Sunday, May 23, 2010

e-day's album

Salam ladies..

I got fever today.hence the time to update=) hehe...(alasan=p)
I read a post on wedding cheat from sab's blog.
It happened that I was actually done most of that. But for my e-day la..haha..(can't believe i was such a cheater..and it was revealed T_T) haahha...

One of the thing that saved me a lot was photographer n d album. From the previous post, u'll know that I'm getting all the workhorse for free. I got all the raw files from them. The number of photos were countless (of course, there were 4 photographers T-T). Dah name pon free kan..takkan nk suroh dorang editkan siap2, I did all d editing of the pictures that my mom asked me to cuci T-T haha..(I did all this for the sake of her demand;[)

So, I decided to learn how to do all this editing. My fiance told me to download a software called 'lightroom'. But I forgot when d time I need to do that (wrongly searched for 'lighthouse' T_T). So, I ended up using Picasa. haha..Not bad.So...easy.hehe..At first I was questioning why la the photographer mintak mhl2...when I was done with photos number 150..hari dah, that's y. It consumed a lot of time la tapi. But, as for me, it was a satisfactory experience that I could determined how my pictures were supposed to look like.

At the end, I have about 200 piccas edited by me=p hihi..But, this thing pon u cannot simply do it starting with zero knowledge. hehe..Y?cz after cuci I found that the yields were not exactly d same with what our monitors might be showing. er...tak paham??er..its like..this artworks required experience. U need to have to b really good to predict the actual colour when it is printed (cz my printed photos all laen from the monitors T_t).

here's the teaser for my e-day's album..hehe

(the cover..abaikan muke my fiance.hoho)

Album tu murah gle.haha..tak sampai x??;)

The b2b yg sedang mrh dgn decoratornye..

dedicated to 'whoever' yg tag i =p


Oh well, I guess i owe somebody a big time..i should just spill out her name in here--> SCR
I think to repay her kan..i should answer this tag la..she must be waiting for my version of answer for a longgg time already. Sorry's for ur reference=p haha

1. First time jumpa your hubby fiance bila dan kat mana?
Err...back in high school..err..precisely??ishh..u know this rite SCR??=p

2. Love at first sight?
I think so..but it took me many years to realize='(

3. Who is he when the 1st time you met him?
budak 5 tegas yg saye x masok campor hal2 rumahtangge dorang..haha

4. How long it takes for him to ask you out for a date?
I couldn't remember when the first time he asked..i remembered d time when i finally agree was after a couple of YEARSSS he's been asking me to go out for a date T_T

5. First place dating?
Of course my second home-->MV=p

6. How he proposed?
I take this as proposal to marriage this post then=p
p/s: The story of how we finally b a couple??.oh, that's so complicated..n i'll b labelled as d bad heroin at the, i better keep that a secret T_T

7. Special date with your hubby?
if he is my hubby...d date would b 010810.insyaAllah...dgn izinNya

8. Changes that he asked you to do?
Like most of us..don't be too emotional..n also please don't jump into conclusion so fast T_T

9. What is about him that you love so much?
er..tht would b a lot..hence, that has forced me to get trapped with him for d rest of my life a.k.a since i knew lov...haha..n i like it;)

10. What is about him that you wish he would change?
'bebeh..can i be ur first wife instead of football??=(' oh, oh..'bebeh..can v go date at some other place tomoro..i mean d place where they don't sell denki sehin T-T'

11. You will lose your mind and crack your head when he..
lost hope to pujuk me=p hihi

12. You will smile through your eyes for the whole day when he....
back in Malaysia of course T_T we'v been in a long distance since v wer 19 T-T

13. Complete below sentences, "My love towards your hubby is as big as....
it cudn't b measured u know..^_^

I think I shud hav tagged sumbody'll do it at some other time cz i hv back pain rite now (alasan=p)

p/s:mintak2 bebeh x bace la ni T_T *blushing*

Saturday, May 22, 2010

finally..i got one that I like=)

Salam all..

