Monday, October 31, 2011


With license granted by hubby, I promised myself to be pampered with...a shopping session!

As I walked out of my house, I saw..

car with plate number of my birthday
It's like they knew I was going out to treat myself birthday presents
What's more,this was not the only car I met yesterday with this plate number..
I stumbled with another car with the same number

well, Happy Birthday to me

and it's Monday

p/s: My last birthday.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

B-brings the boys out!

I wasn't aware it was already 10p.m when I finally breath over the accomplished mission of the day. Well, it was indeed a very productive day for me:)
As I was cycling, my heart couldn't stop singing the beat of..The Boys from Girls Generation.

Apparently, I was 'drugged' by this song played over and over by my colleague =,=

So many attempts of drugging me with k-pop songs all over the years name it from hubby, my friends, never worked.
But this song..made me wanna dance again >,<

Fine! I promise myself to learn step of this song maybe in a month :D

Geez....macam banyak je masa ko ni Wani >,<

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

 Minnasan (you ols :P)
Let's say goodbye to my...(drumrolls)
first wisdom tooth >,<
Watashi no hidari wisdom teeth:D

You know, I have been postponing to extract them (yes, them..they are 4 of them >,<).
Well, actually I have choice to not extract any because all are in upright condition which is..okay.

First thing first, I got myself checked by my colleagues here..(well, I told one person but when I came to the clinic (next to my office:P) everybody was..hmm..willingly to check and gave opinions *_*

50% of the crowds said, I don't have to extract any because they are all good. The others voted yes to extractions..

After the first check up (for consultation purposes), I went to the radiography section to get my tooth set recorded by x-ray.
All good, no holes whatsoever. Alhamdulillah...
From the x-ray it was obvious the wisdom tooth were yep!the upright position which left me in doubt for sayonara >,<

However, finally I have decided to go on with the extraction and so did 100% of the other crowds:P (my husband tak masuk campur >,<)

You see, most people will have problem with their wisdom tooth. Many cases seen are either they are sort of buried (due to limited space in the mouth). Patients can either live in pain or they simply didn't noticed it (which is..lucky!).
Other cases involved wisdom tooth grows out of the gingiva in horizontal position which leaves them with lots of problems.
My case is an easy case. Despite of the good growth, I have difficulties of taking care of them. Furthermore, food loves to stuck at that area and this will jeopardize the neighboring tooth which are more important than the wisdom tooth. I decided simply because of this reason.

Call me sissy (well I am) because I was actually scared to extract a healthy MANDIBULAR tooth man!huh!!Besar gila kot..and the gripped is so much stronger than the other tooth >,<

My friend (who extracted my tooth) also had problems yesterday..haha..due to strong grip >.<
We had already discussed about cutting the enamel then the tooth came out:P huh!!lega..
And seriously..I didn't feel anything...up until now :D
They said I'll feel pain for at least 3 days. No I didn't.
Terer gile kowt derang nih >.<

When you pay a visit to your dentist, like it or not, you are going to be briefed by a nurse about everything. I said everything and yes...everything >.<  She will give you flow diagram on what to do since 10 minutes you left the clinic >.< until to the time you have to go to bed. Picture shows meds I was given yesterday. Oh, sampul ubat tu yeah..2times bigger than my tapak kaki..there's even details of the prescription for me. Memang kalau salah makan ubat tu mmg saje la tu >.<

One down, two more! Yosh!ganbatte!

p/s: You ols yang try to conceive, it is advisable to get oral treatment beforehand. You may think it has no relation, but taking care of your oral condition is trust me...the first thing first.

Monday, October 24, 2011

RM 1900

Always want one of this for my children

look at the price *faint*

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jom bina masjid!

I know my blog was initially a wedding blog. Bina masjid:)
Then, I realize, wedding is not just a day story. Wedding is nothing. The marriage is the most important.
I take marriage so seriously that I put lots of thoughts about to say "I do" to him.
Well, now I did, and trust me that is the most righteous decision I have ever made.
Allah guided me well. He knows well about my fragile heart that he didn't let me waste my time with other man.
My husband is my first love and I promised he will be forever.

