Sunday, April 25, 2010

abangku n band nyee


Haish..i got so many offers for my wedding day's entertainment. Y la u guys xnk sponsor meje ke..dewan ke..=p asalkan ade je org nk sponsor kn..Alhamdulillah..Justify Full

to be honest, i don't want any entertainment yg too much sgt for my wedding. Based on my experience, going to wedding are equivalent to reunions=p so, apart from seeing pengantin, v also gettin ready to meet some old frens and even exes..haha..(eh, i dont have any ex, im talking about other people=p). During the majlis, we spent most of the time talking n go around d majlis for meeting n greeting session..pengantin tgk dr jauh je=p haha..Therefore, I know d feeling of sitting for hours with loud music on the air.haishh..mmg menyampah la jugak..we hv to shout to each other everytime..bygkan if satu dewan has to shout plus d loud sounds T_T keluar dewan komfem pening=p haha

My brother has its own band. yesh!he also had participated in many competitions.but he's now slowing down d competition thingy cz of his age n got busy.haha..stil, he did jammings now n then=) he's one of the sponsor yg offer for band for my wedding. band die senirik la..but i know my bro so well..he only play rock kapak T_T...waaaaaaaaaaa..i dont want any rock kapak on my wedding to b played=( n he also wanted to sponsor for karaoke..i know his collection..besides rock kapak he got a lot of lagu ngarut2 ni..wa.............

I just want background musics for my fav lov songs la..and just an emcee to control d flow..i mean emcee, not dj (who will consistently talking sepanjang majlis..if v got lucky then d dj xde la mengarut2=|)

Hm..i gues i m in a big bro is so besungguh2 nk play on my wedding=( what shud i tell him to just play the records that i have=( er..but i don't have it now i m still preparing the list of songs to b burnt in a cd.i m sort of dh telupe d songs yg dulu tht i love.but if i heard it played, i know..ala..susah la cani..dh lupe=( maybe u guys can help me prepare d list=p hehe..

Pengantin dlm dilema T_T

Friday, April 23, 2010



My head was so light this morning cz one chapter is considered complete. eh, not d wedding, d thesis=p at least there's something that has been, i decided to celebrate it with sleeping all day=p hehe..(bcz this is d only activity that wont consume any cents, kn kene jimat nk kawen=p)but, baru 5 mins dah pening2 mcm nk jatuh (really not gud for day-sleeping T_T). But then I still forced mysef to sleep. Managed to sleep for one hour and now there's a stone buried in my skull..cannot lift my head even an inch=( waaaaaaaa.........

ok2, I dont wanna be like this one blog yg buat2 cite x logik=p hahaha...kidding=p so, v go straight to what i'm going to share wit u despite of my unlifted (made up) head T_T

Ok, just now when I was going to uplod pictures from my mobile to my computer, I noticed that i actually have snapped quite a lot of pelamin collections from everywhere. What I noticed was, they are more or less d same.haha..look at them..

crap la this one..i tried so many times uploading it..its still senget..s&*t (ni BM tau)..this one xdela i fall in lov sgt...but in the kedai during tht time, this one is d only choice tht hs caught my shud b d one tht i'll fall straight for it!

yang ni pulak..not bad..but stil a d toke takmo buat cz its dangerous..d tiangs easil jatuh esp bile amek gamba ramai2 nnt..haha.. but, deep down my heart, i xdela suke sgt..

my sister loved this one, so i was kind of faking my interest by giving it a snap=p haha..sory guys..i just hate d chairs..mcm ape je=p whats d point of all d nice backgroud if it was blocked by chairs like that=p n im a petite, so high back chairs is definitely a NO! (eh, this one is personal opinion offense para wedding planner sekalian..peace!)

I heart this one soo much!This was exactly what I've wanted before i started the journey of wedding2 ni..very simple..less flowers, practical, everything's there with a reason. haha..but, vendor dh x buat mcm ni.i dont understand. this was d least complicated in their collection. n they refused to do this even if i pay them extra penny.sgt x fhm...T_T

After everything kan, I have finally got my pelamin. It is sooo much better than what I ve listed above, and what I have dreamed of. The design lagila jauh bakal pengantin, mags, websites, and BLOGSSS are really being helpful to find ur likeness. After realizing how ketinggalan i was in wedding industry, then I started to buy d mags and also read other B2B blogs. Dulu, prinsip i mmg mls nk yek2 dh alang2 buat tu, buat btol2=).dpd menyesal nnt.

