Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cozy and Coffee

I consider this is miracle..for me and especially hubby..haha
Why is it??
Guess what??I don't have appetite to shop!!It's been (tgh kire gune jari) 5 days!yey!!I have to compliment myself for not thinking much about shopping!^_^
But I pity hubby for being my sponge..
I was in angry mode most of the time..extra senstive, yadda2..(all negative)..
Can I say "blame the hormone??"'s not gonna give any justice for my darling T_T

Okkay..forget about my moodswing (although I was much aware of that T_T)

Do you guys know The Gardens?
The Borders on the 3rd floor? And Starbucks in it??
I love to stay there when I finished work in UM.
So, I usually stay there with my computer and stacks of expensive magazine=p reading..why read the affordable ones=p

I love the environment's very peaceful (however sometimes I found it congested..then I passed), has beautiful view (cz the walls are transparent..uh oh..can it be considered as wall??or there are big windows?o_O whateva!) readings!haha..
In addition to that..I have Jusco card which entitled me to 10% off for every purchase=p and I have my own starbucks tumbler (courtesy of bf) which lead to another 20% reduction!
And of course...this activity will put me away from shops!and traffic jam T_T

I thought when I come here, I would not be able to have such a time..when I gotta have peace in my thinking and be alone..

Ok..tarik alone??now??I am alone most of the time!No thanks!haha..

But I love coffee and cozy..maybe the caffeine did helped me in some way in calming me..yadda yadda..
To get coffee..easy..there's many coffee house along the road..
but where can I get the cozy??

Then I found Sweet Stick Factory
Located in Hondori=)

It has been our weekly spot for catching up =) Oh..I love the fruit tart..sgt x manis!! and the coffee..I have to tell you..they are better than Starbucks!haha...Oh, I should have snapped the picture of their sweets 'gallery'..all sweets are pretty..x sampai hati nk chew them..u'll feel like wanting to frame them or something=|
And I should have snapped the pictures of the..interior!*&*%$^&%^$$^*, this post is not helping show you guys what I meant T_T
This is my favorite cup of coffee=) Irish..yadda2..haha(feveret tp x hengat name=p)
And..introducing my favourite fruit tart..berries on top=)

Saye mmg suke dessert!
Puan Wani


Sayangku intan payung gunung meletup itu suke mkn saye x reti wat=|
sape ade resipi??sile bg link..

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Historic Laksa..

I am sorry that I have to put this post..
sebab pasal laksa je..
But it's a big deal for me cz...this is my favourite food..and last Monday was the first time I have ever cook it myself. Before this I have to beg other people to cook it for me T_T

It's like breaking another wall in my life=)
After the trial..quite successful trial..I felt so by being able to cook my favorite food without help, I consider myself as a little more independent than the days before=)

So y'all..don't wait up, break another wall!
Oh, this is my first laksa..Historic..=P Lol!

Friday, March 25, 2011

White Day

Well..we cannot celebrate Valentine's day right??
Oho..I'm not going further to discuss religion here..don't worry..

Valentine's day is celebrated all over the world and Japan is not an exception.
but..instead the boy has to get gifts for the was done vice versa.
How unfair??
Don't worry..later in a month, the boy can reply (if he ever wanted) to the girl by buying her gifts (which cost 2 fold of the girls'). hehe..
The day is called The White Day. Took place on the 14/3 every year..

For me, it's like the leap year in Scotland isn't it. It's just that they do it every year and..they boys are given a month to think it over..hehe..

In Malay..of course it's like 'perigi cari timba'

However, not every people got reasons to celebrate these days..

In our dept for example, we exchange chocolates just to get one kot..haha..
But I didn't buy anything..
This dept contains too many boys..and only few girls..The exchange won't be fair=p

But I did get chocolate from my colleague=p haha

The chocolates are so pretty..I should have snapped the chocolates marketed for these two days...They are so irresistible and overpriced T_T

But then most contains, as a Muslim I got reason to put the chocolate back on the rack=)hehe..