Kebahagiaan bina masjid yang satu ini I sudah rasakan (and hopefully the feelings stay forever).

One of my ambition in life is to invest part of my harta untuk membina masjid/surau.
I admit I am not a good person to Allah and to other human being. Traits or shaitan...well, most of the times the khilafs came from myself.

So, here I would love to invite (or plead) to my dear readers untuk sama-sama kita membantu dalam projek membina masjid pertama di Hiroshima city.
In this city, there are about 1000 muslims (from recent report I read dated this year). And it is believe, this number will be expanded in years to come.
When I read the news, I was a little surprise to discover the fact that one of the main city in Japan has no mosque? *roll eyes*
Then I remember my cita-cita. MashaAllah..mungkin ini la peluang yang Allah bentangkan pada saya:)

But I don't want to grab all this chance alone.

Bayangkan how proud you of yourself when you know its your money which helped built a mosque?
To see how your small contribution makes lots of difference to the city? You can sure be proud of that ^_^

Please, for the love of Allah and yourselves, help us and eventually the whole muslim nation.

Let's together build a mosque shall we? ^_^
No, I am not going to ask you to carry those rocks and hammer the steel...

Here is how:
A.For the friends who reside in Japan

B. For you darlings, in Malaysia ^_^

Simply send your contribution to this account:

Maybank: 151306644214 (Mohd Hafiz Bin Habi Buddin)
CIMB: 13020090963520 (Ahmad Syazni Bin Kamarudin)

Done sending some?

Send the details of your payment to:

I really hope all of you readers grab this opportunity. We may not have the strength to carry those rocks, the cement, the steel. So, here's what we can do ^_^

Send your contribution now!^_^

OOG Otto

MashaAllah...I should teach this one class for 1.5hours..Tapi my big sensei let them dismiss after just half an hour..with assignments...hoho...maka, terduduknya saya di depan laptop mengarang sesuatu buat anda diluar sana (I just read BeautifulNara ok..mind the sentences:P)

I am so so so in a good mood today :) *tarik nafas and smile*
My baby turns 27 today!
And for the 27th times, I cannot be by his side for at least buy him a cake! >.<

I was in the hunt for his prezzie (at least right?) for almost a year?or..I have to say..forever?
A decade together...I never been able to buy him something that he likes or wanted :/ Susah gila kot nak cari hadiah orang lelaki >.<
Until just a few minutes before clock ticks to 12, I had this idea. Childish I must say...but enough to make his day. Hopefully:)

Finish watching?
Juvenile..I know >,<
Tried to play songs with both hands..but susah for the camera to catch the view I had in my head and also..the sound. So, I have to hold camera with one hand, and play with one hand. Posted after 1 minute trials:P

Posted this video on fb to actually surprise him in the morning..Tapi tak sempat..I stumbled upon him online. just returned from work (at 1am >.<)
He watched and laughed :)
Looked like the video made his day after all;) He could not stopped saying how much he loved it *blush*

Otto dearie, Otanjoubi Omedetou!!^_^

p/s: I had to go home in the afternoon just to grab jacket and socks. Everybody was shocked by the sudden dropped in temperature this morning. It was 11! >,< Looks like aki starting to show its 'taring' >.<

Monday, October 17, 2011


Nabe atau dalam bahasa Malaysia nya...steamboat:D

Di satu hari yang sangat busy, I was invited to my Japanese friend's house again :D 
Due to pack schedule on this particular public holiday *roll eyes*, yours truly tak sempat nak buat apa-apa yang best..but only 10 minutes dessert >.<

Kuih gulung 10 minit >,< Nasib baik obaachan and Yuki loved it. Hopefully they really meant it:P hihi

Preparation. Because of me, all food served were seafoods..Just look at the amount >,< Banyak gila kot :/

Yours truly yang sedang belajar cara buat seafood balls..mashaAllah...senang sangat >.< hihi..Lepas ni bolela buat :D

