Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chocolate cheese cake!here it is!!

Salam lovelies..

Seriouly, I don't want my housewife's time ends T_T I think I love this job. however, I still have to watch what I am saying as real housewife usually involves kids.huff...I don't think I am ready for that la pulak...huhu...

At first I was feeling a lil doubt of mysef. To be seated at home and do all the chores. Honestly, I never do any of the chores..err..since I left boarding school T_T

I am the kind of girl who loves doing outdoor activities..u name it!asalkan outdoor..including melepak kt starbucks talking rubbish T_T

My husband knew me that well. He even taught me how to use washing machine anddd...rice cooker (but I am not that bad la..its just the rice cooker's button is written in kanji..i x paham T_T), the first day, I cooked the rice for 2 hours..and it never boils until my hubby reaches home T_T..haha

As for the washing machine, there's a lot of coloured button. All kanji written la kan..The first day, I forgot which button should I push...and after few minutes, the meachine all the screw wanted to come out T_T huhu...

However, now I'm getting better, efficient and er....gud;p hihi

I know how to cook really well..
So far, I never repeat cooking d same dishes;p see..that's how short two months cud b.

I know my family (especially my mom n sister) are very worried of how I'm going to treat my husband. I never had times learning how to cook or anything before the wedding. Even I said I wanna learn..I usually ended up doing something else..T_T...sigh..

However, I had this imagination thingy in my head of how a dish was made. So, usually all my cooking are based on my sense. Sometimes, to make sure of a recipe, I just give my sister a buzz. She's always by my side...even there's ocean in between us;) That's how a good sister she is to me;) Even so, I usually refused to google the recipe or asking around. I love to discover everything by my self. far so good with 90% success;p ahaha..

In my facebook, I have an album of my cooking. I know it's not a big deal. BUt for me, it is. Coz that's the first time ever I am cooking those dishes.
This album was actually made to show my mom of my cooking. Cz she's been terribly worried of what I fed my husband. Oh, my mom is a woman who's still believe that a wife should cook for their family no matter how busy u r (it's about the air2 tangan tu la).
Another reason for this album was..because one some people who made fun of me, becos I neve cook before. And they get skeptical of how I'm gona handle my marriage.
I got sooo pissed and taraa...the album.

In the album...yes..many people are asking for the recipes.

Among all foodies yg dilampirkan..(cz I wasn't actually put all my cooking in the album. Mane yg sempat snap je..usually when hubby comes home late)
the chocolate cheese cake made them drooling the most. Ramai yg mintak recipe.
That was the first time I made that cake. I got the recipe from Mami (En.Rozian's brother).
Of course with some amendments. Cz my kitchen was not that complete during that time.

I promised a lot of people to post the recipe here.
Finally I made it!!
Here it is!!
The Chocolate Cheese Cake (I made up the name...sorry if x sedap;p)

These are what you need.

Ingredients A
1- 250g butter
2-160g caster sugar
3-1/8 table spoon salt

Ingredients B
1- 2 eggs
2- 1 egg yolk

Ingredients C
1- 120g plain flour
2-20g cocoa powder
3-1/4 table spoon double action baking powder

Beat Ingredients A until creamy and add eggs one at a time and mix well. Oh my, mind the photos..I had let the butter melt at room temp since morning..but sbb ni kan autumn...everything refused to melt T_T nk tak nak....i force the butter to mix...bahahhaa..

Next, slowly masukkan ingredients C. But, since I nk cpt, tabur je sume...(tsk2...not gud example..don folo haa...)

This is the ingredients for the Cheese batter:
1-250g softened cream cheese (one box mmg dh, no need weighing;)
2- 80g caster sugar
3- 1 egg

*ada recipe yg can add lemon juice..I think it will taster lg sedap kot.

Okeh, like butter, my cream cheese pon refuse to melt. Again, I have to force mix with others gune high speed mixer;p

At the end of the process, u'll get two portions; the chocolate and cheese. (lihat beketul2 sumenye sbb xmo melt T_T)

Grease the baking pan eh. You can do it more properly by lining the baking tin with greaseproof paper. But, I don't have that in my poor kitchen.