At first I refused to eat the chocolates..but..I managed to finished them in a blink of an eye cz..they are sedap sgt T_T

The sweet tooth;
Puan Wani

Hubby and cooking

Who's husband is very good in cooking??
Oh, no need to be very least good..or..fine=)
My darling baby sweetheart yg jauh di mate tu...I nk puji sikit..he CAN cook=)
Of course..he has been living far from his mother since he was 19 if I not mistaken. He's been living overseas ever since and usually people like this will be a good cook=)
I assumed my husband was..=)

I think he's born to be an engineer..
The first dish he cooked for me was nasi goreng..
Why I said he's very talented??cz I swear the nasi goreng tasted exactly like tayar after emergency break!!
Yes, my husband is engineer buat kerete hape tah (I have no idea about his work =|) can I not love him more!!=|tell me who else could cook like that??=|

He's also an inventor=) So talented!!He must have a good gene. Thank God I found you dear sayangku intan payung gunung meletop...
Second and last time ever he cooked for me was..masak lemak cili padi ayam..
I cannot explain how 'unique' the taste was!!The chicken in the dish not at all tasted like chicken!!Tell me where can you find a good inventor like the one I married=|

I cannot accept anymore love like this..I can't stand too much love..
So, WE (I) decided to just let me do the cooking even though I never cook before.
Lagipun, he must be tired of cooking his own meals for yearsss right??Why don't I start cooking for US (my survival)..
Since the 'masak lemak cili api ayam' tragedy..I insisted to fill up the fridge with edible, NORMAL dish during my missing.
I was back home once every 3 weeks (most of the time..)
So, I cooked the stock to be eaten for the whole 3 week.
Gosh..of course it involves a few kilos of meats and chicken..

Here's the latest cooking I keep in the fridge for him..

However, the bihun habes after I left for a day T-T

Since the wedding, I tried so hard to not end up eating food cooked by him..
No, not because of 'that''s a way I show my love (u wished!)

Whateva bebeh..I love you still..and you know how 'good' you are in cooking T_T
Puan Wani

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Follower pindah tempat

Ni ha..
mls nk dengar SCR membebel2 suruh letak korang punye 'rumah' kt atas..
ok. korang pindah atas eh..enjoy the view ^_^V

Season change

I reached Japan when natsu (summer) was at the peak..I remember woken up by heat in the morning..some times we have to sleep in 36 degree cz hubby refused to install air-conditioner in our home T_T..kipas??hehe..they blew the heat straight on your face!

Then one fine morning..aki (fall) came. In sudden. No signs accompanied the transition except the doubtfully extra rain a few days before.

Aki to fuyu (winter)?? Hardly noticed both season are cold..the different??fuyu's temperature was extremely cold (was??I am freezing still here~~)..Other than that..nothing made significant difference..
Eh, aki, trees start togelkan diri..n during winter..pokok adelah togel dgn licinnye..hehe..that's how you know you are in winter!hehe..
But one thing for sure..aki is one beautiful very short season. Have to make full use of it..=)

I heard many people like haru (spring)..We thought we were already in haru one month ago!
The temperature had started gotten warmer, hence the calling to clear out closet from the bulky coats=p
I don't know whether it's unfortunate..when we experienced weird tenki (weather) soon after the '110311' tragedy. Temperature fell abruptly like peak winter. Snow fell again from the sky..and nothing saddened us more than thinking about people in north Japan..

Now, as I am writing this, the coldness still unbearable..but thank God..the crisis has gotten better..Alhamdulillah..

Despite of the weird fluctuations in thing is definite..spring is still coming=)
How am I sure of this??
Picture I took a week ago..I remember looking at the small branches coming out from the 'togel' trees..and the next day..I flowers were born=) All happened in front of my eyes..
Subhanallah...I was amazed by the transition of trees..I don't know how would I react to transition of my own kids! ^_^ can't wait!

I sneezed more frequently lately..don't tell me I am one of them who have allergy to pollen T_T
Puan Wani

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Rabu

My first wordless wednesday=p haha (wani..that counts as words also T_T)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Luahan 7bulan

Can I get engage again??with the same man I got engaged almost a year ago??