Nabe in process...If in Malaysia, the soup tu either contains chicken stock or tomyam kan??Here, they  just put this special seaweed. Memang lain sangat kot rasanya...and tengok pun dah tahu yang sangat-sangat bagus untuk kesihatan :D

Small o-sara (mangkuk) for personal serving. In the sara, ada shoyu (soy sauce). Just pour everything that you want to eat inside there..
Look at my serving; veges, balls, ketam, tauhu, ikan...huh banyak!!and they keep adding stuff into my bowl >.< Memang water retention bile balik rumah :P
Banyak juga bezanya nabe and our steamboat. The principle is the same, but everything about them are different.
Yuki said nabe is actually a fuyu (winter) food. But okla now aki (autumn) pun ok juga :P haha..*I think she teringin kot..and she needs 4 people to fill the table :P*
Menurut beliau lagi, nabe dimakan sampai badan rasa panas..and everyone on the table was saying "ok, dah rasa panas" after a few bowls of nabe.
And me?I felt hot since the minute I arrived.haha...I couldn't feel the difference pun (ye..sungguh hampeh:P).

That's all about nabe that you should know:D Lepas ni, kalau nak buat steamboat for guests, tomyam cube pula habis, korang campakkan aje dried seaweed tu..rebus kan..haha..
Pastu katela..."Japanese style" :D

That obaachan is 84 and fit!Memang mean age for Japanese woman 86 >.< So, nak panjang umur, memang direkomen untuk makan gaya Japanese!>,<

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ninja Boys

The day I went watch Harry Potter

They made this into a movie

nak tgk...

but this one was long time passed already..
nk download it with subtitles please

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Lengan Baju

This morning I received quite an extraordinary numbers of e-mails asking about my wedding stuffs.
One of them requested to see more closely my wedding dress punya lengan baju :P haha..

Nampak tak??Yours truly tengah hulur lengan tu..:D
I hope this photo helps.
Actually the lengan tu sampai telapak tangan. I was imagining my OP will take pictures of my hands holding my bouquet pastu nampak la the beading covering back of my palms. huh!!verangan je la..Wild imagination never ending >.<

Oh engagement dress never open for rent. I am so so sorry T____T

Kisses for everyone ^_^ (and the french version is for someone in Jakarta.Lol!XD)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blogpress testing testo

Konbanwa dearies!!!
Testing on my just installed blogpress

Let's try putting on pictures...

There you favourite danish pie ever!!!Manis-manis buah je...It's true la Japan is the place to find the finest pastry based food (that's what I heard from my friends who believe they should be born Japanese)

this blogpress will help yours truly stay connected with all of you dearies!anywhere anytime!^_^

matta ne..

p/s:i still need to install another application iaitu 'anti-malas' (utk mengcleankn virus-virus malas yg ada dalam diri ini).

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jakarta

"Hotel Bintang Lima"
The words that captured my eyes first when we arrived at the reception.
If you ask me which hotel in Malaysia I can put as referance, well...I have to say, Hotel Istana perhaps:)

Macam biasa la, sampai-sampai kenala daftar masuk kan..I think hubby took forever to check in.
And it wasn't entirely the hotel reception to be blamed. He is just fussy like that.
We siap tukar bilik lagi because he disliked the first hotel view...I was pity the hotel attendant yang kene assist us ke hulu hilir:/
But then after I know how their 'tipping culture', well, I decided to maximize their function >.<

Ours was Deluxe room. I think the setting was standard as any other deluxe rooms in other hotels pun.
Despite of that, I have to highlight some point here:D
Spaaacious bathroom!Seriously spacious. Boleh buat dance rehersal kot :P
Came with bath tub. Biasa la kan...hehe..

Kind of extra spacious for a Deluxe room.