How to mix those portions in the tin?
Just spoon them alternately onto the tin and swirl through with a fork for marbled effect.
*I could not capture the moment I did that cz my hand was messy camera is a brand new;p ahahhaa

Bake at 180 degree for 45 minutes (or until cook)

This is how it will looks like..hmm...bile nk demonstrate ni x cantik pule...I think I overcook the top..but the taste..marvellous!!!my feveret cake for the time being;)

have a try!!

The worst thing about being apart when u realized that..u have fallen in love with him more than the 10 years ago T_T

beginning of autumn..beginning of our challenge

Salam ladies!!

It's been a while since my last post. Again, it's not because of the time was just again..mental block ;(

Summer has gone. I think.
I always described my perfect day as having a cup of coffee (must b milky;p), lots of magazines and funny readable items and the most important..there's rain outside.hehe..
Oh well, I need rain in Malaysia so that the temperature will go down. I love to open the window during the rain and sit near it. The splashing and the coolness really had lighten my head for the day;)

As autumn approaching, the temperatures are between 19degree to 28. Most of the time, it revolves around 23-27. The sky will be full of clouds...and the breeze is so refreshing. It's when you don't have to apply a thick layer of coat and no, you dont have to be all sweaty.

I love...Autumn!!!Its like a rainy day in Malaysia!!weee...

(the mukaddimah above is actually to cover the sad story below T_T)

The autumn is just started..and I have to..
pindah to Hiroshima..alone!!!waaaaaaaaaaa.........

The newlywed couple who had been in a long distance relationship for 10 years (panjangnye adjective) has to live apart...AGAIN!!T_T

I don't know what God has for us. But it's sure a good thing. InsyaAllah..

Hubby at the konbini (convenient store in Nihongo). It was 130am in the morning..see my stuff there T_T..Sabar je la..sungguh x rela nk pindah T_T

Oh, for those of you who's still questioning y do I need to move ALONE to Hiroshima??
I will be pursuing my study there. InsyaAllah..
(seriously xde semangat lgsg T_T..Dear Allah..please give me strength)

Even Toyohashi and Hiroshima resides in the same country. But it is still an unfavorable condition for us.
The distance between these two places is about 580km. Weekend meeting is almost impossible except if we take shinkansen (the calling for bullet train in nihongo).
Again, it is almost impossible to take shinkansen every week. Coz the cost for return one ride will b about rm1k. That will mean no future for us in latter time T_T..
And so, we are still thinking of the possible ways of meeting one another as frequent as we can be. InsyaAllah..there will be blessings in disguise for us;)

I hope these distance will cause us nothing but making us closer at heart.
*pray hard*

Happy 2nd monthlyversary to a man who had made me fallen in lov everyday..
Once the QueenForADay

Friday, September 24, 2010

Did you...or will you??

Salam and Ohayou!!

It's a very nice morning today. So cool (not cold) that I am feeling fresh when I woke up this morning..hmm..this is what I lov in Japan..we don't really need aircond;p hihi..

Because my surrounding is so refreshing...I decided to do something (something???npk sgt xde keje sampai kene reke keje T_T).
Nk wat ape yek??sume keje x seronok..
yesh!!I decided to start with updating my blog with a new post;)

Tp tajuk yg I had in mind all need me to write a long post which I am not in the mood for that right now.

Therefore, I came out for this topic=p ahahah

For the ex-b2b, did u guys cried during ur solemnization??
For the b2b, will you??


Yes, I did cried immediately after they said -->SAH.

Ok, I think every bride who cried has their own reason for the tears.
For me, I was so sedey when I saw my mom n my sister.
As for my mom, I was so worried about her. Cause the only child who always teman her doing stuff was me. I was always the one to do the small things with her=( now I am so worried for her. And always I am the one who like to force her taking her meds. Nobody in the house wud have time to do that except me T_T now I have to always message my sister to remind her of that.

The one who cries with me in that photo is my sister.
Yeah..I cried the most when I hugged her.
I was soo sad cause by marrying my hubby ni, my life wudnt be d same anymore. I cannot be the sister who always go jln2 n buang mase with her nymore. A lot of things wudnt be d same. Tambah2, I moved to Japan as soon as I had the wife title.
There's a lot of things that I found I lost whenever I was entitled a wife.