*luahan selepas menonton gambar2 engagement sendiri..*

I love my engagement day!simple!haha
Puan Wani

Perumpamaan hari ini..hehe

Hubby and me - like husband and wife

Hubby and sports - like Romeo and Juliet..and I'm the Juliet's dad=|

Monday, March 21, 2011

Socks issue

I think I have mentioned about the shopping district of Hondori so many times in here.
Yeah..that's one place that I love to be for the woman's so called 'therapy'=p
To be honest, not many things fancied me as much as Tokyo did. Maybe because I don't go along with Japanese's style as much as my other friends do=p lol! (Oh, I just don't get the style and the ridiculous price tagged on it!)

I told you about shoes in the previous know what comes along with shoes here??
I sounds crazy. But I/we cannot stand looking at the cute socks flooding the districts!
Everytime we go there, we will definitely stuck in this one shop named Copo..
Their socks are extremely comel and cheap!!The price usually made you go; "do you think 5 is enough??If ever I take ten it will only cost me about ***", because of that..we always ended up talking life while choosing socks..OMG..the situation will be exactly like kedai kopi session without the coffee served T_T"
Yang sakit hati lg..the most we usually bought after hours of choosing are 3 pairs T_T..
And later when we go again (we went there every week)..we beli lagi T_T"

Yesterday, my friends and me went to Hondori for our lunch cum breakfast cum dinner ..and yeah..we stuck in that shop..a.g.a.i.n.
The picture showed additions to my socks collection as for yesterday T_T
(I can't believe this!In Malaysia I hardly have any decent sock pon!sometimes I was 'sockless' in sport shoes.) you guys gona puke reading about shoes and socks=p
Puan Wani

shoes and wani

Oh God..
I think I am addictive to this shoe style..
When I first arrived in Japan, I saw lot's of girls wearing the sort of shoe with low heels, full covered, with shoe tie which in a glance, looks like men's shoes..
Since then, I always asked myself..was that shoes so comfortable??

On the other hand, I like the kind of shoes with more exposed (sbb perasan kaki cantik)..hehe..
I know how much hubby hates looking at my exposed foot coz of ..we's aurat kan.

When in Japan, I am effortlessly covering the one aurat (foot) because I am always wearing socks (due to the weather). And I started looking at more comfortable shoes to suit the weather and daily activities. Unlike when I was in Malaysia, I was hardly use my foot..hehe..I drive anywhere and usually parked my car very close to the entrance. Hence the pretty, skin exposed shoes I usually wore everyday=p hehe..

In Japan, a pair of comfortable shoes are so much in need. I started to neglect the kind of shoes I used to like back in Malaysia. Here, I started looking at full covered shoes with firm structure to suit the life I have in here which involved a lot of movements.
I don't own a car anymore..Despite of the offer from hubby, I chose not to have one cz I am more comfortable with bicycle and public transportation which is way easier than having a car. But to use them, requires you to move a lot.

Oh well, don't forget about the weather in here. So much different from Malaysia coz the more you move yourself, the more comfortable you will feel=) Hence the new collection in my shoe rack currently=p

One pair I just got yesterday..=) Trust me, you could just run with this shoes not realize they got pretty high heels there..hihi..

Oh, just now I embrace to look pretty without feeling pain (on the foot)=p hehe.. eyes are on this one little black classy shoes pulak..T_T"
Puan Wani

Thursday, March 17, 2011



I know..I might sounded like 'jakun' ..
btw, I just opened twitter account=p haha...
I know..this is like committing suicide to my career la..haha..

you can follow me @roslizawani


See you in Twitter! ^_^

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Fuji san

Peaceful morning with Fuji san....


Working close to Japanese..
At first I adore how meticulous they are!!Seriously..the way they do the thinking are very different with how we do. Sometimes I was annoyed of how they like to amplify small issues, when they took a longggg time to consider very simple things. Sometimes, I think that..they think too much! ( I am elaborating my husband=p).