Awesome view:) with 100x better at night:) I was tak jadi nak marah when i stepped into this room:P 

Where I spent my mornings:) You can have your breakfast buffet here too ^_^

This hotel is located in the middle of Jakarta, nearby the busiest road of the city. When  I said the me, Jalan Ampang at 6pm is nothing compared to this >.<..From this photo you can see, setinggans are at every spaces available. Just behind the walls of this hotel, there lived many families in setinggan..Banyak sangat hawkers. So, actually tak susah pun nak cari Indonesian food :) *again, if you don't have issue like us did:P*

Couldn't do much to leave my trace for hubby. Just simple dinner overlooking the awesome night view of our room:)  
I would strongly recommend this hotel if you are planning to visit Jakarta.
One important factor is, the location.
This hotel is located in the middle where you can find Blok M and Tanah Abang (and Kota) at opposite sides of each other. For Tanah Abang fans (like yours truly), it is only 20minutes by taxi (with minimum macet, maximum about 2hours). Tapi seriously, dekat sangat. On the day I went (alone), 20 minutes and I think actually dekat sangat.
Another plus point, Plaza Semanggi is just next to it. So, shopping?not a problem *grin*

Entertainment wise?
There are varieties of channels like, Sports, AXN, MTV, V channel, STARworld, Cinemax, HBO, Discovery channel, History channel, and banyak lagi yang kalau amek kat Astro dikenakan bayaran tambahan:P haha...So, the whole week, keje I memang pegi shopping, tengok TV, pergi pool, baca buku and abeskan duit laki >.<

Food wise?
I may be biased. But Malaysian foods are just unbeatable :P (despite of the `hotelness`)

Tidak lupa juga, hotel attendants were all kind and so helpful with acceptable english command.
Every guests are entitled with 3 pieces free laundry service every day, which is a very important point for hubby yang akan tinggal in the very same room for 6months!

Security wise? in Jakarta or other parts of Indonesia memang di tahap level yang lain. Entries of every buildings are equipped with body scanner and airport-level security guards. Every things has to be scanned know what.
Not just people and stuff..taxis and cars are also checked (under, inside) which I think also contributed to the massive traffic jams at every point.
*I feel like boarding a plane every time entering any building*
The system will be so much upgraded if the places are of high class:D
As for this hotel, credit for the private lift to our own floor ^_^

Other facilities?
Restaurants!Plenty of it. In house. Sushi house sahaja ada dua :D There's cake house, pub(s) and formal dine-in.
There's gym and bridal house too:P

Hopefully, I did covered much of the important points here:D
Ok, then. Tata ^_^

p/s: I have to say that I would love to come back here again. *To pick up my heart which I left at the hotel room* T________T

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Best steak

Steak vs chicken chop..
Honestly..I love steak more. Tatapi..susah sangat nak cari 5 star steak, especially yang halal and lokasinya di Malaysia. 
Tapi, yours truly tidakla selayaknya mengulas lebih lanjut mengenai lokasi-lokasi steak terbaik di Malaysia ye..sebab diri sendiri ini juga under observation sebab tekanan darah rendah..
There's one year ni, I tak berani makan daging. I makan sikit je (enough for nutrition wise). Sebab I takut sangat tiba-tiba kepala tak boleh angkat masa tengah drive (which happened once just after I ate lotsa daging dalam mee bandung :/). I was warded and jabbed :/

Oh well, now slowly I think I am improving..
Let's look at the best steak I ever had!

Victoria grilled yadda yadda (sigh...nak promote tapi tak ingat nama T____T) Memang tahap kesedapan die..speechless >.<

Hubby snapped this picture to show my muka yang tengah amazed dengan kesedapan steak tu >.< I cannot tahan...sedap!!I siap request nak lagi sepinggan...gila!>.<
Jangan risau...di mana-mana pun ada steak ni..
Pergi ke Outback SteakHouse and look for menu with 'Victoria.......'.haha..

Steak lover..this is a must try!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Mari Uji Diri

Ujian ini didedikasikan khususnya buat tetamu blog ini yang tidak menetap di Malaysia ketika ini.
Korang tengok jela gamba kat bawah ni..
Mane nak dapat cempedak kat sini T______T
Purposely letak gamba segabak mungkin sebab dah namenye menguji diri >.< 
Gamba I took masa balik raya haritu..
Susah sangat nak jumpa cempedak..
Alhamdulillah..finall we found it and we got the nicely ripe cempedak:)
Dengan gorengan oleh my mother ini, memang 5 star!haha..