But, no worries, solemnization ceremony is not at all a sad moment.
Everybody around you, especially both families mmg all happy celebrating our union and also theirs la kan.
Even I felt sad in some part of my heart, I did feels the joy of being halal for the man that I love. And yes, you did feel peace at last;)

Hopefully, this post has helped to clarify the feeling of us the ex-bride;)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The pre-bulan madu..sigh..

Salam ladies!!

It's so late but I have to force my eyes open. I need to get a flight ticket for my hubby since we didn't manage to get any from MAS.sigh..
N now, I am waiting for AirAsia to open its booking.hehe..just in time AirAsia coming here nampaknye;p
Oh well, we must get our ass back in Malaysia for my sister's wedding. So, that's why..we are searching for tickets like krezee..

Ok2..while waiting for this AirAsia, it reminded me of our pre-hanimun (sigh..I don't get it..hanimun is still hanimun fer me..but my hubby insisted in calling 'that trip' our pre-hanimun=| watever.)

I was reluctant to share with all of you my experience of the trip. Cz, first, i was so tired from the wedding. And second, I am sick. yesh, physically sick. I was in pain most of the time. However, I am trying my best to hide it from my hubby T_T..huk2..
n FYI, i didn't get a chance to go see doctor because...I just knew that I am sick when I was in the plane heading to Singapore. Very

Ok, my hubby was trying to sooth my pain by bringing me first, to..Orchard Road...with our luggage..sigh..haha..
However, due to my pain, I couldn't walk that much=(
Lucky me that he was not so impressed with that place. So, I don't have to go into all malls that I used to. I made no damage to his account so far..haha..

Put this picture in purpose. To show how difficult for us to find halal food there. I don't know whether we went to the wrong place or what.
This is from Ayam Penyet. My husband has to ask every stall there. And lucky we found one. Then i cud sit.haha..n to be save, v just had fish. Tp ini sgt2 sedap....

Good thing about Singapore is, it is small and the train is reliable (I must say). We arrived at our hotel in a very short time (plus I have been here once and there's not much difference from two years ago).
Yes girls, we were honey mooning in Sentosa Island, Singapore.
Why we choose this place??
1-Because it is the nearest place and suited to the time available for us to go honeymoon (remember, we got married just two weeks before Ramadhan)
2-Because hubby wanted to go to overseas no matter what. And we just have 3 days. Where else to go. And he didn't want any place in Indonesia..sigh..
3-Because we are excited to experience Universal Studio, Singapore.

Conclusion: We were not exactly went there for honey mooning. The main intention was..Universal Studio.bahahaha..

Me in front of the hotel. Syukur sgt cz in Singapore and Sentosa the public transport are, i don't have to walk much, hence the pain is under control..

I was so impressed when I walked further into this hotel. The design was somehow so different. Every facilities was like placed on top of the roof. Hmm..quite difficult for me to explain. Go there and see it urself k. The place is awesome.
Crap.I was blocking the pool T_T..The pool is soo mcm bes. But I can't go mandi cz remember..I was sick T_T..
The view from my room. I am not quite sure why was there so many kapal. Btw, this resort is located at the Siloso Beach. I think it is the most happening beach in Sentosa.

If i wasn't sick..I really wanna ride that thing!!

Finally...we reach our main destination.haha..the Universal Studio.

the first stop for the visit. Madagascar!!Belom ape2 lg dh terambik gamba yg official..T_T sgd20 kot..cant remember;p tp, the product sgt jelite.irresistable.

I was whining about my pain to my husband all the way untilll...I saw them!!the Penguins!!yey!!!I did hugged them..but the ranger tu warn me not to do that T-T
And then ade Alex, King Julien n Gloria.
There are many more.hihi..
Tibe2 dh x saket ye...

Oh well..I wud like to advice all of you not to go until the facilities are all up for play. I think for now, only half of the rides are open kot. I must say that the roller coaster is one that has amazed me. Ist hard to explain here. You guys must see it urself;)
So, if you guys go now, u'll missed the big rides cz they are mostly not yet ready.

We have to dismiss at 3. I know. It's a waste of ticket. Have to catch the plane. Even though not all rides are open, I had missed many already. Because...I have to catch the plane T_T

OH MY entry is getting longer!!

Just realized that booking period starts at 12pm tomoro T_T

dulu fesbuk, now this!

Salam hunniess (plural..haha)

Again, no wedding-related post=p Gomennasai...