Along the process of getting annoyed...most of the time..I did this; "wowwww...waaaa....oohhhh..." haha..that's how 'I got amazed' reaction=p

The last weekend of peaceful Japan I had with my Malaysian friends wasting our time and money at the shopping district of Hondori.haha..

One of the thing I love to do is..'coffee-ing'. I'm glad that...these people that I just met love to do that too! So, we spent the whole evening doing 'sweet-tooth'=p

After that..we went to this one mydin-like mall (of course with class); Tokyu-Hands.
Here they sell almost everything, from the thinkable to unthinkable stuff..from useful to questionable stuff=p

There, most of them bought the 'not-even-in-the-list' stuff. Guess what??

Kusyen urut T_T

If in Malaysia..I'm sure this thing won't be so affordable!haha..all back to buying power n currency huh T_T

Look at how they pack your things. They even wrapped it with a layer of plastic since it was raining outside. I thought it was only Tokyu-hands doing this extra meticulous act, turned out many2 others did the same too!

This is only small meticulous thing I managed keep in a picture. There are so many other aspects which I cannot explain..but trust me, in some way we are better than them=)
Puan Wani.

11311 remembered..

The picture when we had to run out of the house for the second time.
The lapse between the first and second strike was not long..After the first strike we went back upstairs, put on extra layers of coats and pack our valuables. Not long after the first strike, 2nd strike hit. This time all of us manage to run out from the building.
As you can see..I didn't wore any socks coz x sempat..The shook was long..longer than the first one but wasn't as strong as the first one. We were observing pillars and make them as indicator of the ground movement. It was terrifying looking up and see the pillars were shook on top of your head..

On the first strike..we ran out of the house with very less layers covering our body. I wore a very thin shirt and long gown.
On the second strike, I managed to put on coats and pack our valuables. I packed not many..just our documents.

If ever you forgot to bring your passport with you, do not panic. Coz embassy will issue what they called EC "emergency certificate" so that you could go out of the country without passport. Alhamdulillah..the situation hadn't got us to be issued ECs so far.

The view from where I sit.

I am one person who xde selere nk amek gamba during the panic. So, I missed most of terrifying faces I saw that day. We were struck on Friday. Not many people were in the building cz it was a working day kan.
The picture shows the entrance of our apartment. Nihonjin working on the aircond worked like nothing happened on the day. We were like.."I think they live alone in this world". God, earth could not stop them from living!

We stayed in the house for 3 days not be able to go anywhere.
First, the traffic was congested. Almost everybody had to walked home. Be it hours of walking..they got no choice. I heard from these people about how they were served coffees, blanket, heat pad, etc. along the way home by smiling strangers. Some were offered lifts home. The country was really in chaos. Most of the time we sat in front of TV..following the news all around Japan. All channel showed the tsunami alert. The first day is the most terrifying when all the coastal areas was given red alert for tsunami. We slept with our coats on and bags on hold.

Secondly, the highway was closed. Unfortunately the highway we used to go to Tokyo was situated along coastal area. The highway has really magnificent view of the ocean and Fuji Mountain. But now, the beauty has turned to something scary T_T Hence, the reason we chosed to stay in Tokyo.

Mami looked very calm, enjoyed cooking like always while the house trembling. I didn't really understand how men could stay calm in the situation T_T..they said they were afraid..but looking at their faces??r u kidding me??!!T_T
Even the situation is so alarming, the food served was like..'are we having party??'T_T
I think Mami just want to make everybody comfortable.
Of course I don't have the appetite to eat or do anything! The adrenaline occupied my body for the whole time. I wouldn't be able to feel hungry.
Until my husband told me,"if the worst came, at least you are already full." Then, I forced myself to eat more than I used to T_T..
Lesson: In situation like this, eat extra portion..afraid you might not be able to find food anymore T_T

That's some of the things I remember..
Puan Wani

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am fine=)

First of all, thank you for the kind words and care.
Apologize for the long silent, no reply and news from me.
I bet most of you must be asking about my condition Japan.

If any of you were asking..was I one of the victim of the 9.0 earthquake, striking Japan recently??

