Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sah!esok puasa.
Selamat berpuasa kepada all my followers, page viewers, passers by, friends and you reading this entry.
If ever my words have ever wounded your feelings, I, with humble, pleading for your apologize.

Let`s fulfill this barakah month with amalan2 mulia. Jangan disia2kan kedatangannya.

Last year was my first Ramadhan as a wife to somebody and we spent everyday of it by each other`s side. Alhamdulillah..It was indeed a wonderful journey.
However this year, my fate is turned to a total opposite. I will be spending Ramadhan alone. So far this one is the toughest one I have ever been. I was a little touched by this situation. But I believe, Allah has better plan for me. Insha Allah..this time will also a promise to a great journey.

Called my mom this evening...I am happy to listen to her happy voice and noises came from the kitchen. My whole siblings are by her side. Mom is always serious about welcoming Ramadhan and Syawal. She got used to it from my dad. Now dad has gone, I am so worried she`ll sad and cried alone. Nasib baik all my siblings are there tadi cooking special dishes with her :) I am so lega now. 

Oh God..I am rambling about my personal life here. Gomennasai...

Wrap up!

Salam Ramadhan 1432H, dari Nihon.

Yours truly, 

Kisah Cinta sedekad..

Check out the ticker path at the right side of my page ^________________^

Let me share one of the most lovable wedding gift ever!!on this day...marking our first anniversary^_^


p/s:Thank you to penerbit; Nurul and CikSu ^_^ hihi

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Countdown begins

He's supposed to reach Jakarta by now.

I miss you.

Memori RnR

From this teaser.

Image: source 

That's Kariya Highway Oasis..It's just another RnR spot located in Aichi-ken. But loooook at their 'RnR'.pheww....long way to go huh Malaysia?

Well, story starts when we (hubby decided to go out no matter what I said that day:P) haha..malas nk keluar sbb panas >.<
So, finally we..made it!>.<
Start enjin kereta..keluar rumah pergi makan sushi..lepas tu..hubby tanya: "Kita ni nak kemana?"
And I was giving him the greatest facepalm ever made by my face muscle until I also feel surprised I can do such a facepalm ever :|
Then I answered: "Easy, air-conditioned place. Onegaishimasu...""Oh, and I need this, that, this..yadda yadda, beg raya, bla2.."
Hubby (while I'm still listing out my needs), terus masukkan ETC (sort of smart tag it's just that we don't need to top it up and get nervous everytime we have to pass the toll sebab takut tak cukup duit). Nagashima outlet we go!!weee!!!
Tapi sebab panas sgt that I have to constantly keep my eyes opening very small, I usually ended up sleeping in the car just after 10 minutes I ride in it:| So, tak masuk highway lagi saya telah belayar ke dunia lain :P

When I tersedar (apparently whenever the engine stops:P), I saw ferris wheel..and a place looks like a mall and many kids playing around with fountains... But that's not Nagashima Resort.

Hubby bagi arahan turun kereta (and I was mamai lagi..haha). So, I alighted while hugging my wedding anniversary present (I made him swear not to peek or touch or having any thoughts about wanting to know what it is >.<). I carried it everywhere I go okeh >.< haha..

And suddenly I was on board on one of the ferris wheel car:P haha...I didn't feel scared coz I seriously nk tido je lebih :P

Hubby insisted for his present. Hoho...
I consider that a nice place to buat acara penyampaian, I decided to finally end the era of 'going anywhere with paper bag' and just give him the bag:P haha..
Yukatta...he loves my gift :) Alhamdulillah..

And he took out a blue box from his bag.
Damn!!!!his present is 1000x better than mine >.< I don't want to talk about this anymore >.<

When I wasn't that 'nemui' anymore:)

Friday, July 29, 2011


Here's the teaser..showing the theme for the weekend's posts :P You may find my entries for both days are....full of myself..haha..
Hence, this warning. I hope you followers will be mentally prepared with what this blog will bring you in that supposedly-relaxing-not-filled-with-unnecessary-reading weekend :D ahaks..