Dah lama this picture I save it in draft...But I don't dare to compose at the same time has to stare at the tempting..
Now, my stomach growling, my mulut..salivating :/

Sedapnya cempedak goreng!!>.<

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Favourite shades...EFER!!!!

I don't love makeups. 
Don't really like to put them on my face. For everyday basis I mean. 
Plus, my job not require me to put some. Who je yang nak tonton kot..Tambah2 di Jepun ni majoriti patients ialah 70 and above yang yours truly clerk:/
Oh, and my colleagues here (99% are Japanese and 20% are ladies) came to work bare faced. They just walk into the crowd with their flawless pinkish skin!>.< I am so so envy and feeling puzzle! How la they got such pretty skin!
Moving on..
Tapi kan, I realized, I am now a ladies. Sikit-sikit kenala pandai put on little make ups especially bila dah kahwin. Believe it or not, I only being extra conscious about make up ni, just after being married. 
Masa single (and not available) dulu, tak ada, I have a sister who even sleeps with make up on:|
So, whenever "suddenly" I have to put on make up, oh..we share the same dressing table (enough said:P).

With seldom makeup routine, I have to make sure the purchased makeups won't easily compromised in their quality provided that I'm going to mainly keep them in my makeup box most of the time:P

I did experiments. Buy this and that. In conclusion, best make ups are those come in a higher price. 
Only some are good yet affordable (which you have to be lucky to stumble upon them..or..ask your make up guru:P [like yours truly])

I did many mistakes in buying shades. Yang paling menyampah about shades is when they tak stick to your skin :/ sometimes you have to rub them hard from the case and rub even harder to apply them on your eyelid. Benci sunggoh!Sometimes they refused to blend..leaving the 'tekejut' effect :/

And then, came my savior..
If you are my follower tegar, you must know my 'weird' relationship with SCR :P Beliau ni..memang la suke kale2kan muke beliau dengan mekap..Sebab tu la die cantik je memanjang (hahahaha)..
Atas keprihatinan beliau dengan nasib golongan seperti yours truly yang asyik silap membeli kalah memakai ni, maka beliau decided untuk menjadi tokey barangan mekap..
Pastu, yours truly pun macam fikir jugak la kan..."Biar betul..murahnya mekap dia jual...brand apa nih??" (hahahaha)..
p/s: Yelah...teman ni pengetahuan mekap ni memang takat buku lali je kan..haha

Because I trust her taste (and yeah..her choices so far are never not good. That's fact.), I bought some product. Basic stuff for beginner jek..hehe..

The packaging as I open the wrapping..I love you too tokeh!

Two eye shadow palette consist of essential colors much for beginners and seldom 'mekapers' like yours truly :P My imagination kan..appearance and bekas kualiti maybe like those I can find in Sinma or kedai seketurunan Sinma (sebab harge tokeh ni jual murah sgt!). Tetapi sangkaan yours truly sangat tidak tepat! Nak tahu??try pegang Dior's make up pallete...hehe
One blush used for 'pengurus pipi' due tu my square face :/ sebab tak reti buat...akhirnya jadi blusher jek:/ Tapi texturenye....awesome!>.<

Inilah 'ghope' dalam nye...ade cermin and texture shades tu..awesome!!!!!seriously serious!!!
I never heard of NYX. Honest!But I saw kedai NYX bersepah kat Jakarta..and it is one of the exclusive makeup booth! Well, you don't have to go all the way to Jakarta to try NYX..
Just do like yours truly..arah2 kan aje si Pn.Liyana tu..suruh poskan kat you ols..lagipun die kata die tengah dalam misi kuruskan, sesuai sangatla you ols letak order banyak2..biar die ulang alik pegi pos ofis...bahahaha...

Oh, place your order..HERE.