Rezeki org nk kawen kot I got more than all I have ever wanted (for d time being, i mean pelamin..hehe..oh oh, n d man=p)
..Alhamdulillah for everything that I have right now=)

Oh, in case you guys interested with all d pelamins above, u might emel me personally=)

sorry about d low quality pics. All of this are from d previous 'mission'.kene la pakai kemere terdekat n x obvious=p haha..


love book for sale!

salam all..

Haha..i know i know, this one is not related=p But, for somebody who has stucked in long distance relationship like forever, this books had somehow help you to heal rase saket rindu itu=p haha..terutame bile tegadoh kejap=p so, here they let go. The cecelia's Ahern collection. You wont get this gud price in store=p

Thanks for the memories-RM12

If you could see me now-RM12

Both books are still in a very good condition (baru bace sekali=]). There are another two (mls nk amek gamba T_T). p.s I love you (this one i heart it so much) and At Rainbow's end (very unique!). Both will b let go at rm12 as well. E-mail me at for enquiries=p

All sold (except at rainbow's end)

LOV, Queen4ADay!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ok2..dh tukar=)

Salam...(esp for fifi=|)

As you can see, i've changed d whole thing as requested=p, enjoy reading=) oh well, having blog making me so malas to tell people about my wedding prep using my mouth=p haha..
ok x my new layout??i chose this cz it's refreshing=) hope my pupil wont get tired easily as I'm composing=p

Not just the layout got changed, but also my wedding dress's design=p haha..u guys must b tired of this issue esp. this one person yg i drag along to meet the tailor=p alhamdulillah, I got her 'restu' just now to change it..(cz if I change without telling her after all d adventure v went together, I must be crashed by Vios in no time=p)..I think d new design met all the details that I want. So, this baju is already in a piece then the tailor wont get headache to understand my need=) I'll show this one to 'him' by tonite. Hope I'll get d 'restu' from him as well=) N i really hope this will b d last time I changed d design=( i also got tired of mysef T_T (nevermind other people=p).

But..(still a but) I still hasn't finalized d design for d groom's side and nikah....haha..So, u will see more post under wedding dress label later=p haha..(Sabar ye Fifi=p)

have a nice day,

Monday, April 19, 2010

dear harajuku gurls=p


Oh, this post is actually dedicated to someone yg very d very keen to go to Japan=p haha..

My 'him' just bought me a ticket (one way T-T) to pindah with him to Nihon..n play a role as his wife there=p The price was soooo cheap..but most of d dates dh abes!!!(yg tinggal of course la yg mhl=p) so, for those yg pernah mentioned to hugging2 mase winter kt Nihon nnt..sile dptkan ur ticket ASAP!

em...I still think last year's fair was much cheaper..i got return ticket to Tokyo for rm1.2k..hmm..will it b later fair after this??=|

Aishiteru Ashurafu,

so predictable!

Salam guys!

Last week, I had a B2B meeting..haha (its not actually, I said so all of us happend to get married this year=])..We hadn't talk so much about our prep..but..weird..I think we had so much fun talking about New Zealand=p Nevertheless, I think everybody would like it to b a secret kot..some of the thing they would like to reveal it on the 'day' itsef. One of my friend insisted to know my wedding and also my e-day's theme. For the wedding, I really dont have any theme. I just have everything according to their best colour in my eyes. haha..So, they wont be all d same (eg:pelamin kale oren, bunge pahar juge oren..). Don't worry folks, mine would b so simple and reproducible=p

For the e-day, the theme wud b blue. Its not that I love blue, n wanted blue for d e-day eversince. The reason was I have fallen in love with d blue chiffon in Gulatis. I didn't fell for it instantly though. I think that's d best colour available on their rack=( So, everything right now will b made in blue. Tht's how I got my theme. I know, blue is typical=(

The only chifon beaded that caught my eyes (not so instant though T-T)

Most of my friend said that I wud have a pink theme for my e-day or my wedding day. They said it so confidently. I keep denying my special interest for pink. But as I open my wardrobe, yesh..u'll see ranges of pink=p (no2..i still not into pink that much..this was just coincindence=p)
So folks, my e-day would not b in pink, but blue (more typical than they had guessed T_T)..

Will it b a pelamin for my e-day??In my previous entry I mentioned about how wasteful it was to have a pelamin on e-day??I still not agree to this, but yesh, there will b pelamin on my e-day T_T..but, i agree to hv one because it wont hurt me in anyway pon (d pelamin will b sponsored=p)..the one who insisted to have one, of course la yg katenye nk buat simple2 but he said this : ape2 pon I nk pelamin..(die ingat die agaknye yg nk besanding kt ats tu T_T) BUt I know, he wanted everything to be beautiful 4 me=)

Here goes some of the hints of what's you guys goin to see on my e-day.