Only 2 months left until the day. But FYI, I am still searching for the pelamin T-T
I want this pelamin. Can ar??(seswai ke ngn dewan komuniti??T_T)

simple yet elegant. exactly what i have in boxes2 n all..hehe..taken from HaniMadu's

B2B who doesn't mind not to have pelamin T_T

Friday, May 21, 2010

E-day's photographer


I haven't yet writing about photographers for my e-day. Oh, I didn't have anyone that's official, especially on my part. I just ajak my friend to help me snap the pictures. The camera she has also not like an official photographer suppose to hv=p haha..btw, I would like to express how much I thank her for sudi taking d pictures for FREE=p She lah yg snap all the pics during my make up session=) You can find her here. She's one of my bestfren since I was a teenager.Thanks buddy ^_^

As I remembered, tht's d only photographer that I called. But, turned out that day, I got FIVE photographers. Syukur alhamdulillah...Besides Camellia, my cousin Yazid showed up with his newly bought camere with all d other gadgets (yg flash2 bagai tula..haha). What makes me so touched was, his dad bought the camera just to take the photos of me?? cool was that. Thanks Uncle Roslan ^_^ So, I got him as my photographer plg terer on that day (for my part la).

The rombongan arrived with their 2 'official' photographers. They were the brother of my fiance and his fren.haha..(official la sgt..). But dorang ni mmg dh terer la jugak. I was so impressed to see their edited version of the pictures (er..excuse me..all the pictures attached previously r unedited=p). Here's one example=)

You mini pelamin was located at a very wrong place. Just on the top of it, there was my house's main switch box which during that time just got changed. The leftovers from the old switch box was still there cz the contractor x sempat nk siapkan=( So, the appearance was hideous=( The vendor plak g pasang kt situ (during pelamin installment tu i was not at home T_T). So, I was so sure that the gamba2 all will be buruks=( However, they came out with something (whatever) to cover it. d above=p

In later days, I found out one of them got blog to promote his artwork. So, he's already in business ladies.haha...For those who would like to try his talent, you can visit him in here. My e-day piccas are featured in there too;p haha..

Hmm..I found out that, nice photos are 50% the camera, and 50% the touch. So, I'm learning how to 'beautify' the raw collections that I have. Wish me luck ^_^

B2B who has mistakenly called Lightroom for Lighthouse T-T

the wedding dress that I cannot get T-T

So many posts in one day??haha..unfortunately, I am that kind of person. I will have so many ideas flooded whenever I started something. Sometimes, it's really hard to stop (hence my thick thesis T_T)
Oh, I am so sad to post this tajuk=( The dresses that I was not allowed to make. Not allowed?? T_T Due to some complicated circumstances, I was not allowed to make anythings that has western element.haha..I referred to too many westerns magazines. Tht's y my likings are mostly evolve around that. Hence, all submitted designs were all 'gowns-looks-like', for my house, of course passed. for bertandang..failed T-T

This was the first wedding dress that I fell in love so instantly. Really fulfilled the all criteria set by my unofficial wedding planners=p haha.. This dress I tried it in Diana Bridal (Fotome Studio), Semua House. Tell you, their baju are all superb. jahitan yg terpuji, d layana first class. Only when I visit them, I start to like Malay wedding dress T-T. I paid the deposit to make this dress according to my size but different colour satu kes..I have to forget this dress and the deposit went burnt T_T

Yang ni plak I sooo want. But again, I was not 'permitted' to do this design T_T..xpela, redha je..

B2b whose so sad writing this post;
Queen4ADay Y_Y

nk cincin kirk kara T_T

Salam ladies,

Lately I read most of you were writing about ur cincin hunting. Most of you would like to have another ring for your wedding. So, there will be 3 rings on our fingers i guess ^_^..oh, me too would like another ring as the symbol to the knot. i do not see any reason to choose other than that. hehe..

I got a ring of my dream for engagement. So, it's kind of hard for me to find a better version of my liking T_T. Actually, I do have one. But, I've seen nothing like this in here. In case you guys have seen anything like in the picture, please notice me, k. This one is from Kirk Kara.