My Anny-card for him. Kebetulan I park my e-day ring kt situ (I dah kaver dgn tulisan..).hehe..and the blue box is ...wait jelah.haha..

Angkara Love.

I did it like this for our anniversary dinner (actually more to "I'm leaving tomorrow" dinner T________T)

His favorite meal. Haruslah menjadi menu our special night:) I think you can guess which one is my plate:D
p/s: Sebelum kahwin, goreng ikan pon tak pernah..ler nih, siap boleh buat chicken chop from scratch:D Love really changes us 180degree huh?:D

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moves Like Jagger

This song clicks to  me in an instant >.< More instant than making the most instant instant noodle >.<

Never not like Maroon 5 and Christina.  Having them in one awesome single??marvellous!!>.<

Kawaii omiyage

Kalau pergi Terengganu, keropok lekorlan menjadi souvenir.
Kalau pergi Disneyland, barang2 disneyla menjadi souvenir.
Kalau pergi Teddy Bear land??

Mestilah teddy bear souvenirnye :D...comel x??Ada rupe org kene ikat sebagai tawanan x???:D It's palm got, I put it on top of my standing mirror:D hihi..

Halo...please..release me..uhuhh -___-"
Wanna know about teddy bear land and the journey, please click here.
This teddy is from her:D
Arigatou ne Yoo chan ^_^

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

R.I.P and Thank you

Browsing through pictures in my phone and found this picture, taken 2 days ago.

Can you see something like a pyramid there? and a long queue? 
I passed by this place a few times and asked my friends what is this statue?
My bad, I asked other foreigners too. Of course they also have no idea what is that. But standard answer, that's the statue for the students to get a good luck before their exams or something related to the atomic bomb tragedy. 
Two days ago when I passed by this place, I saw a people queuing to pay their respect for...guess who??
The sacrificed animals used in research!hoho...that's actually a tomb for lab rats and other animals with the same fate. 
As told by my colleague, there will be two special days for the students and researchers to pay respect at this tomb.
What amazed me was, nobody forces them to do this..and they also would not get any marks or points for this. Yet, they still spent a few minutes to pay their tribute to the..already rotten, rotting, or just died lab animals. 
This would be another proof of their honesty:)

when you are leaving

I got questioned a lot of times on how I did it (about leaving hubby with food while I'm away menuntut ilmu di Hiroshima).
After been living like this (er..cook food stock before leaving him again), I can say that..the process is not as simple as cooking whatever and leave them in the fridge.
I mean, there are a lot of things for you to consider. It will be all depending on your husband's habit and his job.
Having a husband working for Japanese company..really hard for me. Especially when you yourself studying in one university of the same country well known for their dedication towards work. Nak tak nak, kami pun kena la juga ikut cara mereka. It's true..that you have tu mengembek di kandang kambing and mengaum (eh??) di kandang harimau (betul ke nih??-__-")

Things to consider:

1) When you can only visit your husband the most once a month, purata 3 mlm every visit, you have to really think of the amount of food for that particular period.
 I am not a good cook, let alone cooking in a big amount. So, in practice, I did various cooking with acceptable amount la. Lagipun muak pulak makan lauk yang same sampai 3 minggu. Kesian..>.<

2) I also learnt from mistakes. Initially, I cooked only lauk pauk in quite big amount so I can reduce type of dishes I have to cook. When he leaves alone, balik kerje pun matahari esok dah naik kan..dah tak ada energy to cook rice, heat the food,, I decided to spare him some 'instant' food like nasi goreng, mee goreng. Freeze them and hubby has to just heat one item at a time. Fast. And seriously lagi senang kot masak nasi goreng ataupun goreng2 yang lain :P ehe..
*Tapi most of the time he ate straight from the fridge -__-"

3) Tips on storing the food: Don't store the food in a big container. Just yang sederhana so that you can do 'fill fold'. One container in chiller, and others keep in freezer. Kalau x muat freezer chiller can do. Aliquotes of food helps food to stay good longer and less messy.