Still feeling numb about this engagement of her;

photographer selection


I have been in relationship with the man I'm gona get married like forever. He is my first love eversince I knew love=) i have never been in relationship with any man before him. And I have never be able to knw others after him. So, that's how he's being so special. hehe..oh, would like to express how syukur I am to have met a person who made me stay willingly for years. Peliknye..I also dont know how he did that (I have once believed I hav been mandremed -made up english word=p)..

I met him in the year 2000. Starting knowing him little by little thru fon. But our footsteps were so little at a time. So, do your maths, this year would b our 10th yearsbeing together..I still felt like yesterday though..I guess I have known so much about him. I have confidently said I knew him d littlest, i wud say 70%. But he denied it and said that he's afraid that I just knew him 10% T_T..But at least he's being honest about it. And he afraid that I might not like him If I knew the rest. Oh, don be afraid guys..he mmg like down to earth (like me=p haha ..not at all T_T) Us..on our date in Shinjuku, Tokyo=p

He always told me to just have a simple wedding...jimat2 cz we both will live in other country and he'll b d only breads-maker. bla2..So, I (who happens to b so stingy for d wedding plus I save d money in the hardest way ever) of course have not seen this as any problem. In fact I would love his idea more than he can imagine=p

TAPI..die ni very d tasteful..everything he said sume x jadi. We ended up with expensive wedding package..n tonight photographer..haha..I was thinking to have photographer for both event in less than 3k.But what happend tonight???haha...hampes sunggoh..

yesh..he is so tasteful n he doesn't mind to pay tinggi sket..I always said this to him-->Tak gune nye bebeh!haha...

We are now ended up with all photographers from candid syndrome which I don't even dream to have one before. Still waiting their reply=) Update soon about our selections.

The bride who keeps failing to stick to d plan=p

Sunday, April 18, 2010

signifikan tepak sireh??

Assalamualaikum to all readers!

Still in d mood of revealing my sister's e-day's momento=p haha...see the picture above??its tepak sireh..

Before this (until hari jumaat before my sis e'day la=p) i thought sireh junjung is another version of tepak sireh. I thought d tepak sireh is d old fashioned of sireh junjung..haha (how dumb cud i b=p) On my sis e-day, the groom's side has given us tepak sireh as well s sireh junjung. It puzzled me. Cz i thought u hv to giv either one. Then I was questioning it to my aunts. They were arguing and all I was thinking to not having sireh junjung on my e-day (i wanted it to b classic so i want tepak sireh to b given away). My Maklang (the oldest auntie alive=p) was so kind to let me used her tepak sireh so that my drem wud come true=phaha..

I did asked my mom about mom's standard answer..x tau!haha..(my mom mmg sunggoh begaye kalo tanye adat2 ni..haha) So,sume org mase tu clueless about the role of the tepak sireh even my eldest auntie alive=p How we finally got to knw to answer??Shockingly, its from my most secular auntie alive=p haha..She said tepak sireh is from d groom's side cz they are d one who proposed. So, in the tepak sireh, got betel, quid, tobacco, er..tu je kot..(i forgot to snap d inside of tepak sireh T-T..i'll check if the things still gud=p). if we, d bride's side agree to the proposal, we received d tepak sireh la..n eat some of the sireh n all..As they were making their sireh..I barged in and lecture them about the consequences of betel quid chewing until they get annoyed..(yes guys, I'm doing research on oral cancer..haha..) so, they just took of a bit of each thing so tht it will appear lessen. As it appear lessen, that's the signal saying we with open hearted agree to the proposal=)

hehe..sometimes people who looked like has forgotten their root, is not at all like what we have thought they are=)

The bride who has to proceed with sireh junjung,

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

yesh!its gona be in dewan

Salam ladies!

I guess this one will b the first post about my venue=) Getting married at dewan is already my intention since Igot aware of wedding thingy2 ni. For somebody who live in taman perumahan of double storey houses, spacing is always an issue. People whose gona visit my house always asked me this; where to park??haha..even us in the neighborhood having difficulties finding parking space for our own carssss=p So, this will give me more reason for having a big event in my life at a dewan.