If can, I am avoiding solitaire ring cz it will not be nice to have more than one solitaire ring on your fingers rite?but, it's hard to find 'un-solitaire' ring yg pretty T_T

nk cincin kt atas tu T_T

susahnye nk carik tudung t-T

Salam sekali lagi..hehe

The thing that I stressed the most for my wedding is my of course la my's true rite..people usually pay major attention to this it's just me T_T hhaha...never mind2..
oh, ok. My ambition (wahh..haha) is to have different looks for 3 majlis. I was so delighted to have many opportunity to dressing up=p hehe..(I alwiz finding reasons to dress up all d time..nvm, my own wedding ^_^). So, the bridezilla in me will only showing herself when it comes to MY OWN DRESS.haha..

Our looks will not just depends on the dress rite. The tudungs will also play a big role. If baju cantek..but tudung senget2 plus so unsuitable with d dress, there's no use jgk kan. As I will have 3 major events (xdela major like so BIG=p), I'm thinking of having 3 different looks..ngehehe..
Our tudung really plays roles in giving our looks. I'm sure you guys agree to this. Besides tudung awning (which is easy to manage, and also giving us a clean looks), what else can I try?
For you guys yg muke bujur sirih, tudung selection is definitely not a problem. I got a heart-shaped face (rasenye bulat). It's between the two shape=p So, it's worse rite T_T..

Sesuai x pakai tudong cani??mane nk carik ar??

Image source: Rizman Ruzaini

Ataupun yg mcm kt kepale DCT ni..but of course my hair will b fully covered ^_^

Justify Full source: Rizman Ruzaini

Atau tudung DCT ni..xyah apply veil..hehe..seswai??NO??cantikkan baju ni??nk T_T

B2B yg enggan mengenekan tudung awning T_T

little box...where r u??=(

Salam ladies..

It's been a while..its been a while. But I was actually doing blog walking. hehe..yes2..this time I am aware that this blogs world is actually that BIG??woho..Pening pulak bile dh bace byk sgt=p, I think I should stop turning to junctions and pay more attentions to the neighbors=p (ape2 aje la intro aku ni..T_T)

Oh, I'm thinking of using this boxes as most of my door gifts are small edible things (insyaAllah) that has to be put this kind of box. (Image source: x ingat T_T..rasenye Marrymedeco n such or 4weddingku)

As I did blog walking, I found one B2B who also will use this box. She said she bought this box from a bakery. So, I went to d bakery in Shah Alam (I used to go to this bakery). They got many types of boxes. Unfortunately, they do not have this kind of box=( [dan2 je xde..T_T]..then I went around Shah Alam searching for this boz alone!!!None of them sell this. It's weird rite??I thought this box is common je. Y is it so hard T_T maybe the kedai in the meantime is located in my blindspot. I think I have to calm down..n look at some other places=(

If you guys happen to know where to get this, T_T


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

E-day's MUA


I'm so stressed to do my work.
First, I've been exploring Pavillion and the Gardens searching for a pair of shoes to be made as hantaran. Surprise2..none of them came in my size i.e. UK3 T_T.. NineWest nope, BUrberry Nope..DKNY nope..Coach nope =( The smallest size available in Malaysia is 6 T_T sekian terkubur harapan ku=( For now, the option left is whether no shoes..or i just go with local brand T_T

Second, I am so damn worried for my afraid. Only my frens can tell why (s they already seen the other dresses made by the boutique.. I could say they were awful=|)

Third one, i have a very short time (which I hate to be in rush) to complete my writing. If only it was corrected earlier T_TWhatever, fate brought me to this situation. And I am Wani. So, I'm used to challenges =| (kate2 semangat!)haha..