Saje nk bgtau that now.. I am officially addicted to.....

this loaf T_T

Before we got married, we are eventually a long distance couple for about 10 years. He has been staying in Japan, yes, that long. Sms is the way we expressed our feeling. Wheneve I get sms from him, it's like a drug to me, and serotonin was released. I don't get to go dating frequently, but our style of connection has somehow given me the satisfaction.

During our everyday communication, I alwiz asked him about his meal of the day. And guess what, he ate this loaf every morning. I was feeling pity towar
ds him. And I used that fact to literally tortured him (by telling what I ate that day in Malaysia-roti canai la..nasi lemak la..yadda yadda).

Now, he introduced this loaf to me...and the taste is like..I don't know how to explain with words..sedap sgt...
And now I know why he ate it every morning for the past several years.

Currently, this has been my feveret snack. I love the slice to be mildly toasted. and very thin layer of strawberry layer on top..ughhh...sedap nye..
My day wud b perfect if the weather is around 25-30 degree, with this roti and calpis soda..sedapnye....

Afraid that I might get fat becoz of my new addiction ni..T_T

Tambah2 when I tried making pizza using the roti..terlalu sedap dpd yg kt kedai..waa...I have to stop this addiction!!but the roti is irresistable T_T

Am considering to make this roti as a souvenir when I get back to Malaysia..hihi

ok2..japanese food mmg sedap n no more denki sehin for the moment please..

Salam lovelies;)

Firstly, I would like to apologize as this entry is not related to wedding stuff.
hihi...I am so lazy to get another blog, hence this blog already becoming a rojak. Mind the rojakness will u??hehe

Since we got married, we cud hardly find time to go dating like other normal couples.
Yela after all the majlis settled I am busy with my prep to move to Japan.
My husband pulak busy with his stuff la kan. We were even went out separately mase kt Malaysia.
When we reached Japan, it's already Ramadhan. With him being so busy to the max, dating is not in the list. If there are free times, there's none other thing that I want him to do except, get enough rest.

Just yesterday, we finally have time to go out and doing stuff which I consider a waste of time=p dating xde tujuan.

Since it's about two weeks till my day of moving to Hiroshima, he decided to bring me shoping home stuff at the Nitori. Nitori is a mall like Ikea. Mmg mcm Ikea. It's just that I love Ikea more. the food court serve good food with good price=p
Mr hubby choosing cadar for his wife. I don'r have the interest to do shopping yg no..

Later we went to a shoping mall just beside Nitori. Yg x besnye..there's electric store at one of the floor T-T...I hate when we stumbled onto electric store. Cz my hubby will definitely forget about me and went all around the kedai until he literally memorized all the prices T_T.. i must say that electrical store is my hubby's feveret dating spot when we wer a couple T_T

His new passion for now. tp nye survey x abes2 T_T Plizla somebody convince him to just buy one and try first..uhuhu..

Went to the wayang and bowling alley. I was not in the mood for both. Adekah saye dh tue sbb x rase pon nk buat due mende tu T_T ..n we almost terbeli kasut bowling ..haha..sbb murah beno2..

Br pukul 1230 my hubby said he's almost fainted of starvation while we just had a heavy breakfast before we went out., carik mkn jom!

We are at the Joyful. It's a family restaurant yg open 24hours. And I just love the food. sgt sedap. This was the first time i actually ate Japanese food after been here for 2 months!!!ahaha...
And please...sgt sedap!!

My hubby's meal. More tasteful than mine T_T (as usual..I made faces and tada...we switched meal..ngehehe). I cook japanese rice at home. Tp knape x sedap mcm kedai ni??hmmpphh..

hehe...this post purposely written to show to this one particular friend, japanese food kt atas ni je..haha..

Sorry b2b for unrelated post..again T_T

Tokyo is getting near to Malaysia!!!

Salam beauties ^_^

Anyways, air asia has launched their flight to Tokyo! wee...Alhamdulillah...
my hubby said the price is soooo cheap. it's like ur one week belanje dapur here.

Unfortunately, I am not eligible to purchase coz I will b staying in Hiroshima, which is very far from Tokyo. The cost for me to get to Tokyo to get on the plane pon even mahal dpd the flight ticket itself.