4) Just make sure he gets enough nutrient from various food you left him. 

5) And always prepare lauk emergency (prefer yang beliau suka). Lauk emergency means lauk which can be eaten with anything:) 

Last time I went back, I cooked some extra dishes I just learned. ehe...
Lagipun hubby is leaving for Indonesia...I want him to miss me so bad:p 

Roti jala ^_^ anyways..these were the first try..tak sempat nak ambil gamba dah takde 3/4 portion -___-" but I did left him many2 more in the fridge. I hope he can find them ^_^

Lauk emergency. Wajib ada everytime I balik. Sambal tumis ikan bilis..
"Instant food" for him. Nasi goreng Cina (lah sangat....).

There are laksa, mee goreng and ayam masak madu I left for him for this 1 week plus before he's leaving for Indonesia. Risau how he'll eat there...Oh, beliau duduk hotel la -__-"

I know life is so complicated >.< Tapi tapi..sgt bersyukur dengan kesenangan, kesihatan, kebahagiaan dan macam2 lagi la yang Allah bagi sekarang. Alhamdulillah..

Write to you soon..very2 soon.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My shawl system

There's this one time when I open my twitter account and found this one friend of mine ('s SCR:P) discussing about 'how we keep our shawl". And because all of you sure have noticed, I wear shawl almost all the time. I know wearing shawl is so much tedious than awning style tu. However, for me who lives in foreign country, tudung awning is out of choice sebab x boleh nk dibawa solat di tepi2 jalan:D (yes, we have to perform our solat at very random places, sometimes, with people staring at you). So, if you wear tudung awning, your forehead might not be able to touch the tempat bersujud. Maka..x pela tudung awning oi..haha..Apart from that, hubby hates to the guts me wearing tudung awning. X paham sunggoh btol knapenye >.<

Oleh yang demikian, SCR telah mengesyaki bahawesenye I ada my own shawl system:P 
I saw people have started buying the loop hanger tu ye?Kat pasar malam ada banyak jual. But I really cannot use that. huhu..sebab nant menjurai2..and bila dah tarik satu..nak sangkut balik langgar yang lain2 pula..lama2 menjadi fed-up. I know I can't go with that system. 

So, apparently, my closet in my apartment provided me with small shelf hanging on its wall.

Tu die small shelf yang panjang. So, lipat tudung and make sure they are stack nicely so you can see the corak of the  shawl.
Then, after dah habis pakai, sampai rumah, bukak and lipat balik the shawl. But most of the time, I was tired..I just campak semua dlm laundry basket. On laundry day, if I feel the necessary to wash them, I'll proceed or if not, I just lipat and put it back on the shelf.
Don't worry about the messiness because since you lipat kecik2, they are so easy to grab ^_^

When you susun, make sure you can have the sneak peek of the tudung. So, you detect shawl in your mind in a instant, especially in the morning to work:D

Ok, that's all. I hope SCR satisfied with this revelation :D
If it happens you girls have other system, why don't we share here ^_^No system is better than each other. All depending on whether it suited your current needs and lifestyle.
Jya matta, minnasan ^_^

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer best friend

What I can't leave home without in this summer *_*

UV umbrella and a slouch top
I ride my bicycle less frequently coz I got tanned easily without the UV umbrella..If I ride howla the umbrella T_T I love to move with my bicycle here T_T..but it's okla..summer will end soon:) Just appreciate the warmness before I get frozen again so so soon;D

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Comelnye Rillakuma ^_^

*Perhatian..kisah ini sudah menjadi sejarah berminggu2..haha..baru ade perasaan nk cite -_-"

Pada suatu petang yang sangat panas ketika I sedang berjalan2 (nervous sebab anniversary nk tiba tapi x tahulah what to get my husband T_T")..
So, dengan menggunakan kuasa veto (wani perasan!) I asked my girl friends to accompany me looking for his present (You know they already meluat dengan I sebab by that time I dah memiserable kan hidup dorang dengan search for hadiah ni for weeks:P).
They have already waiting in Parco (shopping mall located at the end of Hondori District).
So seperti biasa, I la yang lewat tu..haha..
Sedang jalan dengan laju (dengan total persinggahan 2 kedai setiap 10 langkah), akhirnya Parco kelihatan tesergam didepan eh eh...di kanan saya ada...