As the tajuk on top, this post will story about my MUA. hehe..Actually, I didn't get any official MUA. She's just my old2 fren. I can say that she's one my my bestie ^_^ haha...she has her own blog about make-up2 ni. She put some videos and etc to teach us how to. But I dont have time to actually practice them. Plus my job dont need me to put on any, so that's how I dont have the reason to do tht=p You can find her in here. If u like my make up, dont hesitate to contact her. She's good in following ur directions=p haha..N I must say that she has the same taste with most of us. I mean, she's into mekap x tebal sgt. So, gud for e-day and solemnization=) N she's also a bridezilla=p
Here's the best photo I can attached;)

bulu mateku yg mmg palsu..haha

inilah hasilnye..i still got my face on (x mcm pakai topeng pon=p haha..) oh, ramai yg mahu lihat tudung itu..sile lihat puas2=p haha..

Ask me?yes!I do lov my make up=) Thank you Mmo-d-bridezilla-juge!haha..

Till then,

I'm scared=(


I would like to start my writing today by thanking my dear friend, Fifi and Kala. Besides ur willingness to spend 'some' time with me, thank you for making BIG amendments to my pelamin=| Now I have to think d design that I really want T_T

Today v met my tailor to be measured. I got the design for bride's reception. But due to some situation, I still cannot decide the design for the groom's side=( I did gave a 'temporary' design. But the picture I gave was not clear that I was very sure that the tailor wasn't get it=( Plus, v wer NOT convinced with how she worked and looked at the collection.. Oh God, please have mercy for me=(

After the visit, v went to Semua House. My fren needed to get something at Sayang You which happened to be at d same level with Fotome Studio (the bridal boutique that I've paid to tailor my wedding dress at first, and cancelled T_T). I was so frustrated to see that their dresses are wayyyyyyyyyyy prettier than those in my wedding planner's=( Their dresses (Fotome) are soo sooo pretty (prettier than what v see in magazines=( )Wish me luck ladies! Fifi n Kala with me on my E-day=)

So distracted and worried,

baju tunang-d story

Salam girls!

Many of you were talking about my baju. haha..u guys, its just baju kurung moden je..the one thing that make it looks so fabulous i think is the colour kot. I didn't expect it to turn out so sweet n cool in the picture. I bought that piece of kaen becoz that's the only that caught my eyes (read this post). Alhamdulillah it turned out that pretty without me expecting it. Praise to Allah =)
The bad news about it is..I don't have the picture of me full bodied=( waaaa...

Here's the best picture I can share with u.

I'll put a better picture if it happens I found any later (I mean when I got the official piccas;])

As the bridezilla, I guess u guys can guess la..the material was chiffon..but u guys must know that there's many types of chiffon. I bought this one at the Gulatis. For some weird reason I dont know why I'm not attracted to Jakel.haha..I did checked the price for both kedai. I was pretty surprised that Gulatis did offer a gud price (xde diskaun yet better price than jakel during their opening sale kt Shah Alam..tsk2..)

I did not wear any veil cz I didn't want to. Afraid that I'll look too much for a small ceremony. But, U guys must know that it is nothing wrong with wearing veil. Hehe..

My tudung was self-made using my baju leftovers. Jimat kan??N of course it was freakinly matched=p hehe

For those yang bakal bertunang..take it easy.N hepi trying!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my engagement pelamin

Salam to everybody!

Lately I received a lot of encouragement from my dear frens to start a hantaran deco services.haha...I am so delighted to know that I am that talented??oh!But, I just had this experience once. So, it will still be a long journey for me to actually do that. Still, I need to start some where isn't it?hehe..(sape la yg nk jadik mangse petame ye..) oh yes!I will b glad to help those whose on tight budget yet wanted a unique deco for their hantaran. Oh, i dont have leftovers u know.Everything that I bought has been used up well=) *sesi puji diri sendiri*

Back to the topic. A lot of my relatives asked me this (of course with faces): "u said there'll be no pelamin as u r on a tight budget??"

