travels further to suburb also, airports)  stops at this station:) So, we never have to worry about our trip back to the airport:) 
Senang sangat!!Especially when you go travel with a wife who has so many suitcases with her :P 
Apart from that, RER also stops at main attractions. So, we usually opt for RER coz lagi cepat, tidak perlu tukar train:D hihi.

4. Without further ado, let me show you around the hotel we stayed in the longest; Holiday Inn Notre Dame.

The bed. Nampak classy la juga. The color choice plum and they knew we were on honeymoon:P
p/s: this bad is such a 'spoiler'. I suspected this bed was sort of spelled? It's like you will easily fall asleep whenever you land on it. It's too cozyyyyy >,< so, we had hard times waking up each other :/

There are LCD TV (all programs in french, even hollywood movie pun alih suara macam di Jepun. Bosan betul tgk movie mulut lain, bunyi lain ni:/), work station (turn to my make-up table:P) and movement-sensor equipped closet (which we like to play with :P).
p/s: Can you see the toilet already? Actually, toilet was separated by a glass door. Maybe I had already crash into the toilet when hubby busy snapping around:P

The bathroom. This is important to ladies, k. Photos of toilets are important for people who do hotel surveying :D So, I provide one :') so, toilets are fine. It was indeed better than my expectations.
p/s:Typical Parisian toilet, they are fixed higher than those in Japan and Malaysia:/ 

The shower cubicle. We love it!Their shower tu boleh keluar ikut ceiling (yes, like rain), walls (up and down). Also ada shower yang mcm telifon tu. Lol XD
p/s: But we hate the knob!very difficult to turn:/ 

I love this. Hiasan di kepala katil. Simple and classy. I should save this for my home deco later ^_^

Special bantal-apa2 swan ntah :/ I don't really appreciate this though. But I think I should highlight this point for those who are looking for comfortable night stay in Paris and very fussy about their pillow (yeah, I've met such people:|)
p/s: Oh yes, the label can be removed:P

After seeing what they served us, we immediately threw away our own soap:P  Products from Yves Rocher y'all!!sukke la kite ngutipnye hari2..hehe

sofas and fridge (back of the sofa).
p/s: they are used to be the landing space for our jacket. Lol XD

Plum color for the hallway too ^_^ 

The lobby

Reception. Yang bestnya, all the receptionist could speak english very well.  But don't expect hospitality like those Japanese, k.
p/s: They reminded me of my childhood memories going to BSN when those times pretty face was one of the condition to be the counter person:P They were gorgeous!!

The drink bar lobby.
p/s: Guests, you'll get free welcome drink here ^_^

Our veranda where we usually had our breakfast at:D
p/s: Those milk and cookie? We import them from London :D

Hotel front. There are many Holiday Inn around this city. So, this is one in Notre Dame. Most Holiday Inn are either 3 stars or 4 stars.
p/s: Next to the hotel, kedai runcit. So, senang la nk beli daily needs;)

This is the best part; view from our veranda:) a stay overlooking the Eiffel Tower:') 
5. Other things I like would be;
a. The 3in1 hot cocoa. I usually hate hot cocoa. Susah nak dapat yang sedap. Oh, of course, I was in Paris:p
b. There's kettle. That wasn't a good news. The good news was, apparently I packed along the 3in1 campbell soup with me:P
c. Among these many credits, they missed one point; a free wi-fi service :/ For wi-fi service, you will be charge 5euro/day. And it could only be accessed in the lobby:| what the..
But according to hubby..itu adalah sangat murah:/
Ok, look at the bright side, this situation will do nothing less but more bonding time with your loved ones:D so, in conclusion, hotel ni memang sangat sesuainya nk pergi honeymoon^_^
*provided if the TV does not mostly show football related stuff like what I had experienced watching Parisian TV. But I still don't know it's whether the TV or the person who has the total control of the TV (I just don't know how to use remote:S) :/In this case, I recommend you to ask the hotel to remove the TV as well :P