Yes..I was.

I remember it very clearly.

The week supposed to be our getaway. We planned this trip in a very short time. We wanted to have a simple vacation..a kind of road trip to Tokyo. I just want it to be only the two of us.

At first we planned to do it a week before the catastrophe. But, we postponed the trip because we purposely wanted to welcome our friends (who arrived from Malaysia with her newborn twins) and also as a farewell visit to our good friends in the embassy; En. Rozian and his brother; Mami.

One of our main tentative was..going to Disneysea (this will be my 7th aim kot..coz I have a long list of shops form 1-6=p). I was supposed to go back to hubby's on Wednesday night, then only go to Tokyo on night of the next day. However, I could not wait to see him and fled on Tuesday. That means, it is possible for us to go to Tokyo on Wednesday night instead. But that's also depends on whether my husband manage to get a leave on Thursday. And it happened..he got the leave. So, we left Toyohashi for DisneySea (in Chiba) on the early morning of Thursday..

Let's skip on the story of the last peaceful Thursday I had..

Then Friday came.

Oh before I forgot, in Tokyo..we live in Malaysia Embassy's Staff Apartment, the unit of En.Rozian and his brother live of course. I bet you can listen to En. Rozian's voice giving report to the radio and TV on the day of the strikes.

Early in the morning, my friend from Malaysia with her newborn twins arrived together with her in laws. So, on the Friday, I was occupied with their arrival when we are supposed to go jalan2=p.. It happened that my foot were in pain (too much walking in DisneySea) hence I refused to go out that morning.
Since it was Friday, all men in the house went out for Friday prayers. Not many ladies in the house. Only three.

I was in my room when my husband went back from the prayer. We had a small chat when..our house shook slowly.. and we were stunned.
My husband said "oh, earthquake"
and..the shaking got harder..and harder..and he told me to run!
I couldn't move much..I ran wall to husband quickly dragged me out of the house.
I managed to snatch my handbag.
When I stepped out of the shaky house, I heard the others were screaming "Ya Allah..!!!"

We took the emergency stairs down ..I saw a lot of people also were running out of building. Some were just plunged out of buildings. When we reached the ground...I felt so dizzy..I was barefoot and felt the moving ground. The movement was intense and in circular motion. At some point, I could not stand up properly that my husband had to hold me tight. My body was still shaking after the earth stop doing that.

We waited until we felt a little calm. Then we went back to the house. We saw the others were there..not running out coz they weren't able. Everybody was looking at the TV. That's how fast it was covered by the news. We saw the tsunami came from the TV. The whole country was put on alert.
A few minutes later, another big strike shook the house. This time we were much more prepared with the bags and protection. We all ran out of the building and stayed outside. I saw all white faces..all were in fear. I tried calling my family in Malaysia but the phone was out...Internet was also down. We only have I-phone and facebook to connect to each other.
I must say, Facebook really plays an important role that day. Not just for us, but for the journalists worldwide. So, if you are FB problem with that!

After about an hour, we were allowed to go back into the house. The caretaker reminded us to always keep our things well packed and wear sweater all the case we have to run out of the house. The shaking kept coming every 10minutes to half an hour until we leave Tokyo.

On Friday and Saturday..nobody dared to leave the house. I saw everything from the news. I always stick to hubby like a baby kangaroo..hehe..
We had to sleep with our coat on..with bags at our side. The first night, most of us couldn't sleep. They were either woken up by the quake, or it was just because of adrenaline. Nevertheless, I slept like baby T_T..
We all stick together in the living room. Lucky us, the living room was so huge..very comfortable despite of numbers of us.
I have to thank Mami for the care, the food, the space and the talk he gave to comfort us all.
Thanks hubby too for always buat lawak mase tgh2 takut T_T

Looks like I failed to translate my fear on this blog. Probably it's because I had keeping it for a long time that I got immune to the fear. Notwithstanding the immunity, I have became extra sensitive to any movement surrounding me..

