Wednesday, March 31, 2010

material issue


The one n only thing I consistently have in mind..and keep worrying over n over again. I think I will stop thinking about it is when d tailor has started their work!Until then, I will repeatedly change my design T-T Girls got a lot of things we alwiz have our attention on (we kan ade 9 nafsu..) For me, i love baju. i love dressing up. I think 'him' knows this best. If you give me option: a free lunch o free dress, i definitely pick up dress=p haha.. even wedding day, cannot stop my lust for dresses T-T (I cannot 'puase' shoping baju just for d wedding..i've tried..but i cannot T_T) . So, I hope with this short intro, you guys will get to understand how hysterical I will b if it involves d dress that I wud put on esp. on MY WEDDING.

The word dare doesn't suit, but I love to be different. So, I dont think I will be happily sarung je any baju kebaye lacey2 on me. For now, Im thinking of goddess satin this one:

But, u see..satin will revealed all ur weakness..err..shall i passed??


sekufu ke?

Salam readers!

Today, genap 4 months until d day. To be honest, i still feeling numb. Its still an everyday plain feeling. Prep?not as I can see by my naked eyes (nevermind others)=p (oh, I am a last minute takkan la my own wedding prep pon nk las minute juge T_T) . Maybe this is because of my attention is mostly on my thesis which currently still hanging. I just got 4 pages of correction from my supervisor (out of 150 and there's max 2 weeks left!). I am soo soo dead!But, I know I can do it. I just can. Sometimes I wonder, how I got this adrenaline??it works so well at the time of strained=)

I have less talked to my 'sayang' (oh, I am not used tell our love life=p so, i will called him 'him' haha..(later i change if it happens i got a nicer call for 'him'=p). This is because I was so busy with my sister's engagemen prep. Ok, this is another weird story. haha..I was dipinang last year. My whole family pon dh kenal kewujudan my 'him' since I was er..19.haha..(so young dh ade stay bf=p) My sister plak, shes been having bad relationships a few times and I was really feeling sorry for her. But sometimes, I felt like somehow, part of it its her fault since she's looking qualities in men that will not giving her happiness in the inside. My sister's taste basically revolve around physical quality je. But thats what in my thoughts la..I still have faith in whatever my sister is doing.

2 weeks ago, in d midst of everybody talking about how near my E-day is approaching, my sister made an announcement. That she's gona get married earlier than me. That's really a shock for everybody. But I am so happy cz finally her 5 years bf has somehow made up his mind (of consistently thinking of buying expensive stuff!). My mother almost got a heartattack when my sister said, its not H (her current bf)..its F (who??!!). I still hugged her even so=)

So, here I am doing all d hantarans for my sister. Its a gud thing though as I can experimenting using hers one.haha..N I found that I am actually gud at decorating=p My sister's theme will b pink cz she said she loves pink n she would like to wear pink dress on her E-day cz she wont be able to wear any pink later (the guy's skin really cannot get along with pink=p) she's actually got a strong reason in color selection.

Suddenly my sister's e-day came ahead before mine. But that's ok. I personally wish for this to happen. She's putus tunang once (that one also, I wish for that to happen=p the guy was psycho..I just cannot talk to him...) mom said he n my sister was not 'sekufu', then they always get into fight. I still remember one conversation between him n my sister (tgh gaduh jugak ni);
x-fiance:awak kt mane?
sister: anta adik g kedai tailor
x-fiance:die nk buat ape?
sister: mind your own business
x-fiance: buat bisness ape lagi??duit byk2 bukan boleh bawak masok kubor..


wth laa this kind of man..he once said me, doing masters is a waste cz my masters even Phd tak menjamin kebahagiaan di akhirat...=|

adeh, mcm mengumpat dlm blog pulak..but d point is..find a man...which is 'sekufu' with us. The meaning of sekufu in islam is deep. sometimes it was defined differently. In BM we'll just said setaraf. Some said setaraf means if d girl has bachelor, the guy shud also has bachelor. BUt I know, deep down we know that thats not necessarily the case. 'setaraf' is not just about ur brain capacity, but there's a lot more including ur inside (what u got in ur heart). In my sister's case, this is a typical example of non-sekufu. But, its so obvious since the guy was not highly educated. I didn't said that education level is the parameter for sekufu, but in my sister's case, it is. The guy cannot understand how my sister thinks and they are just from different pole. However, back to love, if there's love there's always a way =)

p/s: Would like to personally express my sorry to 'him' as I have abandoned u for the past few days=p

Blogger whose got so much time to update=p

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Salam guys n gurls (shockingly, yes!there are bunches of guys visiting my blog=p)

Songket?Not once i dreamed on wearing them. Its probably due to my typical metropolitan ladies cahracters kot=p haha...would like to have a touch of westerners in my dress n so on..bla2..but tht was before I started my journey to wedding dress's house.