Personally, I really dont want to make my guest sit panas2 bwh kemah. n what i am more afraid of is hujann........ahaha..Plus, I did heard that d price of dewan is somehow cheaper than kemah..n hall got dinding!thats d most important. Ok, but, d one hall that will hold my event has no stage. For me, it is not an issue at all..i do not care. I just want everyone feel comfortable and still has d make up on even after 4 hours been in my jamuan (maksodnye dewan tu sejokk..=p).ahaha..Another reason kan, i think besanding kt dewan is more meaningful so that everybody can see me on the pelamin at once, they dont have to peek into any holes so tht they cud see me bersanding=p so, byknye alasan yg menyokong kelebihan dewan, so, dewan it is then!

But not that I know, that wedding package for dewan is like far more expensive than if u do at home. No wonder some people put pelamin rumah in the dewan cz d price to get pelamin dewan is much2 more expensive. If you can get pelamin rumah price from rm500, pelamin dewan u hv to pay starting from 1500. Never mind if you wanted a design that has block2 tu=p This one story I have mentioned it in here.

My dewan is under the management of MBPJ. The price is really cheap.I booked for two days, n d price was really cheap than 2 kemah. The thing that causes the price elevates was the aircond. I have to pay rm100/hour just for the aircond. Oh no..But, I can just get the aircond on for like 4 hours (during guest ramai). Rent plus d aircond during that time was exceeding rm1000. BUt still ok la..that's a lot cheaper than any other hall. Syukur..=)

Ramai kwn i yg cakp, nk kawen rezeki murah. I guess its true. Cz, MBPJ sent me a letter noticing that I got 50% discount for everything and they'll give me 6 hours aircond???!!!Im so happy to get that. I never has targeted to this. Alhamdulillah...semuanya dipermudahkan lg=) Semoga perjalannku membina masjid ini dipermudahkan oleh MU lg, Ya Allah..

p/s:All this thanks to you, my cousin, Mijat!I'll treat u to lunch one day=)

Alhamdulillah, syukur..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ooppss..jgn membazir

Assalamualaikum to everybody..

nila akibatnye kalo thesis tak dpt2 balik dpd supervisor for correction..mase sgtla free=p but, really feel afraid of how busy will i be in anytime soon T-T (after gettingd correction laaa..)

Yesterday, during my decorating hantaran session while chatting with my 'becok 'mom=p, my sister arrived from Penang. She brought along with her, 4 boxes of well decorated hntrn consisting of choco balls, strawberry-looks-like jelly, something that looks like flower and beautifully arranged buah kurma. The plastic was SSF=| So, I think you guys can imagine how beautifully done they are. My sister who's gona get engaged in so short notice will also give out 7 dulangs for her fiance (later). So, right now, on our dining table, they are 4 boxes of well decorated thingy2=p haha, 1 sejadah (my sis in law transformed it to some kind of mini pelamin complete with bride n groom statue=p, bucket of fruits, a basket of chocos, a fondant cake, baju nikah for d groom, a plate for sirih junjung. Can you count that??=| And remember, they are supposed to be total of 7 dulangs..

The thing is, she has bought a big bag of crystal flowers (meant for decorations of her hantarans.All the hantarans). BUt, 3 of them are from my sis in law, who has used cheap2 flowers to decorate them..3 okay!and bunge crystal wont be suitable to be used in sirih, i think haf of the crystal flower will b put to waste!All then hantarans that she brought from SSF are all beautifully decorated already and no need of any flowers to be put. So, what I want to say here..dont la waste...just stick to d plan esp if you have already initiate them. Finish what you guys already started and dont be afraid to look at the earnings=)

Ah well, right now, my sister gave me 3 hantarans out of four that she purchased from d SSF. Yeah, the gift has somehow spoiling my plan, tp..terime kaseh kakak for alwiz do something great for your sister=) My plan was spoiled..but to something better=)

Oh, let me bring you guys back to d story of 'belakang tabir'. Actually, I wasnt planning to buy all new for my e-day hantarans. I planned to just recycle all the template of my sister's. But, looking at how my sister's deco..haha..nahh..they weren't at all that I like=p n i felt x smpai ati to recycle everything while my future MIL tempah d hantarans. So then I decided to have my own hantaran with my own hands!tp, 3 jam je dh siap...xdela mencabar sgt=p haha...

So, I guess, after I ikhlaskan hati to really do the hantaran without feeling stingy..(haha..) then Allah permudahkan..see..I got not one, but 3 very beautifully decorated hnatarans!I'll put them on my pretty hantaran base (konon=p) and done! So guys, jgn jgn membazir=) Quote from my fren-->Nnt nk kawen, rezeki tu ade je..its like Allah itu akan mempermudahkan segalanya sbb kitekan nk membina masjid (re-phrase version=p)..