There are so many aspects that I have to be thankful in the incident:
1) I was with my husband. We were close to each other during the struck. I will be in so much worried if we were away from each other..ade yg kene sakit jantung.
2) We happened to live in an embassy's house. Thank God.
3) We were served like a king and queen despite of the quakes and chaos around us because of Mami.
4) We were in Japan. I cannot explained how good they are in dealing with this situation. Their humanity and calmness..I don't know other country with such spirits.
5) I have to thank my instinct for telling me to go back on the Tuesday so we could go to Disneysea on Thursday. Or else, we will be stranded all night in Chiba and got much nearer to the epicenter.
6) I accept the situation I had been in as Allah's way to show me the small thing He could do. I had experienced a very tiny winy of how doomsday felt like. I believe what I had experienced was toooo small compared to those struck by tsunami. By trust me..I was scared to death when the earth move that bit.
7) Thank you Allah again if not for Him, the epicenter probably is much nearer to where we were located.
8) It happened when we were already in the embassy. The safest place you could think of if you are a foreigner in the run.

These are the survivors in 501 (the house no.). Man at the most left, standing is En. Rozian. His brother is standing next to him. The others are our friend. We came that week purposely as goodbye visit for en. Rozian who will leave for good soon. Allah's will, He put us together to go through his test. How lucky would you consider yourself then?

I hope this story helps to clear out my situation in here.
So, you can now stop worrying about me. I am now in Hiroshima which is so far from Fukushima (the epicenter). We feel no quakes here and hopefully the radiation will not reach this prefecture.

Thank you for your concern and doa. I really feel your love and appreciate it so much. Your doa has bring me to a safer place today. Alhamdulillah..

Pray for Japan,
Puan Wani

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Price Tag

Despite of how pretty your wedding shoes are...please remember to get rid of the price tag first!or you will end up having pictures of this:


I have to get rid of perangai 'pakai-bende-baru-malas-nak-cabut-price-tag'.
This was not because I forgot to take the price tag off..It was's me who love price tag equally the attires T_T

-Puan Wani-

Bride's maid x sengaja..

Sorry that you have to read this one post..which is so...below average mind T_T

Hehe..I didn't have bride's maid with synchronize color dresses on my wedding..
But..lucky me..I have these few friends who stayed..and didn't noticed they actually wearing a set of matched color..hehe..hence the perlantikan secare x sah utk jawatan bride's maid buat mereke...hehe..

What's more wonderful..they are all friends that I really love and care=)

Sometimes, good things come when we least expect it=)
Puan Wani

Sarjana Dua

With Sarjana Two Members ('00/'01) on my wedding=)
Colorful as their personality.
Let's grow old together ladies!^_^

Much Love,
Ketua Dorm (yang selalu malas pegi meeting yang tah pape.hehe..)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Eyesore I know the feeling of being copied=|
True's such and eyesore!

No more secret


Like every morning for the past 5 months...I woke up with a numb feeling..counting days again for my next trip back to husband's.
Ate my breakfast while checking e-mails through iPhone (I adore this creation so much..they are just awesome!). And...I noticed a new post from my dear bestie Afirah..replying my post on trans-sexual.

Honestly, I am so it the idea in concert with mine or not=)

Seems like I found sort of issues that I love to discuss. I think it's definitely not about (maybe for some it will be =(). No wonder I love to read your blog it's all about ahahaha..

Another issue in life that I feel bothering is..having secrets.

I think we can't help doing mistake in life as we grow. Of course..if we don't make can we learn. Life is not taught at school..and some things in life could be taught even by the parents. So many things in life that we have to explore by ourselves. Therefore, I think it will be good if we, once became a parents, giving some space and trust to our offspring to taste life themselves.

I too made a lot of mistakes..a lot a lot. Some of it I keep it as secrets.

For me, a story became secret when I think the story will embarrassed me or making me losing somebody I care.
Some secret I keep it save and sound..and some were forgotten.
But as I grew up, I realized that..some secret need to be that I will feel free. It's like finally I put the burden down my shoulder. I feel lighter and happier.