Tadaaa!!!rillakuma!!waaa!!comelnye...die tengah greet dengan orang kt jalan2 tuh...arrr..kawaii!!!!
I pon tengok sekeliling...aloh..sape nk disuruh tolong ambilkan gambar ni??T_T"
Akhirnya..pengedar tissue ditepi jalan menjadi mangse :D
ye..lesson learnt: don't ask pengedar tissue to be your photographer T_T" 

The girls yang setia mengescort dlm misi mencari hadiah (hadiah orang lelaki mmg susah nk cari la T_T..tensen T_T)
Oh, and there's the hadiah (I mean in the black paperbag okeh:P):) It took me hours in the store, menyelerakkan satu kedai dan memiserablekan promoter2 juge :D
With the hope hubby will like what I get for him:) It's not like wajib to get a present for your loved ones. I just wanna show my appreciation in many ways:D Especially for 1st anniversary!!bahahah..excited lebih la kan :D

Care to share other possible gifts for a husband??

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What to do when your husband return home late:summer activity

I remember when I first arrived in Toyohashi just a week after our nuptial:) 
You know..not many girls are there doing engineering (compared to boys la). well, at least in Toyohashi.
I was welcomed by these girls by bringing me played fireworks by the night.haha..Sure, I didn't see anything there except..the smell. Pity mu pupils have to open as wide as they can to get me to see. But still..nothing. with seasons..they have their own activities to do during particular seasons.
For summer, there are fireworks. The show and also, fireworks sold everywhere so you can play. Don't worry, their fireworks are so much different from ours (well..I meant about the safety:P)

Last Sunday hubby has to work (yeah..people in big company has to work on weekends in this summer and have weekends on Khamis and Jumaat instead). So, I was left bored at home. So, I decided to call my friends and play fireworks (since hubby bought it and never have time to play with me).

This is the fireworks hubby bought. buying this..just imagine like you burnt away your rm50:/ 

Well..we were testing the camera..We were blinded by the total darkness of the site. I could only see the big cliff  and the sound of the waves opposing each other in position. Scary to think about it;P Unfortunately most camera couldn't worked well in such a darkness..bu my S90..always the savior :) 

With Yan...a friend who we always seek if we need helps:) She's leaving soon..then I don't know who shall I turn to if I need to surprise hubby again:P or when I need to go supa when hubby's working :(

The juniors brought a lot of fooood...

I just love this picture..bahahha

Lining up the fireworks..oh, I love mercun more..xde feel la main bunga api:D

Just after I finished my mercun pack, hubby called looking for me:P
and at the same time..I looked at Yan's face..she turned her face to me and asked me to look at the waves coming. 
I was like.."O.M.G"
Suddenly I saw (very clear) the ocean is coming towards us..the waves were so high that the sea wasn't anymore in parallel with the earth we were standing. 
Then we decided to leave. As fast as we could.
However, only me, Yan and her sister left. The rest..they were still there at that time. But I guessed nothing happened to them..if there was, eh, nauzubillah..
When I reach home, I told hubby what I just saw. And at the same time..he said "tsunami alert in Aichi-ken".
I was like "what"?? Tp ditarik balik...huu...nervous >.<
And that night I learnt about Ma-on typhoon. Oh, they are coming..hence the wild ocean.

After all, alhamdulillah..tak ada apa yang buruk berlaku. The typhoon itself never been bad to us here. They just brought hujan and strong winds around here. The place where I live now, typhoon has been good bringing the clouds to the whole city shielding us from the burning of the summer sun. 

And this is also a lesson to ask permission from your husband before you go out and play.
Hey, I did's just I hung up so quick I didn't hear what he's got to say:/

Write to you later, 
Puan Wani

Friday, July 22, 2011

What to do when your husband said he wants to take a nap?