Therefore, I will b waiting for AirAsia to come to Kansai, Osaka..*pray hard*.

My husband sgt he usually took his flights back from Tokyo. He can even balik Malaysia every week pon if he wanted too...

Anyways (lagi...)..for B2b who's still planning ur honeymoon, please consider Tokyo yeah. Promise you its a very nice place to stay. really...hihi...
Ada byk tpt menarik. I guess I'll make one entry to promote Tokyo la later.hihi..
Us yg bedating kt Tokyo. During that time, I didn't know tht I'm gona get married in the same year jugak..huh.kalo tau, simpan duet byk2;p

Btw, the ticket is open for booking this Thursday (23rd). Act fast!

Just read a bad post about myself. She said she's my bestfriend. But why was she ditching me without asking my clarification first=(

Wedding cake...the story

Salam and Konnichiwa...

What a co-incidence when almost everybody put new entries about wedding cake. I was thinking about my wedding cake.

Unlike most of the B2b, I didn't put much attention to it. In fact, I never intended to have one until a week until my wedding day. Still, I did asked here and there (the one with websites) for quotation.

At first, i was planning to have one small novelty cake. This was because I never want to see the cake end up in rubbish bins. That's the reason for small and yet memorable cake.
I asked a quotation from this one famous blogger. If I mentioned here, you guys sure familiar kan. I asked for one novelty cake (designed by me..very simple..plain and ade football and heels on top). The price she quoted was soo mahal. It's not her fault's just that I cannot afford it. i was then asking for some amendments to the design so that can fit into my budget. She said she will do try. After a month, I didn't get any reply from her. I did sent her an email but there was no reply. Pity me la x dpt cake cz budget rendah...T_T

After that, I decided to change to pulut kuning. I thought pulut kuning was way cheaper than the cake. And older people pon suke mkn.
To my surprise, they are actually quite the same price as the cake. It can reach even mahal than the cake for the same amount of tiers, unless if you guys nk buat sendiri.
I proposed the project of 'buat-pulut-kuning-sendiri' to my aunty. She was okay, until I learnt that for 3 tiers pulut kuning, we might need about 20kilos of pulut???omg..that wud be a troublesome for everybody!!!
And tht's y, i ended up with cakes.

There was another incidence which help convinced me to have wedding cake instead of pulut kuning.
During my bestie wedding, a lot of kids were waiting around the table, waiting to get their hands on the cake. I was so touched to see how happy their face during the waiting. Later when i turned, my frens yg dah taraf bapak2 budok asking for the whole 1 tier to be shared with others on the table. Wedding cake made them stayed longer.hehe..
I know these are just small reasons to add to yours. But, for me, these smalls things are huge=)

Wedding cakes during my reception. Typical three tiers. I wanted a fondant cake at first. However, my nieces and nephew wud not eat the cake if it's fondant. Also my frens yg dtg. They personally requested for cost siket kt situ=)
This wedding cake, you can get it at almost all cake house. Sbb ni cake yg biase saje. However, I found that cake house yg ade name like KINGS tu sgt2 expensive even for the butter cream. baik u go to secret recipe. You can get fondant cake yg sgt cantek and yet wayy cheaper.
I took an advice from my fren yg married few months before me. She advised me to go to cake house yg biase2 je. Sometimes their cake lg sedap n of course they sell it at cheaper price.
For the butter cream cake, you have two options whether sponge cake or butter cake. butter cakes are more expensive that the sponge cake (make sense la kan). But, butter cake wayy sdp than sponge cz the texture lg padat n the tastes are richer.
So, i chose butter cream cake with butter cake in the inside, and all tiers consisted of different flavors. The flavors are according to my feveret people's choice. One of the cake was orange flavor. To remind me of my late dad who loved orange cake so much=).
I thought I kept the story behind my wedding cake less complicated. Turned out, the story is quite...long;p

Oh, until the majlis ends, cake byk lagi remains. About one whole tier yg atas tu. Hmm..pelik y people x nk mkn yg chocolate.
So, until the day i fly, the remaining of the cake sat still on my dining table together with my hantaran cake T_T...huhu

wedding cake during my bertandang. The whole tiers are fondants and REAL. haha..all tiers could be eaten k. My MIL had a hard time to distribute this cake to people;p hihi..Tp sedap la..butter cake inside (of course la kan sbb fondant).