Did I have enough reviewing this hotel?
No, not yet. The best part is yet to come ^_^
So, stay tuned :P

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Their custom, my dilemma

Have you ever heard this saying; you are not yet see the world hadn't you not yet be to Japan?
Oh yes, it's true though.
I just realized it too anyway.
Too many customs.
Despite of this saying; masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang err..apa eh lg satu??:| Never mind. The thing is, there are so many customs here that I was taught and expected to follow.
Sometimes I feel so tired to remember all of those. Until I came across another saying that they do not expect foreigners to understand their customs and any broken rules by us are most of the time forgiven and understood. Oh well, they are Japanese. It's in their heart :')
So, when there are times I feel lazy to 'understand' their custom, I just act dumb and not doing it, assumed that they will after all forgive me.
However, most of the time, it's me who ended up feeling guilty:/

I'll give you one situation for example.
I am placed in quite a superior department in my school. I assumed this department is one of those who got a lot of money, hence there are so many functions, formal and lavish I must say, that I have to attend. Almost every month there will be one. The thing is, I know no significance of any of the functions I have been to, except the final year party of course.
But one thing in common of all parties, everybody will take turns, more towards racing to my big boss, to pour him drink (of course the alcohol) and greeted him. Every body does that except yours truly.
I don't understand what, why, how's the process? Hmm..anyways, the situation I just elaborated is what I observed from afar. So, I still don't know what they were doing for real >,<
It such a dilemma for me to be sitting alone at my table looking around for them all eyeing for turn to catch up with my boss.
I hope my boss understands me pretty much as a muslim.
Discussed this with hubby and not a surprise, he also never do that. A relief. But my act was not supported or understood by other foreigners here. They are looking at me as someone who fails to adapt.
Whatever it is, I am quite convinced I was forgiven for probably the millionth times.

Current dilemma was..the new year's custom, whereby everybody will be sending out countless of greeting cards for new year and all the cards supposed to reach the dedicated person on the first day of the year!
Hey, it's Japan. This thing is possible.
What's impossible is me! I was so impossible by not giving out any for 2 years in a row!
I deserved to be bad mouthed:/*no, not a slap please*

Among a few of  my 'still-countable' new year's greeting cards. Every cards was marked with a serial numbers. This serial numbers is like a lucky draw. The post office is now advertising their lucky numbers. Winners can claim their prize at any post office branch. Me?hey..since when I'm that lucky?:| I mean for lucky number la..hehe.. 

I'm trying to not be thinking too much about how 'ignorance' I was.
I decided to put half of the blame to my darling husband because..he kidnapped me to Paris:P
That's why I couldn't go to the post office and send those imaginary greeting cards out!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One snowy day

Nothing..just wanna share with you situation I have to 'endure' provided a working space by a window.
With that, any change of temperature outside will be first 'enjoyed' by yours truly.
I 'suffer' the most during peak of winter, also peak of summer.
I was either being frozen at my cubicle without people ever understood why I turned so blue while they enjoyed the nicely heated room we share, or I will get a personal tan service by this huge wall glass window.
Did I forgot to mention, I chose to sit here albeit all of those exaggerated circumstances (true though:/)

You can accuse me of anything, but you can't accused me of a me as a probable vampire.
Know why?
I am one being who loves sunlight!Seriously!!I love a spacious room, less furniture in which those spaces I would like it to be filled with sunlight.
So, I chose to get this cubicle mostly because of its lighting;)
Little that I know my wall will be changing to something extremely beautiful!!