For us, who do make ups like once in a while, prices offered are so reasonable:)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hari ini sejuk. Mari makan udon.

It was hot, burning summer when I left Japan.
But when I arrived, the weather was so nice and fine. In short, it was as sweet as I could imagined. Temperatures mingle around 25-30 with refreshing breeze blew consistently all along the day, which made cycling back and forth is super duper nice!

Today hari hujan dari pagi..explains my lateness >.< 
Do you know how 8am plus rain in Malaysia??
I am composing this at 1pm Japan...and it is just exactly like that!>.< Oh, with additional coldness here. 

Sejuk..and I didn't wear socks..I mean complete socks:/ Plus my shoes are wet >.<

All I can think of right at the moment is...a bowl of hot udon with tempura!

First meal I had when I arrived in Japan after been missing for almost a month:P I miss you...plain tasted udon!

With this adorable lady yang selalu provide me with food whenever I arrived late from work (which is...often!). Well..she hates Japanese food:P 
How about you?Do you have Japanese food that you love in particular??:)
I can help you put pictures in here!LOL!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This is for

The front page of my thesis:)

Submitted even before I got I'm married, the happily done correction was at the last line of the last paragraph:)

Congratulations Wani!!

Today is the istiadat for me..but I can't (refused) to attend it..hehe..
My feelings is too much around relieve than happy. I don't feel like celebrating it. My mom is again, the happiest person on earth. I did this all because of her, so she deserved all the happiness in the world for this. hihi..But then she has to know that I am no Einstein :/

The path for me to get this second highest education degree was not easy. I have to say it was torturing in which at one stage I cried hard!I never thought that I would cried for already completed thesis! The procedure had once drove me crazy. It took me about 1 year for the thesis to reach examiners and another year for the thesis to be returned to me again. Absurd...I know. But Allah knows best. He gave me the best place right now:) Alhamdulillah..

For you readers, never ever you stop halfway in anything you already started doing. Never. With lots of dua' and tawakal, trust me, at the end point of your journey (God knows) everything will be in miraculous speed like what I had experienced in my journey getting another scroll.

Can you do me a favor? DON'T BE A LOSER.

p/s:seriously..the hardest part of a study is not the study itself! >.<

Monday, October 3, 2011

Purple Wedding

I decided to post about the last wedding I have been to:)
It was my BIL`s wedding again, but for our side..hehe..

We arrived home from Jakarta at about 11am. Cleaned, dressed ourselves up and immediately drove to the venue. Thank God, we manage to arrive before the pengantin arrives! >.< Dah sampai, baru boleh tarik nafas..fuhh

Won`t write much. Let's picture do the talking sebab gambarnya cantik-cantik:D

Have you guessed on the theme? hehe..Girls in the house with uniforms:D cantik tak?*grin* No, we weren`t performing anything on the day :P

The Pengantin lama:D

The whole setting. Can you now guess the theme?;D

For the guests. Warna silver digunakan..I think this is nice so mata tetamu tidakla purple aje..hehe

Kami yang tiba-tiba je kena jadi pengapit..huhu..Kami hampir berpimpin tangan masa mengiring di belakang tu -__- 

Tidakla ku sangka dapat makan dimeja ini..yey!!

Pay attention to meja beradab. Lihat hujung kiri kanan meja..hehe..pengantin lama yang memang makan mengadap sambil berlawan mata :P 

Tiada sesi menepung tawar. Diteruskan dengan sesi fotografi..kami enterprem je laa..

Family photo with new addition. Cantikkan purple?:D

Bukannya apa..memang tak ada gamba kek sahaja...Kek dengan model adela nih:D

My big boss datang!

That is all basically what happened on that day.
That night, hubby flew back to Jakarta and I.. was left alone in Malaysia:/ That day also marking the last day of our 'honeymoon' before we'll meet each other again..NEXT YEAR!>.<

p/s: Today is my MIL's birthday.
Mari doakan beliau dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, diberi kesihatan yang baik dan kehidupan yang lebih baik lagi di masa akan datang...Aminn!!!


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