Everytime I saw the picture of us duringbertandang, I feel jealous with my hubby. His baju was superb la..while mine x siap from head to toe. xpe2..I looked fine no matter what=p

We will be separated again in 10 days=( i was crying last night thinking about that (with background snore by my bedmate) T_T

Friday, September 17, 2010

For Vanilla and Peppermint and Saidah!


It's late already (at least in Japan)..but I have to post this...I have to post this;p


Another bestie of mine is pregnant!!

She is Paie (Faie) from Vanilla and peppermint!!theeeheheh....(mcm ruangan gosip pulek..)

Spotted!!Paie kanan skali.yg paling behemah tu beliau la..haha..lihat di kiri skali (yg lg slim dpd perantin T_T)..sape tu??kalo pandai, sile teke;p
*selection of this picture becoz of 'minimal' pose by pengantin. Hence, this will not overshadow the person that I wud like to describe ;p LOL*

Huh....(calming down)..
two brides of SajenTwo (my dorm during my stay in SAMURA) also brides of 2010 dh preggy.
They are Faie and Ida.

I pray the best for both of you. I love you all..Take care. See u with baby bumb in a few months!!

SCR...sile sediekan due kusi spesel for these two moms yekk (let's pray it's gona be three, k.)

KetueDOM: QueenForADay

Flower girls

Salam beauties...

Suddenly I am in the mood of writing. Bare with it for a while will u??hihi..

I think nowadays it's a must for a wedding to have flower girls kan?
However, sometimes brides would prefer to have bride's maid yang ramai2 tu cz they are of course more reliable and cud also be used as good props too (when it comes to photoshoot nnt;p).

One of the reason bride refused to have flower girls plak cz they are difficult to control (yela budak2) and no time to train.

Nonetheless, most of the wedding I attended, they had both.

For me, I had flower girls as well as bride's maid.
They are my flower girls. My nieces. The most front is Qasrina (Baby) and at the back is Qistina (kakak). They are at the age of mmg susah nk ctl. I expected that. But they are the only nieces that I have and I would love them to function for my wedding. Hence, the flower girls.
Oh btw, Baby has always be the cutest among the cutest=)

Btw, our w-planner has not just messing up with pelamin and my dress. They also forgot to provide me with flower girls' dresses. During our discussion, they promised to provide them but at the end..hummpphh..I don't how to describe them nymore..
So, one day before my wedding, we have to go seek for the dress. It's not that difficult cz we had previously aimed for this one kedai in PKNS. They sell a lot of flower girls dresses. I couln't remember the name of the kedai, but it is located dekat hujung2. Not in the middle.oke??

Mak Lang who misses her nieces and nephew T_T

My bunga pahar

Salam ladies...

Ok, I got another boring post to share here..hehe

It's about my bunga pahar.
Apparently, I was not able to capture a better view of my bunge pahar T_T...sob2..hopefully there are a few by OP later.

On my wedding day, there are two types of bunga pahar.

One made up of brocket- this is DIY by me. I just love every single thing about it. *bias sbb sendiri buat kot=p*

Another one-made up by crystal flowers. But as u can see..x nmpk pon crystalnye. I don't know but crystals are just do not look good in pictures. sigh..(or it's my camere, I'm not sure). This bunga pahar my kakak tempah.

That's all the short entry about my bunga pahar. All and all, bunga pahar nowadays are still pricey. Unless if u do not bother much about the design, u can get as low as 60cents a piece;)
Choose wisely and good luck to DIY!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

The knot for Mr. Hubby

Salam ladies...

I had high fever indeed...oh yes..with food poisoning too..T_T
I wud consider today is miracle cz apparently Mr. HUbby return home quite early to be able to go to kusuriya (pharmacy) n buy me ubat ;) hihi..n now I am fit as a fiddle.Alhamdulillah..

Well...during my demam siang td..I don't have the energy even to watch tv. I was so mad that I wasted one day of my honeymoon ..T_T..(i mean honeymoon in my study life la). I had also attempted to post another entry to this blog. Tp larat letak gamba je..that's how bad my condition was.