Yes, I know.I've been mentioning it like many times to people around me and also in the blog (if I'm not mistaken). I was mentioning that I would do this engagement thingy a very small ceremony. The pelamin was actually sponsored by someone who's really wanted me to have a beautiful engagement ceremony. He said he knew me that I will regret if I'm not doing that (yes, I am that kind of girl T_T). He knew me so well that he rented a mini pelamin for me. So, I was in mini pelamin hunting sort of last minute (he of course cannot hunting cz he's living outside of this country).

Because of my engagement day was on d1st of May, which there's wedding everywhere, I had a difficult time to get a vendor. To hire my sis's vendor (mase die bertunang haritu), no thanks. They hv been blacklisted by me=|. My mind pulak during that time asyik nk jimat my mind was telling me to find the cheapest one ever! N I managed to get a mini pelamin which I think d cheapest kt Klang Valley kot ^_^
Here's the pelamin (sorry..I didn't get a picture of the pelamin only..i mean yet!)

The pelamin was from Wedding Galore (located in Bangi).

Many people (especially my relatives) been comparing mine with my sis's. Of course they said my sis's prettier. It should be la becoz the price pon jauh beze. But I still thinks my pelamin worth every penny ^-^ hihi (my fiance hate it jugak tp T_T)..

Don't you guys think this pelamin looks nice in pictures??hmmpphh...


Sunday, May 9, 2010

up for grab! ^_^

Salam everybody;

Today I got sometime to snap the things tht I wud like to let go. I lov all of them, but it seems that it's such a waste to just let them sit in d cupboard. Plus, I'm going to move in several months.SO, would u guys interested to take care of them pulak??=)

Here's the things..

white veil with blue beadings. I was supposed to wear it on my e-day. It turned out d colour doesnt match (maybe mmg dr awal I xnk pakai veil, so goes d fate ;p)...
oh, maafkan saye modelnye adek yg br bgn.haha..
Beand new, wit price tag still on=)

Letting this one go at RM30

At Rainbow's End by Cecelia Ahern- RM10

Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella- RM10

The Party Season and Playing James (2 stories in 1 book) by Sarah Mason- RM10
I bought this one when I was in Cairns, Australia.

Keronsang 3 berangkai. Neva used. (haha..xde tujuan je beli=p). I bought this one kt Tiffany Jusco. It has lifetime warranty (the warranty card was not included cz if anything u cn just bring the barang to them and they'll recognize it. So, its really a thing that's worth having ^_^)

Let this one go at RM 80 (the original price as shown-RM138)-including postage fee

Anything, e-mail me at


my cheap hntarans!


Note:This post is the continuation of the previous post=]

First of all, yg cheapnye bunga2an ..brg2 bole thn la..haha..
This post is specially dedicated to bride-to-be yg on tight budget. those with high budget, u still can read..but dont la laugh..haha.

Ok, here there are..the hantarans made of very cheap2 flowers and materials. I just used one roll of blue ribbons and cream ribbons, a few stalks of flowers and all cheap basket=p sorry in laws=(

Sepasang kemeje and mini tie for him (he likes to wear minitie mase jln2). oh, s u can see, the shirt n d tie didn't match becoz its not my intention to get those yg match. The story was I bought d minitie before v knew that we'll get engaged=) wait for him to return then i give it to him. Seems like he balik for our engagement, then I just put it together with the shirt. oh look at the lapik dulang. That was actually belong to the groom's. The problem was, the photographer didn't aware that my sister had switched all the dulangs=( then my hantarans jd colourful in pictures=(
Sejadah and kain pelikat for him. and this has got telangkup during this shoot.then the photographer hd to rearrange everything back.n that's the reason like all the things tecepuk kt dlm bakul tu**t!the lapik dulang doesn't match.mine one was in cream colour (recycling my sis's=p)