There's total of 20 wedding dress boutique I have visited. None of them have attracted me to even touch the songket collection. One reason is of course, the size. Second one, they weren't that attractive in my eyes. nevermind to put them on me=( This situation continued untial my visit to Fotome in Semua House (Level U5). They really got a lot of baju..semua nye very d beautiful.. most of them are my size=) haha..

This kedai has finally changed my perseption towards songket. See what I have tried on=)
Its not bad at all..there's a lot more hanging in their kedai. Go test guys!oh, they are always open for new tempahan. No due date one=) oh how I wish this one came with my theme colour T_T..

Till then,

Friday, March 26, 2010

wedding package-ep.4

Salam to all..
Another post for tonight..haha..this is me..once I feel like updating, then there will b a lot of posts at a time=p

I would like to continue about my looooongggg...journey to get the wedding package. Its not like I don't want to take things at different boutique. I do not care to take each of the things at different places. But, due to my tight budget (almaklumlaa...I am still a student), I think its better for me to get all things in one package. There might b a chance for me to get any freebies ke nnt=P save rm50 pon jadilaa...

yeah2..Im sound sort of stingy..but I did felt the difficulties of earning especially in my case where I'm depending solely on my scholarship. Therefore, being wasteful is not an option here. Another reason of me being so limited with budget is, FYI I will get married with somebody who stays in other country. The country pulak has a pretty high currency rate. So, I have to save some of my money so tht my visa will get approved easily later. Plus, I am used to be independent since my dad had gone. Therefore, as in logic, I need more money to survive after the wedding. I think everybody alert on this as well, but in my case, I have to be extra careful as me n my future husband will be living far away from our family and friends, thus nobody will be close enough to rescue us in time of harsh later.

However, typical me..eventhough I was stuffed with a lot of theories and advices (like above=p) I have once decided to take wedding dress at other place, pelamin at other place, accessories..bla2..haha..(cakap je lebey i ni=p)...yes!I did that!I even paid the deposit. So, right now, my money is everywhere=( even d veil pon i took from other boutique T_T (see how cerewet I am T_T). At one point, I felt very d rugi..I paid 100% higher than d package price. The worst is if I take by package, I can get more things!But, during that time..lelap je mate...asalkan sume bende bekenan=p haha..

Just 2 weeks ago, I was contacted by my future MIL. She asked me about all the prep (she will do the A-Z prep at groom's bf turun flight tros akad je nnt=[). The conversation was sort of like this:
Auntie: prep mcm mane?
Me: Em..baru ada baju je
Auntie: Baju je?harge?
Me: RM1.5k
Auntie: Baju laki?
Me:belom ade lg=p


N next, she called my mom discussing about how terrible I was in this job=(

So, she booked another package under her package so that I can get a special price. The package's price was given 50% off by the owner of the boutique: Mama Roi. Thanks Mama=) The things that were sketched in my mind was not in their house. But, they are willing to produce semua baru according to what I have in mind=) Alhamdulillah...semuanya dipermudahkan..n much2 cheaper than what I have planned. Oh, Thanks to my future MIL cz helping me out in this!Mwax!!haha=)

p/s: I'll put on Mama Roi's boutique address later when all things have became official=)

Hope the story above gives u some inspiration that sometimes please..get help from older they knew best!haha


The theme


I think I have to put on this topic as well. Coz I found it one of a difficult task to be achieved especially for someone who's like me (I mean, d one who doesn't have wedding of her dream T_T).

I always a simple person (except for what I wore everyday=p). I always simplify things in my life (That's y I chose to further study as high as possible so that I can go to work at 10am and be back at 3pm=p haha..). To be honest, I have never once been thinking about how my wedding gona be for the past 25 years of my life. It was because I have so many other things to think of. I have tried to think of what colours are gona b for my wedding day. But my mind would tell my heart to hold on first, that's gona b so long before I have to think of it (my brain said).So, now because everything happens so sudden, I was so 'tak tau' what colour shud I pick T_T d time is ticking n I did change my color theme after every ticks T_T. Damn!!