I remembered my frens were asking about my ring..n also his ring.
Em..actually I was feeling reluctant to share info about the ring. *bukan kedekut...cume segan;p*
Tp I think it's ok for hubby's ring kot. my ring to custom design so, it was my personal design la *ngade*
But my mom hates the ring cz bukan emas kale kunin kan??huhu..
*mak..its not like I wanna trade my wedding ring..sigh*

Hubby's ring was from Diamond Platinum. It is a platinum ring. No doubt for him to wear it for solat. Simple je. Just like he wished.

Ok. Now mystery has been solved;p

Merenjis.Boleh ke??

Salam lovelies...

I think I got food poisoning kot. I am feeling nausea since morning. In fact I dreamed about having nausea and bloated. I cannot think of food right now or I'm gonna throw up.
Oh,'s not the baby YET.hehe..
I mmg cannot eat junkfood yg byk n also junkdrink=p Lol!!But I was so stubborn and I ate those for my supper. Quite a FYI, japanese junkfood sgt2 oiiishiii (sedap). n also the drink. I am kinda of addicted to it T-T..
The good side of me feeling nausea rite now is..I'm gona stop feeling addictive as this nausea is so x bes T_T
*excuse me..I'm going to throw up*

Ok, let's begin with the topic.
Will you guys do merenjis in ur ceremony??
At first, I refused to do so. Because..a lot of my friend said it is against Islam. I kept in my heart all the way that I won't be having merenjis ceremony. And I know my mom will no be agreed to my idea.
I talked to my mom about this.
She said, she wants to do it even though I refused. She said, the most important is our niat.
She also said, if we think of imitating other religion from the start, thats where will get the sin.
So, I agreed.

As my friends know me. I am a person who is not really warak (in apperance I must I wouldn't tell how warak my inside is).
However, I tried to do as much as I cud to not neglect any of my duties towards Allah s.w.t.
Especially when it comes to my wedding day. I don't want the start of my new journey to be full of faults.

I did googling about this topic.

One of the answer that helps clearing my mind was from here which says..

Perarakan, pelamin dan persanding yang dilarang ialah apabila pasangan pengantin melakukan beberapa perkara yang dilarang oleh Islam seperti membuka aurat, bersolek, menunjuk-nunjuk kemewahan pakaian, barang kemas dsbgnya. Ia juga termasuk dalam kategori membazir.
Jika pasangan pengantin berpakaian seperti kebiasaan asalkan kemas dan menutup aurat dan maka tidak ada salahnya untuk bersanding. Ianya adalah sepertimana orang biasa berpakaian kemas dalam kehidupan harian mereka ke pejabat, majlis dsbgnya.
Tepung tawar dan tabur beras kunyit adalah dari budaya hindu dengan kepercayaan ianya dapat menyelamatkan pasangan drpd sebarang nasib buruk atau gangguan makhluk halus. Ia sekarang ini menjadi adat kebiasaan masyarakat melayu tanpa mengetahui sebab-sebab di belakangnya. Mereka melakukannya bukan kerana memohon perlindungan tetapi sebagai menyerikan majlis.

عن ابن عمر قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم من تشبه بقوم فهو منهم
حسن صحيح - حجاب المرأة 104 ، الارواء

"barangsiapa yang menyerupai sesuatu kaum ia termasuk dalam gulungan mereka"

Justeru hukumnya adalah haram jika dilakukan sebagai satu cara memohon perlindungan, harus jika ia adalah sekadar penyeri majlis tanpa apa-apa maksud lain di sebaliknya.
Diketahui bahawa sesetengah pihak melarang hal-hal di atas kerana ia bukan berasal dari budaya Islam. Hal ini diakui namun perlu diingatkan bahawa Islam tidak melarang sebarang adat dan budaya selagi ia tidak mengandungi unsur-unsur haram di dalamnya.

(Sumber:Hafiz Firdaus)

Photos of us during merenjis. I found it fun. I wud consider this one of the way we meet each other's family members one to one.hehe..And they usually wished us personally during merenjis tu.
Oh, my merenjis only contained bunga rampai and air mawar (tipu punye). Cz my mom wanted to minimize the imitation to other culture. Thank you mom!;)

Ok, end of this heavy topic.
Anyways, you guys are still free to state ur own opinion as I consider this is a sensitive issue.

Ex-b2b with sensitive stomah,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The saviour

Salam beauties...