That's it!

sempat lagi..

Helo2..and Assalamualaikum

Yesterday, before my so-called mission in Sayang you, I stopped by my wedding boutique. As many of my caring frens told me so many times to start making the wedding dress by now! haha..but I have to tell you guys that it is not that freaking la..d tailor of that boutique pon pesan to me to go again by next month (about 3 months before d date), so i guess, I went there too early=p haha...

I got tips here. Bring the piccas of the dress that you dream of. It will be easier, and the risk of ur dress became weird will be less=p In my case, haha...i think it was so difficult to explained to the tailor as my dream dress is making up by combinations of several different dresses..hmm..all discussion went well..but I know..she wasnt really understand T_T So, back here, Im thinking to just make things easier for all of us, n find the picture that I really like so that the tailor will easily follow the design..(if anything comes to dres..alwiz a problem fer me =[)

But I have to sacrifice all of my imagination to make the tailor's life easier???

bride-to-be who cant stop thinking about wedding dress=p

Monday, April 5, 2010

my all cheap material hantaran=p

Salam girls=)

It has been a long time since my last update. Actually I alwiz being reminded by some sort of force in my self to update this blog. BUt, due to 'mind-block-in-front-of-monitor' disease, I wasnt been able to T_T. haha
What a day today. I started my day with journal analysis..after 5 minutes, my head was on the table=| So, I sms my friend who happens to be so loyal to temankan me for d wedding prep. She also so bising about me havent do any prep yet for my engagement day. I still remember during her prep for her sister's e-day. She prepared everything a month in prior.haha..(while my e-day will b arriving in less than a month=p)

A lil different with her, I decided to shop for all d hantarans deco at Sayang you, Semua House. I know2, people will say "nape x shop kt Nilai 3??"..oh its because I have once been there and I decided to not going back again there. I think for a 20 cents cheaper price, its not worth it to drive that far=p Plus, I think in Jalan Tar, you can find better choices esp for the flowers. But, I am also aware of other places which are located in the outskirts of KL too..again, kemalasan bergande2, i chose Sayang you=)

Due to my tight budget (again..) I targeted to buy all d raw materials worth no more than rm150..surprisingly, I managed to get in total less than that!haha..(how stingy could i be T_T)..I bought ranges of blue flowers (d plastic2 common one) and also some ribbons and styrofoam. (all the cheapest in the kedai=p). I'll put the piccas later=). My blue theme was taken out of my imagination..who dreamt of crystal look for everything..I made my sister 'haf dead' temankan me finding engagement dress with water crystal blue beads..yesh!!there were none i've found =( So, I bought a dress with 'not-at-all-looks like water crystal blue T_T In conclusion, baju dh failed to follow the theme...

So was the hantaran, of course there were no water crystal blue flowers ever existed in Sayang you goes my dream..='( I managed to tell my dream engagement theme to some of my friends..about all looking watery crystal blue..I would say..all of them dont get it!Although some have said that what I have in mind was exactly like Serina Redzuan's nikah hantarans. Ohoho..I've checked!yeah, it looks like that as in 80%=) So, I would say, it is not impossible to do what u have in mind. People wud always said its outrageous..but, they actually dont get it i guess!In my case, what I have pictured in mind, I have once said its impossible cz its too dreamy..but then I saw that some people do think like me..meaning d thing that I want is not impossible, its just difficult. Cz u know, to achieve something you must have the eligibility. in my case-->i have financial limitation. Still, I think i have pulled out something that's cute (in my eyes la..haha). What am I saying??

Yesh!I have finished decorating all the 7 hantarans template=p ahaha..from 5pm-9pm immediately after I reached home from KL=) ahaha..All went well (except for lecuran2 gam n calar tgn T_T). There are not at all looking like what I have pictured originally, but I think they are sufficient to say how much I want this e-day to happen=) All raw material were beautifully arranged and all were decorated according to my plan of 'how to use cheap things and change it to look expensive' concept=p Cant wait to share 'i-think-they-are-pretty' hntrn deco with u all. But, haha..hv to wait after everything settled=) Pray for everything to be smooth n save for my e-day ^_^
Here's the sneek peek=p


Thursday, April 1, 2010


Salam all,

I need help big day will be approaching in less than 4 months. Should I submit the wedding dress' design already or should I wait till d day is nearer? cz my 'him' said it is too early to submit it by now. But what does he knows=p



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