I did browse Initially to help me designing my wedding dress, but then I found it helpful as it also providing examples of d themes. What's more interesting, how can all these western people could pulled out a very nice wedding scene??All the colour, d flowers arrangements are so stunning. They usually dont put on one colour for their wedding. They alwiz combining colours and flowers. Here are a few theme in my list that I was considering for my wedding.
Due to some circumtances, these themes r not gona b in any of my reception (biasela..kene ikut ckp org tue..).Its ok, as long as we can folow what they want, we just follow..InsyaAllah..everything will be fine=) But, so far, with their helps n ideas everything kind of easier for us=)

The question will be..what will be d colour theme for my wedding?? will b kept mystery, until d day arrive. (until now, d writer still hasn't decide d colour yet=|)

p/s:For you guys out there who are still teenager (haha..) I think you should start thinking of d colour la..

Till then, take care!

wedding package-ep.3

Salam semue (3 org je rasenye...haha)!!

I think my decision not to delete this blog is gud la..suddenly I got a lot of times to write in here (I just finished my thesis correction=p) Alhamdulillah...(but there are a lot of parts yet to be corrected..but hv to wait for my supervisor to passed it to me..d one that I have finished is the clinical part only T_T)

I would like to write more about my 'extraordinary journey' to search for a wedding package that's worth it and most importantly it shud be all be pretty at my eyes. As far s I have seen during my journey for d wedding package, I have encountered many mak andam. Most of them are nice, but some were snobbish!menyampah sunggoh! (kalau ikotkan hati ni..mau je letak name mak andam tu kt nnt mcm menutup pintu rezeki die pulak..If u guys wanna know, do emel me k=p)

In my previous post, I have stated that d thing that will take most of ur saving will b pelamin. I mean, it takes a lot if money because you will not gona get it back!haha..
I have convinced my self (at least it worked for 2 days..) to just use ordinary pelamin..My mom, sister all have agreed to just use whateva pelamin that I can afford of. Then, for 2 days I decided to just close my eyes n go on with d package that I have paid for.

One Sunday, I went to play squash at Putrajaya. The squash court happened to be just beside dewan org kawen..haha..I saw the pelamin from afar (from d arch). It was sooo is not that grand like we alwiz see in d mag!But, its soo pretty (maybe its because of its not ordinary like mine will T_T).It then made me realized that d majlis will look splendid only with how ur pelamin looks like. And...there you go!I've changed my mind again!=| When I got back home, I googled all d bookmarks that I have saved=( Then, my friend, Fara buzzed me.hehe

She actually came into rescue at that time. She gave me a link to fp of her fren's wedding boutique. The boutique is new. But it does offer u a wide range of pelamin with so many designs to choose from. The most important, all of them are cute!n affordable. So, if you guys are looking for cute, up-to-date and unique pelamin, u guys shud pay this boutique a visit. But first, you guys can check their collection in here. Not all of their collections in d fp. I found a lot more during my visit there=) Hmm..after d visit, there was a 'but' again for me. I am not satisfied with their wedding dress collection. Plus, they refused to make a new one for me T_T. So, that's enuf for me to decide not to take them.

Again, I was at d dead end='(

So, my advice here. For you guys out there, it is true that for people like us (who are not rich), we have to be extra rajin. We have to really put more of our time in doing the surveying. Or else, u'll end up like me..paying every kedai deposit T_T.

I guess there'll b a new episode coming up on this label=p See u soon!

Take care,

wedding package-ep.2


Huaarrgghh!!!ngantuknye.. T_T (side effects of correcting thesis)
oh, lets start! To those who may concern, I have decided to keep this blog.haha..even it might not well updated..but this activity is fun though..especially to spend ur mental-blocked moment;p

These past few days, many people had surprised me. I though I just have three followers=p but it seems like I have bunches of friend whose secretly followed my blog..hahah..(padehal takde pape pon dlm blog ni=p).So, they insisted for me to update my blog. The one that suprised me the most BF!!!who persistently insulting me on my writing T_T. Who cares!!=|
Sampai mane ye stop haritu??err....oh!the cheap wedding package that I have already paid for=p

Ok.The next day, my friend whose really care about my wedding asked me about the prep.And I told her that I have stop searching for the boutique since I have already found one. I showed her d baju..n she, whom I knew as a very kindhearted person, said this "Buroknye...." (The night befor my Bf reaction pulak "ni jubah ke??" T_T). So, I think two testimony are enuf make me embrace d fact that d baju really is..burok=|Below is d baju =p
My frens whose being complaining about the baju called for emergency meeting d next day (mission to save my wedding)..haha..We sit n draw d wedding dress that we all love n of course will suits me well (of course d drawing of Afirah is d most precious=p)..After we all failed to put d baju together on a piece of paper (the paper happened to be a receipt..haha)..we moved to kedai buku that we can refer to wedding magazines for free..hihi
After half an hour, we got the picture!yey!