View from my office in once upon evening. The day was actually one bright sunny day. Then suddenly there was heavy downpour of snow. It was just after I made a cup of hot coffee. teehehee:D

I like it in Hiroshima for winter.
This city provided me with the most beautiful winter people would wanted it to be. 
Well, at least yours truly ;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Brides,

Oh my, it's been a long time since I last post about weddings!
I love wedding still..tengok gambar and the first thing I would like to see from wedding pictures are their...dresses!!other things come second :P

I was thinking although I may not have anything more to write about my wedding (of course this time will come. I would want to be married once and forever, k *grin besar2*), I still can share other wedding I went to! got it right. How can la..siapa je nk buat kenduri kahwin kt Jepun ni T_T


I still got something to share with you, B2Bs!!
Are you girls still looking for invitation card? Looking for something pretty and unique?

cantik kan?:') 

For further inquiries, please contact the taukeh at akmal (dot) ff (at) gmail (dot) com

Good news, her company is now offering more than this. 
For a start, I recommend you to visit her wedding blog first, A Binary Interlude.

That's all for today.

Let's take a break from my endless review on my honeymoon trip, k.
Yours truly pun nk muntah dah bace:P

Friday, February 3, 2012

London: It's all started in Stratford..

I'm sorry that I have to continue with another review -__-" It was a long journey and I'm afraid the excitement will be fully degraded if I postponed it further:/
Let's go to Stratford!


I know right..There are so many places in London I could go. Why Stratford??:| *lowered your eyebrow and drop your eyelid..then try to do the palmest of a facepalm ever!>,<*

If its me, I maybe never would even consider to put this place in my list >,< Can you guess where this picture was taken?

I give you far much easier clue. No taker? Still don't know where is this? #btw, please focus on my husband's face. How happy he was *_* 

The happy boy...-__-"

Here we are. The still-under-construction; 2012 Olympic Stadium T_____T even the tube station is still not fully assemble into something that looks like a train station!!
Oh well, to fulfill his interest...ikut jela. And wives, you are now married, don't forget to smile all the way too -__-" 
Tapi bagus juga la walaupun I had no idea how to 'love' that place. I had opportunity to ride the double decker bus (since the train station for the stadium itself is tak siap lagi kan..).

Another additional point to our (inaugural-for yours truly) trip to Stratford was, another shopping day for us.
Apparently Stratford station is one of internationals. So, it was huge, more modern-look and most importantly equipped with hehe...malls.
Well I have to say, dragging hubby into the mall was one of my 'regret' >,<

I was at first excited looking at a huge Primark store with less people!!So I was thinking, maybe I dislike it in Oxford Street because it was too congested?? Then hubby let me go around the two-level equally huge with the one in Oxford street for two times! And I still failed to like it. Then I was convinced and even more devastated:/
I couldn't find things to shop. So, I decided to go around try their sweets..:/

This has to be recorded!The best pretzel I ever tried in my entire life!!geez..Auntie Anne's is nothing compared to this:S

F21 yang sangat besar gedabak and tak ada orang. That's just make it two times larger:P
 You wanna know why I 'regret' bringing hubby here?:/
This is the first point he discovered ...gadgets are 'significantly' cheaper. Much cheaper than those in Japan \O.O/*still only applicable to those of western's made.'
Wives, this is an important point for you to be focus on..Once his attention is taken..there's no way you can have your honeymoon *lari-lari sambil tarik rambut*. So, no matter what you have to help him settle whatever it is that he needs before you can have your time. Just like what he always did for us, I guess:) Give and take. This was definitely one of the time...I had to give >,<

Story went like this. There was one electric shop named 'Curry' in London (I know right..I keep questioning hubby about why 'curry':/ and of course he never listens coz he's been busy dragging the reluctant wife around for lawatan ke kedai letrik -__-"). That time as you already known, was a sale season. At the same time, he was already looking for the currently most wanted head phone in the world which I think most people like me wouldn't care:P And the kedai offered him that thing he likes for a very good price. Let's put it like this, you will go, do anything to get those things in that good price no matter what it takes. Unfortunately, the one he had eye on was already, at that moment, out of stock!!>,<