Last Saturday there was Toyohashi taikai held in..Toyohashi la..haha..
Likewise my husband mesti akan main punya (konon2 beliau adalah ayam tambatan T_T")
His wife???oh no panas, I was with my payung the whole time..tepi padang makan n borak2..bile beliau main pun saya kurang notis T_T"
I'll post about the taikai later..
When we return home, he was exhausted and took a nap..he said only 10 minutes (but I was aware he was talking about sifir 3 T_T")
I was in boredom for the whole evening..and continue feeling bored..
What I did??let's do kitchen jikken ^_^ (kitchen experiment).

Hubby said he wanted to nap for 10 minutes. SO, what can we do to fill that '10 minutes'...alone??o_O (You know...boy's '10 minutes' '10 minutes':/)
Jawapannya--> Mari buat Kuih bakar serba kekurangan 

Anyways, I don't have the real recipe..But I remember someone told me the basic ingredients:
i-1 cwn tepung gandum
ii-1 cwn gula
iii-1 cwn air pandan
iv-1 cwn susu cair sejat (sobab eh den maleh nk bancuh santan:P)
v-3 biji telur yang kecil (kalau besar, pandai2 la kecikkan:P)
vi-1/2 tea spoon baking powder (ni actually sendiri hentam je rase nk letak :D)
vii-sedikit kale hijau (den takdo)
viii-bijan (pon den xdo)

Method: 1 je step..masukkan semua skali and blend!-->bake, 180 degree,40minutes.

Kuih ini sepatutnya bernama kuih bakar. Kalau di Malaysia berbentuk bunga kemboja (kan??) and warna hijau..Tp kek sini manolah den nk cokau kalo hijau T_T" lopeh tu acu kembojanya T_T" (wani ni  kalo ade mende alah tesebot pon mcm nk buat :P)
So, here's what you can do in that 10 minutes:
i. Kuih bakar serba kekurangan-45 minutes
ii. Tunggu kuih sejuk-10 minutes (tp haritu sejuk, 20 minutes)
*att:There's no miscalculation here..

So, jgn sia2kan mase 10 minit itu...buatla sesuatu utk mengisi 10 minit itu walaupun ianya adalah 'singkat'.
Kadangkala, nap mereke itu membolehkan anda semua basuh kete, laundry, tido semalaman mahupun updet blog secare pukal:)
Selamat mengisi masa nap hubby anda ^_^

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hiatus teaser

kalau anda buat surprise kt org br bgn tido canila riak wajah yang anda dapat lihat..kekeke
Teaser of my hiatus (ye..sbb saye xde mood nk write :P) bahaha..

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1 Tahun

Told you I was married in the month of Syaaban. Check out this post :)
My walimah was held on Syaaban 20th and the nuptial was held a day before that; i.e. Syaaban 19th.

Guess what date is today according to Muslim calendar??^______________^
Application from iPhone-Islamic calendar
Today is Syaanban, 19th ^_^
Marking our first anniversary!!yey!!!But it's so sad we cannot celebrate it together. LDM kan T______T
Ok, I lied. We did cheating. 
You know it's been days of my hiatus from blogging??Because I am too transparent most of my friends could guessed where I was during the hiatus:P I spent my whole week in Toyohashi, 'our' first home together:)
Since he is leaving for Indonesia (excuse me, it's work related) for 6 months (i believe there will be only '+' as the standard deviation for that period) I decided to take 'ponteng' for a week. And sendiri je decide nk celebrate wedding anniversary awal dpd the date..haha..I don't care la. Just a few days awal "/ 

Since it's summer now..we had difficulties deciding where we would like to have the celebration. Hubby proposed so many places to me..and I was so malas to step out of the house..panas T_T haha...Lagipun, summer view will not be as pretty as the other seasons will give. That's why I decided to keep the interesting places to visit in our list for other seasons. It's a waste for me to go during summer:P ahaha..So, we decided just to go with the flow and enjoy the last few days we have together before he left T____T

The pengantin baru ^_^  in front of our home during hari raya last year. 