Afirah: Jom la teros pegi SemuaHouseMe: Ok!
(otw to Ikea's parking....)
Afirah: Try masok kedai tu (Ade kedai baju pengantin kt LG Ikea)
Me: (dah ade dlm kedai pon=p)

I can't remember d name of d kedai..but d baju most of it lawa..but still d typical malay wedding dresses.SO,I ask d kakak whether they have d kind of dress that 'we' want. Tak sempat abes elaborate d kakak said she knows what I want n refer me to d headquarter kt Semua House=p

We then went to the 'headquarter' immediately. The name of the kedai is fotome studio. The baju is so lawa2..n kakak kaunter pon so baik melayan..d baju of my size...oh my god...really d banyak..d most important..they have d exact baju yang 'we' have imagined=p Im so excited!!!! d baju was my size!!!haha..but its all white=| I love it..really but I dont think my other family member will agree to that.

Me: Nk sewa ni berapa??
Kakak Fotome: Rm1200
Me: Takde kale ****** (rahsie=p) ke??
Kakak Fotome: xdela kite bole buat baru..rm1000
Kesimpulan-->baik buat baru=| haha..
Then I tanpe fikir panjang..paid d deposit (again..) so I think I have paid deposit everywhere T_T
Eh..belum selesai lg about my baju (let alone everything else..)..
Up until now, this baju has also been cancelled by me..the reason being...will tell u guys in d next post;)

Take care,

Friday, March 19, 2010

wedding package-ep.1

Hello Ladies!
I am sooo sleepy right now.But its too early to actually go to bed. Since I've planned to post about the wedding package tonite, I'll fight my heavy eyes.haha
Oh well, lets start with my first step of everything.

Soon after I got my wedding dates (after all d family arguments n my bf's karenah..) me n my sis have went around Shah Alam (Alam Sentral and Plaza Masalam) looking for wedding package thats not pricey yet cute (as i think all of my frens are gosipping about my cute-to-b wedding ceremony;p). Turned out, all of their package was kind of d same..they were like pakat2 pulak..(even one of d kedai said..they really are pakat2..wth la..nk bisnes ke xmo ni??!!). First we had discovered is about the price, not so distinctive between each kedai. Second one, they dont have ready-made dress of my size T_T (m i too small n isolated in sizeT_T). My sister said thats maybe the reason y they were like nak tanak entertain me (plus i was wearing a very selekeh baju dudok rumah..i dont care!=|). Okay, fine!U will al lost a very d very good customer (cz i am very d very takpandai negotiate its their lost!)

In Plaza Masalam also they dont have my size. But, U guys have to know that U can actually ask them to make a new dress according to your size n u rent with extra charge. However, in my case, I did bring my design. but they didnt agree to make any coz my design was too simple (simple means less beads n mannequins and they said Malay bride wont rent that later.n they said it arrogantly, oK!).
Another problem that i have encountered was pelamin. I have pelamin of my dream.again, its plain, no flowers at every spaces. The design was not yet a problem at first, but the price was quite a surprise. i didnt know that pelamin dewan n rumah are different. Pelamin for dewan is wayyy expensive than rumah. So, if you guys will hav reception in dewan, u better put extra budget for the pelamin alone. The cheapest I got was rm1200. But d design was the old one (with kain kilat2, n rangke2 besi tu). For pelamin yang block2 like nowadays punye trend, U have to spend a lot more than that just to get d plain one. so, here my lari bugdet.
That day, very late, I headed home with theories that:
1-I will neva be able to pull out a very stunning wedding like all my frens has expected
2-I will never be able to save my money from spending over custom-made baju (since d ready made is so burok n besa)
3-I will look like a bride in masquerade (cz make-up artist all I met that day
4-Pelamin up-to-date:not in d list=|