That brought me to another place name Stepney Green; where another Curry store was located -__-"
Walking into Stepney Green, all I could say this place was one of suburb. What's obvious to me, this place is most probably filled with muslims as there were lines of halal restaurant all the way!
Of course the first place I was dragged into was the electric store -__-"
But pity hubby, they didn't have the stock as well.
Then bored me came out with the idea of asking the customer service to tell us the branch which still has the stock? And if they do, we requested it to be reserved.
Good news, there was one store still have it. Bad news, by the time I asked them it was 5 o'clock and they were then ready to close at the exact same time -__-" Kesian suami saya T_____T

At Stepney Green's Nando's. Even Nandos is halal there :') Lama betul tak makan Nandos :') bes sangat :') 

Baitul Huda in Stepney Green. Not very far from the train station, also the Curry's store. We managed to be the ma'mum for Maghrib prayer. Although a bit old, this place was well taken care of. For muslimah, the prayer space was located underground. For men, two levels are reserved for them. But according to hubby, although sounds spacious, it was already congested sampai a few has to solat diluar. Ramai muslim :')

Oh, I forgot to tell you, before we left the shop with my heart-broken husband, one of the staff told us about London's Akihabara:P It was located in Tottenham Court Road.
Ok, like I said..London's Akihabara..there goes my one day of honeymoon >,< *kidding bebeh*

You don't think we went there?
Of course we did >,<
I was determined to do whatever it takes for him to get this thing by end of the day!If not, I have to continue the search in many more kedai letrik >,< arghhhh!!!!:P

Now I got headache calling all the memories in Stratford. I have to lie down for a few hours before I can continue (lie down=continue buat kerja -__-").
Oh, did he finally got his hand on 'that thing'?
Sama-sama kita nantikan:P

Nonetheless, my day ends perfectly:) He tried.
Nearby Portobello Market. End our day with 2 cups of frozen yogurt;)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oxford Street.

Now I noticed, we have some what lesser number of photos taken in London compared to Paris. 
You know why?Because in London we did less sightseeing and more shopping:p 
I had this plan to put a picture of pitch black blank square to tell the story of me in Oxford Street.
Of course, that's what a camera do in the meantime we are busy using the money :P 
I tried, but I don't know how to do that:/ 

When I told my friend that I am in London, most girls (all of them) suggest me to go to Primark. 
I don't know what to reply..terharu?or 'annoyed'? *kidding!!*
Of course that was one of my biggest agenda!!I've been listening of those people rambling about it over and over since..forever >,< Why do you think I wanna go London at the first place?:P *I hope you guys understand sarcasm :|*

So, as soon as we (he) finished visiting  A STADIUM, my feeling was like just woken up from a deep boring sleep!I walked so fast (like you bangun tidur lambat and have to run catch a plane!!), and all I could think of was Primark!
So, from Arsenal station to Marble Arch station (nearer to Primark) or Oxford street.
Well..for me just so-so. I don't know what to buy..There are undeniably cheap. 
Pretty?..just some.small portion of it, however they weren't of my likings. But it's a good place to get those basic attires where fashion is second that matters.
But seriously I didn't know what to buy. Nothing caught my eyes. I thought I was tired. 
We went there three times and I still failed getting anything for myself:/ Just some basic stuff that you still could get anywhere. Someone was however enjoying the scene (of me not be able to fill up the trolley like usual:/). 

So, I didn't caused much damage to his pocket. I'm glad anyway:)
But I was a little bit frustrated to see that the store I have been dying to go was not at like what I was hoping for. Well, part of the feeling was relieved. I don't have to envy those Londoners after this.hehe..

Then we go to Oxford Street! Marble Arch station pun memang located along the Oxford Street. So, the first Primark I went was one in Oxford Street. There will be a lot of people. Make sure your hubby is attached to you all the time. I lost him so many times inside the store T___T (for those with kids, rephrase the word 'husband' with 'kid'.) I've seen so many kids running around the store, crying, screaming for I assumed, their parents:|.