Pengantin yang x berapa nk baru in front of the same home after a year. Rumah bersejarah as our first home as married couple ^______^ 

For married couples out there who are just reaching first year like me, don't you feel one year feels's like you are just married yesterday ^_^

Oh, Sorry ya...another average mind post buat tatapan anda di hari ini:P hehe...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Makan berhidang-Japanese style

Something new to me, maybe something new to you.
Kalau di Malaysia, pantang ada conference ke..ape2 yang melibatkan keramaian mesti akan join sbb I love free food:D
We used to have dinner, high-tea or luncheon in round table kan?
But in here, they have it so differently. 
When I saw this, I automatically whispered; "Oh, I'm in Japan." 

The table, memang akan dihidangkan at your face all the food:D

The starter. The food usually comes in small portion. Mcm sejemput2 gitu. Major part of the servings, as you can see, the decorations.

Oh, saje nk own seating. Yuki-san always helped me with food. She will check on the food arrives whether I can eat it or not. So kind huh?:)

While others were having steak, I have to work with this huge fish head >.<

The sashimi. Coet je the portion..the rest adalah pinggan yang sangat besar :D

I don't know what's the name of this food (on the right). But I could not accept the sesame sauce taste >.< too thick>.<

All waitress are dressed in kimono. And ada geisha. 

Their style of ikan bakar.

with the sauce. And you can tell the ikan was so fresh:D

while others were having soup ape tah ada pork..they served me with this :D I can drink this a lot if it's fuyu:D but currently it's natsu (summer)..huu...I can't put something hot in my blood anymore when it's already boiled >.<

The slice of greentea cake. When you put them in your will feel like crying>.< sedappp sgt!!!

From the pictures above, you can see how their food are right?
The portion are small and just nice to make you full. Not too full (like I used to feel when I get back from occasion in Malaysia:D)
But you know, I am Malaysian, of course I enjoy Malaysian food so much better.
So, don't expect me to give fair judgement on neither Malaysian food nor Japanese food.hehe..
This post is solely to expose all of you to other culture of Japanese through my eyes:)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sakura at yukata matsuri

(percubaan menulis dalam bahasa melayu 100% ^_^)

Kalau anda pembaca setia blog ni, anda mesti pernah baca entri yang ini.
Mengenai pengalaman festival yukata matsuri yours truly di Jepun ni.
Apa lagi yang besnya di yukata matsuri besides selain orang pakai yukata merata-rata dan makanan jepun yang authentic??

Hubby stopped us all just to listen to this and...he used up my memory stick for this :|
Check it out:) Apparently I like the show too:)

Lagu ini berjudul Sakura. Penyanyi asal Kabukuro. You may find them in youtube..but road side show yang sedap like this one, only stumble by chance:) Peminat Kabukuro dari Malaysia, ini untuk anda:) Enjoy ^_^

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Syaaban 20

My wedding day was in the month of Syaaban..
Masih ingat lagi penceramah di kursus kahwin pesan, "kalau boleh janganla bernikah dua minggu, seminggu sebelum Ramadhan..kasihan orang lelaki".
Faham the subnotes? Can we skip the discussion then??:P
Tapi dalam kes kami, kami tiada banyak pilihan. Hubby hanya boleh balik on that particular date sahaja hence the date. Penentuan tarikh pernikahan was so chaotic that time:P haha..but I have to admit it was kind of exciting to decide the wedding date on the very last minute:P Thus the "tangkap muat" wedding (ehem..on my side:P)..So, whatever, 10 days before Ramadhan..we have to do it despite of what people might said. Yang penting, kami bernikah :)

Well, I googled. But I googled about kebaikan bulan Syaaban..hehe..not about "Why shouldn't get married in Syaaban."
Sabda Rasululullah;"Bulan Rejab adalah bulan Allah, Bulan Syaaban adalah bulanku, dan bulan Ramadhan adalah bulan untuk umatku." " Syaaban ialah bulan untuk menghapus dosa dan bulan Ramadhan adalah bulan untuk menyucikan diri."