The next day, I woke up with a new energy n mind set. I told my sister, lets change the theme (my original theme would b a secret=p). So, that day, I have decided to pull out a classic malay wedding. This theme will suit the old design pelamin. So, I will have reason to use that kind of pelamin..hehe..n of course, my baju could not b d one that I hv in mind=( We went to a boutique here..very near to my house. Its our last resort if I couldnt get any cz they usually giv a very cheap price, plus their barang are old n buruks ready. I was really heart broken to step into d kedai. But I keep my spirit positive all d time. The baju were all sadis..not my taste will all d beadings n colours..
However, it was one pair that has caught my eye. That's d only one. It's by force though=( Its about my size (it needs a major renovation T_T) The package was quite cheap..really save me a lot of money! Becz of I was shocked wit d price, then I agreed (with d baju looks like jubah pakistan-My bf said T_T-i'll upload d gambar of d baju later.haha) to take their package. I was so dumb n blur n heart broken-paid for d deposit T-T

But wait!this is not d end of d story..basically, the theme has changed again so far!tell u in d next post;p


To Ms. C in her fantasyland;p

Hi viewers!haha..again, third entry of d day..(almaklumlahh..byk mase n freshies;p)
There's something I forgot to mentioned as for the history of my blog opening=p But I would like to start with a story of a girl..which was actually popular..but i dont think she actually notice it.

I first knew this girl back in my Sekolah Rendah Agama (but I forgot my SRA name in d full;?). I was in 6A and she's one next to me kot.But I bet she neva knew my existence during that time kot. Among all my frens, I was like a black sheep. I was from another 'Sekolah Kebangsaan' (which is so far away from d SRA) while all of them were from the same school as 'this girl'. Lemme named her 'C' (OMG, its her So, me who hardly knew people in the SRA was told a lot of stories about 'C'. But what I could conclude during that time was...diorang ni mesti dengki ngan 'C'.haha..Until I finish SRA, we neva ever talked or glance to each other.

Fate, has then introduced me to her not long after that. It was our form one. She was then my classmate and quickly became my bestfren. We have click back in 1 anggerik. When we now grew up, honestly, I can only talk eye to eye n can listen without feeling annoyed only with her. I can only see one reason to that. i think, we grew up n matured together in d same way. I hope we both will b success in our own way in years to come.

And fate also has open C's and my heart to start a blog.haha...the same night, but different situation. I hope u'll find ur prince charming soon. Don't be too fussy, hunny. U'll find spontaneous is more like it;)

Lastly, welcome to my blog!haha..

Take care,
Queen W

xoxo follower

ehem2....welcome to my blog!!!!(I said this with 'normal' volume of my voice..) to Fifi!! for being the first follower without force=p haha..oh, u alwiz being a very good fren to me. I hope ur other gud frens see U like I see u=p
So, as a token of appreciation, I'll put ur link straight d spot..without any payment..haha (padehal br blaja td..nk jugak try)--> click here. Go visit guys! (err...bakal2 followers T_T) lots of recipes in there.confirm!haha..

xoxo Queen W

Welcome note!

Salam Semua!
Fuh...Its so hard to think of blog's name. Finally, I got one. But, I typed it differently. Surprisingly, it turned out pretty well. No duplicate and it does suits my personality.haha..

Idea to start a blog came from an old fren of mine whos also got a blog. A very pretty one. You all can visit hers . And later, she introduced me to a few of others whos talking about wedding prep like and Apparently, most of the blogs' owner turned out to be my old2 friends. Some of them are so dingin-looking in person. But, they are so like a star in d blog. I felt like they are so attractive using their words of elaboration. So, blog does tell me: DOnt' judge the book by its cover=p haha..

A few years back, I have once talking to my bf about starting a blog as I saw a sort of idol of mine having a very big circle of frens through blog. But, having to know of my limitation of talent to work with computer and also my short of ideas in writing, he told me to not doing this. It is true though.. (I got 5.0 in my IELTS writing test T-T)

To start a blog, I have to read some of the post. I wonder what they put in d blog ar??After nights of browsing n reading n being impressed, i think they put almost everything (not almost..i mean everything =|). But for me, I will only put d one that I think will not exposed to much of myself as it is who I am (quite secretive=p). For now, I will put more post about my 'big day' which is coming in 4 months time. Eh, I should tell you alls about how finally i got this blog la T_T (see..thats y i got 5.0 for so suck at flows of ideas)

To make this story short..I finally realy2 decided to have one after reading one entry in sab's...haha
I dont want to forget all the journeys I will go through for this big day. But as for me, not just my big day I will keep. But others too. So, I think I should better stop here ( introduction are soo hampes T_T).

Lov, Queen W;)


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