I don't know about all of you. But if my friend told me their dark secret which they did IN THE PAST, I will accept them with my open heart. Because it was all IN THE PAST. And because we are FRIENDS. We are supposed to accept them they way they are. Be them trans-sexual=p

Like Oprah (again..=p)..Few years back..when she was already on the peak, her sister (who's an addict) went to the tabloids revealing the one dark secret of her. Apparently Oprah had once gave a birth to a baby girl when she was 14. Oprah has been a medium person, teaching people about to be better in it. How can you learn life from somebody who has made a mistake which I assumed...huge. When she knew about her sister going to the the reporter, she made the confession first. Surprisingly, everybody embrace her past and accept her for her that time. Wasn't it wonderful??when your burden are freed and nothing changed.

Based on this case, I think..letting out a secret is beautiful if we are given the rights to reveal it otherwise it will become ugly.

I wish..when the time comes when I have to free all the burden, all of my family and friends will accept me for the good memory they have=)

Life is all about making have early 'better life' make those mistakes earlier=p
Puan Wani

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Embrace who you are

Konnichiwa everybody..

Have you ever feel like trapped in your own body?
When you have this burning desire to do something..but..your were born incapable of doing it.

Tak faham?

I will make myself as an example:
Let's say I like modelling..
But I am a petite..a very petite..
I had difficulties buying long dresses or pants without the needs to amend them. Let alone be a model who could fit to the standard size without major amendments.

Lucky me..I never had that dream..
*I just wanna have my talk show..height is not a requirement right??=( But I am stuck with..I don't know...T_T haha*

Sometimes people are just not satisfied with what they have. Who they are.
Who likes all of yourself?Cited from Ms. Hanis Zalikha; "We are just not our own taste."
There must be some parts of it that you wish was not that..=|

Glad to be Muslim isn't it??Coz we are taught to accept who we are and live with it.
Be the best out of it. I am very sure that we are all learning to make full use of ourselves.
Like me..I am using all the advantages I have as a petite..and making others do the difficult job which requires a lot of energy and..height.haha..see..=p

Small things like..round face (instead too round), short legs..all are still manageable.
But..what will happen don't like the whole of you. The whole genes. including your soul that you were born with.

These kind of people said they were born in the wrong body...

Image: Source

Check out the Givenchy poster (pronounced as Ji-von-chi..please pronounce it correctly girls..hehe). I seriously love this one. Especially the second model from right..whom I thought was a girl. Why else I thought that..she was wearing lipstick and looking so damn hot in there!!

Don't you agree??what an 'it' "girl".

Meet Leah T. She is actually a He. If I am not mistaken he is from Brazil.

I was so shocked when I heard his voice know sometimes we can predict the sound from the face=p

He was so brave for the 'coming out' when he was at the peak. Telling the world about who he actually was.

For me, he is so lucky to be born in this era when people being more accepting of who you are. Despite of the confession, he (who will becoming she in no time..coz he's waiting for 'the surgery') is still accepted by the family, relatives, friends..and who else..the world!

I bet we will see more of him even after he being a she. But definitely not in TV commercial where voices might be needed=p

Leah T embraced the fact that his soul is a woman when he was already an adult.
Recently, I watched a sneak peek of a new TV show called "Our America". One of the episode covering about this one boy..behaving like a real girly girl at the age of two. He was doing it he was born as a girl. The parents could not do anything but support the kids growing as a girl.
The kid even asked the parent why he doesn't have body like mommy??=|

If you are the parent, what will you say..and how would you react if your children showing the other personality other than they have been born with??

I don't wanna be a person who judge others. I understood so much of people being judge blindly. It is not fair for them cz you know we cannot understand how they suffer to be trapped in the situation.

I do understand their choices in life.
Being against the's surely very painful.
Yet, life is about choices. Making choices is not usually easy. Sometimes, to be ourselves, we have to also make a choice.
If you are given an A body, born with B soul..what can you justify from that??

Embrace who you are..peeps..
Puan Wani

p/s:Nauzubillah..jauhkanlah keturunanku daripada tergolong dalam golongan seperti ini..


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