Banyak amalan yang kita boleh lakukan di bulan Syaaban ini (seperti puasa). Di bulan ini juga kita semua digalakkan bertaubat dan meminta keampunan di atas keterlanjuran kita. Semoga perkahwinan yang dibina dibulan ini juga mendapat keberkatan yang sama..

Mari kita sibukkan diri dengan berpuasa ye kawan2 ^_^V

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Almost there

Look at the top of my page..
There's Daisypath application..
Keeping track of days since our nuptial:)
Time flies so fast..sure all you agreed to that..
Same here..the ticker is approaching to 12 months if you notice..
Likewise..I have big problem when it comes of buying present for him..only him I got problem with:/ 
Knowing him too well making me too nervous..afraid if I get him a wrong present for our 1st anniversary.
It may be cliche for some of you..reading about anniversary..
But, I feel it in my shoes is an important day. We made it!We broke many many walls...and finally reaching the the first year. It's never the end I hope..It will always be the beginning for something greater. InshaAllah..

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Among other things:AKB48

I have so many girl friends whom I shall say..Japanese wannabe?:P Since highschool till university.
Even I was exposed to them for quite a number of years...I had never gotten influenced :P haha..oh, not to forget my boyfriend for years (whom is now my husband) has been in Japan since then, I hadn't also gaining any special interest in this unique region; Japan. I just love..KL?haha.

I bet everybody know K-Pop. They are basically pop group like any other that we knew. Backstreet boys, N'sync. K-Pop just special coz..only men can name the list *_* 

I am not sure if there's any term J-Pop??haha..
Pop genre in Japan has been long traced back in centuries. haha..Now, a group name AKB48 is on top of the list. Like most famous K-Pop group, these group also consist of girls in short skirt. What makes they are different and highly demanded for men is..their numbers *_* Until today I am not sure how many of them are in AKB48..So, whenever they perform, they will be so many things to see *_* (I am saying this on behalf of men out there).

Apart from appealing factor, K-Pop and J-Pop are closer to the fan because of their dance move. At least I think that way. Their dance moves are also applicable to other 'normal' human beings. You can follow their dance step without the need to have the gene or dance background since 3yo :p Besides, don't you think their dance move is so cute and attempting to follow?

That's why I think they are so many videos uploaded teaching step by step of the moves for these J-Pop and K-Pop's fan. I assumed most of teenagers here will have to know the famous J-Pop dance.

Wanna try as well?

Aitakatta by AKB48. Save this video and follow the steps. Very easy. And you'll find satisfaction if you are able to follow till the end. hehe..make it as an exercise ^_^

Knowing these groups is another factor making you a Japanese :p Lol!
I am still not a big fan of them (despite of sustaining education about them from my beloved husband). However not interested I am in them..I had performed Aitakatta.. live!:P haha..

Can you spot me?

Yes..there I was..Muslimah J-Pop 

why?I will always be the over excited one *_*
Us, the new member with our Big Boss..Oh, Dr. Choon (the most left) is an exception. He's goin to graduate soon >.<

I uploaded some of the photos in the facebook and didn't mention what we were dancing to friends. But when I met them in shoukudo (canteen) all simply said we were dancing the AKB48. They easily guessed it from our attire:p
p/s: To performer our there, see..who said it's difficult to have your own image?with baju sekolah oso can make image :D

Have not yet mastering J-Pop moves? you are not yet Japanese wannabe:p yes..I am talking to you..SCR:p Lol!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

One reason I love Malaysia

Hujan emas di negeri orang, 
Hujan batu di negeri sendiri, 
lebih baik di negeri sendiri.

Do the calculation and you know why I feel this way..
Trust me, despite many things, there are many other things Malaysia is a better living ^_^

Oh, I miss home.