Oxford Street reminds me of...Shinjuku. Where you can see repetitive stores along the street. For instance, first you see one H&M store..and a few steps ahead you'll see the larger version of it and it gets larger as you step ahead. This is also the case of other boutiques. I love ZARA. But I found it very hard to get your size in here. Also, are they shorts of attires to sell? They are too little of everything :|

I think we made a mistake. By visiting Oxford street too soon. That caused a huge damage to your (husband's) pocket and also time >,<. We were there every night T___T But that wasn't entirely my fault:/ Get back to that later:/

Besides footballs clubs, hubby became suddenly interested in London after he discovered how this place would be such a 'heaven' for shopping. Guys, read this carefully; everything on sale are much much cheaper!!Or maybe we got there at the right time, the new year's sale ^_^
Me, however feels like been throwing with just the remnant of maybe from their boxing day. It was very hard for me to get one of my size:/ Cis!Then I slowly hate London a little:/ 

 On the way to the next stop:P Not many photos here guys..only who has photos during shopping?:P
I love London mostly because this city is Muslim friendly. Halal restaurant are everywhere and so does the mosque or they usually called it Islamic Centre.

Islamic Centre in Oxford Street. Masjid yang paling cantik I ever visited for this trip, I must say. Sangat cantik and bersih ^_^ after having discovered this, Oxford street is one place we never have to worried to go at any time:')
Now we know..Japan is not the right place for shopping :')

So bebeh, shall we go again next year? Better on Boxing Day?:p

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Itu bukanlah nama panggilan pakcik saudara kami. Tapi itu adalah restoran feveret kami di London!yey!

We had so much fun sightseeing in London that we didn't realized we have walked for kilometers (from Buckingham Palace to Tower Hill). Too many things to feast for the eye we forgot to have lunch also we forgot that we were walking all the way! By the time we met with the Tower Bridge, the sun was ready to set and left us in rush to find place for solat. 

Oh, that day was also our special day. I bet most of you also has your own special day, right?
So, we decided to treat ourselves something extra to celebrate it. We had a very memorable day, why not ending it perfectly by doing things that we both like and remember?
While other people would choose Italians, westerns restaurants on their special day, I'm sure those who resides overseas understands why we chose instead a Malaysian restaurant. 
Besides halal, we chose it because...we are dying to eat Malaysian food for so long!>,< arghhh!!Especially yours truly yang every time my husband asked, "Nak makan apa?", I would immediately answered "Daging." 
Then I saw daging on their menu...mashaAllah..semua yang I suka and susah-buat and tak-kuasa-nak-susah-susah-buat-tapi-sorang-je-nak-makan ada semua tersenarai T___T
Maka, Tukdin memangla ichiban (the most) desired restaurant to feast in for that time being (and now still T__T). 

Before that, this is Paddington station. Enough for you to get the picture of how their station looks like? Cantikkan? 

Tukdin's front. Across our hotel je..hehe..

Tukdin, Flavors of Malaysia. Because of you we never sempat go to Malaysian Hall and tried their food court >,<

Browsing my new recipe book while waiting for our food ^_^ Oh, during this time, there were just two of us in the restaurant. So, we borak-borak with all the staffs there whom are mostly student there..
When we told them we came all the way from Japan, their faces changed and asked how do we save ourselves from tsunami last time *_*

Because I didn't stop nagging hubby for this; daging bakar cicah air asam :') and how do I know that this will be tersangat sedap T___T kan bagus kalau kurang sedap...tak perlula datang lagi T___T Tukdin represents the 5star of Malaysian dishes!

Pasembor :') Sedap T___T serious weh...sedap T___T 

Kari udang. Ini bukan saya order:| Tapi sedap ^_^

OMG..lapar la pulak cerita pasal Tukdin ni. I gotta go guys. Go home and dream of dining at Tukdin T__T

So, kami memang tersangkut kat restoran ni je keje...heh!
That's why, we are not the right person to ask about Londoners' food spot to go :P

It's quite a boring entry. I think.
Well, try again in the next entry ya.
See you!


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