A basket of fruits. Btw, there's my feveret apples underneath the grapes=p (oh, i cannot tell u the name of the apple=p cukupla fifi sorang je yg compete with me to get those apples =|)..again, wrong lapik dulang=|
Strawberry jellies. Have to put them in a box cz its already in a box=p haha..tried to take it out, but it was made glued to the base of the box. So, i just put a little decoration to the box. ni lapik dulang yg betul ye kwn2=) chocolates for him. tp like d rest..lapik dulang salah T_T
sarawak kek. I hate creamy cake and also fondant. Mcm x bes je nk mkn. So, I decided to give them eatable cake. The price was more or less same..but this one bes sket nk mkn ^_^
The flowers are not synchronized with the others kan?bcz the bakul was sponsored and also the cake. The thing is both people yg sponsor ni didn't know about the blue theme ^_*

That's how all my hantaran looks like from all cheap2 materials.haha..(Stingy!)
No la..not stingy..but I'm thinking of pembaziran..the most important is the thing that we gave. The deco tu asal ade je.n I think I made them quite comel jugak la=p least acceptable la d appearance=p

Whether they matched with groom's hantarans?
Of course no. I realized that from the beginning. So, I guess no matter what I did, I wont get to match them=( They used fresh flowers for all the dulang and all were tempah from kedai. For one week my room smelled roses. bes2..

Here's the sneak peek from groom's hantaran..

That's the story mainly 'how to save ur money'..haha..
Happy trying! ^_^

Blogger who for the first time rajin to make those words italic;

when he pop the Q


It's late..but I'm still awake cz have been falling to sleep several times today due to excessive feeding of scientific words to my brain that they frequently broke down and send to snooze=|hahaha..(I'm serious=|)

Done with story of my e-day, I would like to write about this one thing tht's sure will cause u guys turned blue..haha (but I hv no choice cz sure I'll forget about this in no time juge T_T)
Oh, he proposed..i mean..officially..mcm dlm tv tu..haha...
it's a big deal fer me cz it's him. His gene supposedly not doing that. The last time i checked, he doesn't have the genes to do tht.haha..

Ok, the story started when he asked me out to dinner. He asked me to buy a new dress and it shud b a formal dress. U know what i did? i went and bought kaen ela straight after he told me that. But my brain just decode "beli kain buat baju baru" haha..I didn't even wanna know what he's up to. i forced my tailor to make a baju according to my design. Oh wait!I'm in a tight budget (u guys know this rite) that I bought a very cheap kaen. I did a design that's surely will leave me with a very low charge. The yield was superb!Can't wait to wear it!Even my tailor was impressed how she cud pulled out something that's so elegant from kaen yg sgt murah.hehe..

My fiance (during that time was my bf) arrived in M'sia on Thurs night(last week). He's only here for 5 days T_T. In 5 days he has to go everywhere for wedding prep. Most of the time, he spent with our weddng planner (hire by her mom). He's rarely spending time with me. But I don't mind as long as he can finish everything by time. And that's why he couldn't make it to the dinner. I don't mind cz i hate dinner.haha..i just can't eat passed 8. I got dry mouth, hence food could not be digested=p And my extravaganza baju dinner jadi harte karun saje...xpe, i still can wear it later.

Wait...the story still x ended..

On the final day he's here, he called me in the morning. He refrained me from taking any meals cz he's going to bring me out to lunch (I fed so little at a time, so if I've already ate in the morning, I couldn't feed any in the afternoon). He brings me to this exclusive restaurant that he originally wanted to bring me for dinner. Its the Seri Angkasa restaurant, at the Menara KL.

Bile dh sampai-My reaction??"ni ape kene nk g mkn kt sini ni??" (sambil buat muke pelik)haha..

He was suddenly being a gentleman and I was like..what happened to him??=| He was like unstable je all along..rupeny2 tgh susun ayat nk propose.haha...when the waiter passed him d bill, then barula he pop the question with all the promises2 la..haha. I was so shocked and blushed sesangat2..haha..tah pape je la die ni..dh betunang br nk propose! Me when v arrived at d twintower..d service n d food wer superb!