Friday, July 1, 2011


I bet Japan fan out there must have familiar with the word onsen.
Me?I didn't know what is onsen..or there's even a word 'onsen' exist in this world..until, this one friend of mine (Malaysian. Putting his picture after-onsen..not during *_*).
So I asked him..onsen?what's that?
He said; asked Asyraff..
Then I asked my husband..and said I wanna go.
My husband told me..(this part is not approved by blogspot to be published :P)

My recent trip to Iwakuni has solved the mystery of onsen (for me):P
I'm sure you can find definition of onsen with single click.

Onsen define by Wani: hm..let's spring (if natural), or jakuzi (could be find in ryokan). You may think we could have onsen anywhere in the world..but you are wrong..'onsen' is not just about bathing in a hot tub. The way you are bathing in the hot tub well explaining onsen. Ok, to make the story short..when you get into must!must!get naked *_*, you cannot even cover yourself with towel *_*..however, some will provide you a very small towel which would be enough to cover part of your private *_*
Once you get into the tub..then nothing are allowed to be immersed in the mineralized water except your bare body *_* No towels are allowed to be immersed together or...ko nak kene halau??*_*

I was not mentally or physically prepared for this. Seriously..I had no idea what the trip was all about *_*
I was mentally not prepared when..I had to just follow the other, when we arrived, they were so excited for onsen. So I followed..and when I enter the onsen house, my jaw was literally fell on the floor and my eyelid consistently trying to close *_* I guess my brain did very well in managing these two parts of my body from obvious shock *_* Don't make me go into the details of what, well who oh well how I was welcomed into the room *_* Full of n**** ladies OoO *_* and they put no effort in know *_*

Well..the later story..I would rather keep it secret :p ehe..

Basically, here are the rules:

1. Get fully naked *_* on period?don't dream of onsen-ing
2. Wash yourself- There are sort of shower cubicles provided. A lot of them. There you have to wash yourself (soap/shampoo) like your everyday shower. If you are a Japanese comic fan, I'm very sure you will have the picture of this cubicle. From my experience, the cubicles are divided by a small wall, in front of you will be a big mirror (where you can see your whole body..and maybe this mirror helps you decide whether to go on with the onsen or not *_*). Provided there are shampoo, body soap, many2 type of lotions, many2 type of body care products. Use them as much as you like!
3. After you get washed only you can go into the pool. There, like I said..nothing other than human body are allowed to get soaked. Another thing, no, you cannot swim in the pool..the depth doesn't even allow you to swim :p
4. What do we do inside the pool??-duduk diam2 sambil borak2. They said..onsen is about soaking yourself to get the mineral.
5. When to stop soaking?- I don't know :p
6. End of soaking?- My friend said it's not encouraging to take another bath after onsen coz you may lose the minerals. When finish, dry yourself and get dressed!
7.(additional rules by me)- try not to stare more than one second at others private part *_*
8.(another additioanl rules)- cover your awkwardness by...i don't know T_T

Outdoor onsen. The exact onsen I went during my trip to Iwakuni. My first onsen was overlooking the famous  Kintai Bridge. Photo source is from the hotel website. But my colleagues said men and women pool are switched everyday. I didn't know this so, I missed the pool which according to them 10x stunner than this.

I could not get the photo of indoor onsen. The best picture resembles the one I went to.
Umebashi (correct me if I'm wrong) pickles. It has strange taste to my tongue of course. But surprisingly refreshing having them with kocha (black tea) after a hot tub session. I said, we can find onsen in other places but why Japan is so much famous for it?
What else other than because Japan volcanically active earth structure giving them a lot of natural onsen mostly found in the countryside. I bet this one lg la open *_*

In conclusion, to experience this unique culture of Japan, you must have a very high confidence of your own body :p ngahahha...and I think Japanese do have it, hence the culture :)

Now, I think eating raw is not the only factor determining your Japan-ese. There's another one..bathing naked with strangers..hehe..dare to try?

Us at the onsen spot. I know..breath taking view isn't it??:) Read more about Kintai Bridge here.


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