You guys are right..of course i said I DO ^_^


another ring on my finger

Salam all,
oh, it has been a long time since my last update. I was so busy since then. I was busy that I am afraid that I wont have enuf time until the deadline=( waa...To update this blog, i dont feel guilty cz i've spent the whole day reading n investigating this one question. After khatam 2 books, then I knew that the thing is not mentioned in any books T_T (ape la yg membebel ni..haha)

FYI, I am engaged.hee...yesh engaged for a week already (happy one week engageversary=p) oh no, i m not tht kind of person whom so precisely counting days=p haha...I even forgot when i was dirisik last year (teruknye T_T). oh, here's some of the pictures. I do not have d pictures of the hantarans that I decorate from cheap2 flowers. Still waiting for d CD to b posted. I got this from groom's side. Like already told, my theme is blue. I was so surprised that it turned out pretty=) cz.. u know i'm not a big fan of blue..

inilah saye diatas pelamin yg x dela cantik sgt..^_^

saat disarungkan cincin =)..tetibe ade byk kamere pule..
On that day, everything went quite perfect. Thanks to my mom for everything. She pulled out very fine without my dad around (my dad passed away for 7 years already T-T). I was happy in every single thing that we'v planned terutame skali about food. The magic here was, v only cook one dish, but it turned out ade 7 dishes catered. All thanks to my aunts and uncles who sponsored here n there.I felt so blessed and loved by u guys. My mom said, kuih muih ade 10 jenis. My mom didn't even know where they came from.haha..Thank you to all anonymous donor. Really appreciate it. Wish I could repay them one day=)

The rombongan came about 20 peoples. My brother said most of them are org glamer2 (seriously i didn't know that...) but i was impressed la cz they can sit in my humble house and got involved in this small ceremony. Here goes my respect to all of u. oh , yes they ate using their bare hands tau.haha..i didn't provide any fork n spoon=p

The time when he pujuk me to do pre-wedding photoshoot T_T

About the hantarans, I'll post it separately later. I was so happy at the end of the day. But feeling regret cz there so little picture of my baju=( waaaaa....that's d most thing that i put my efforts on =p haha..(its true T-T) fiance did bring me 2 photographers so that I can take s much picture s i want. He even insisted for us to do pre-wedding photoshoot outdoor (if i refused this one, there will b none pre-wedding photoshoot for us cz he will only be in Malaysia again one day before solemnization T_T)..but, in d end i refused his request (and he's wearing baju sedondon ngan i). I just need to be at this one occasion which I wont forgive myself of not attending. Its my bestfriend's wedding in Senawang. After all d rombongan balik, I left my majlis to just show my face at her wedding. But, I didn't just show up with baju glamer n mekap tebal..i did sit and eat like normal guest while everybody was staring at me=p haha...sampai rumah, tros regret x dpt amek xpe, its not tht important to hv pre-wedding we hv nicer photos in collection=p hahah..we planned to use that for the bunting. oh, i wish i hav d pic, but the photographer didn't want to help me with snapping=( hv to wait for d official photo la then.

After the ceremony and all, i realized that getting married is a very big thing that I should have put more thoughts on it. I really felt the responsibility along immediately after the ring was put on my finger. I supposed to be someone who talks a lot. But I seriously do not know how to start with his family members. I was even quieter to her mom after this ceremony ended=( I felt insecure to say anything=( this how we supposed to feel??Really hv to learn a lot. Especially kemahiran berborak ngan org tue=|I am so childesh that I cannot talk to elders=( It's ok!There's a lot of time to learn (tp lg 2 bln lebey je T_T)

What I'm trying to say is, marriage is not just about the ceremony and spending. It is more than that. It is a process to let other family..a big accept u. As u all know, even we live very close to our neighbor, the way they live is so different wit us. never mind for those living far away or in other state ke. The culture of living is not just different according to state, but its even variables between us, individuals. However, dont feel that this is hard and you hv got to pretend. No, you dont have to. Cz nobody is perfect=) What I've learnt on tht day was, I am supposed to be myself who talks a lot and don't feel afraid to reveal who u r. Cant wait for me to meet them again so that I can show them who I am=)

Blooger who neva do proof reading;


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