I am one of the bride who suddenly has problemsss with jerawats as the date got near.
I really feel annoyed as I am a person who do not have to go so far for facial care. But y..mase nk kawen..jerawat mcm mase kite nk reach puberty T_T

I've tried everything yg ade kt watson tu dah. During that time I was seriously broke. I was watching every pennies out. What's worst, I didn't allocate any money for this face problem. n yes, they really took quite big portion of it.

After many2 failed attempts (while it's gettin worse)..I decided to beli yg mhl tros!!
I am a Shiseido user. So, I tried Shiseido dulu.
And worked. yes, in one night.

However, the jerawats mmg akan keep coming all the way of your preparation. I think that cannot be avoided. That's just how your body responds to tiredness.
So, this cream that I am about to show you really works wonders.

This is the cream. It's a clear coloured cream so u can apply it on even on the make up=) Oh, apply it frequently tau.

Hope this helps for b2b who's still experimenting remedies for jerawats.

FYI, i dh x pakai dh cream as soon after everything settled..i hardly seen any bumps on my face.huhu..see..seriously ni sume angkare stress..

Gudluk b2b..n Happy Syawal!

Raye pengantin baru di perantauan (sedih sungguh tajuk T_T)

Salam ladies!!

Actually I am not in the mood of writing. But this time I need to force myself to do this cz I am getting lazier everyday since jd housewife ni..haishh...scared if this continues till start of October T_T..
I gotta find 'the spirit' back. I consider the doing doctorate in Hiroshima is the biggest 'war' I have ever let mysef gotten involved to T_T

Knowing my lazy bump..I have never wanted a hard way.
That's why, I have never looking for a man. I let the man find me. lol!
So, only a man who is rajin enuf to chase me, wins.
*ape yg aku mengarut ni;p*

Ok2, as the tajuk written on's about my very2 pengantin baru..yg beraye di perantauan T_T (I can't believe I am one of those who has to raye di perantauan T_T..why!!why!!!doshte!!doshte!!)

Raya was on Friday rite??
My hubby got his cuti approved on Thursday..11p.m T_T (I know it's so pathetic).
Nevertheless, I was still feeling grateful of at least he got to cuti.
So, he decided to bring me raya at the embassy in Tokyo. Lagipun, our arrival was expected by En. Rozian (the pegawai in the malaysia embassy). He spared us a room in his house. Tht's how kind he is.

And so I was packing while he broke his fast and had a short rest.
We started our journey at 330a.m. The journey was about 300km and it took us about 4hours to reach Tokyo. Honestly I didn't feel like 4 hours pn until...I sang raya song about baju raye...

That time I realized that...we left our one and only baju raya at home T_T..It was when we past the 150th km of our journey. Turning back??x logik sunggoh..T_T..

So, the black awan was following me through the rest of the journey.
I was thinking...what my hubby going to wear (while looking at him wearing a shirt and a short =[)..
Suddenly I remembered there's a parcel from my mom in the boot. I open it (laju2..abes tecabot sume)..n I saw a baju kuron..I was so relieved..n quickly told my hubby about my plan: pinjam baju en. Rozian..after long waiting for en. rozian to reply..we managed to get one pink baju melayu for mr. hubby.yatta...

However, I was still feeling frustrated. Cz baju raye I mmg lawa (prasan) ..n d most important hubby cud only wear baju raye on 1 syawal je..bile lg die nk pakai baju baru hantrn tu..huhu..kesian mr hubby T_T..

That's the reason we ended up of unmatched everything..
See our pictures everything x kene ...

Us in front of the Embassy of Malaysia in Tokyo. sob2..baju raye kitorang..dahla fes time raye same2 T_T..serbe x match
This photo plak just to show how I was alone that day. Most of them already knew each other. I was so frustrated when Malay don't welcome Malay in an outside community. So sad when it happens. Oh, another thing, look at the sweet couple behind me. You wud be jealous of how they treated each other. They are sooo in love that you can definitely see.

Rase glemer sebentar mase kt embassy cz I was dropped off by a Mercedes and later picked up by Mercedes jgk..haha..padehal nobody pon =p

Afterwards, kt rumah En. Rozian I was helping the others preparing food for open house in the evening. Only god knows how I held my tears remembering home.

When the VVIP arrived. Yg baju cokolat tu is the ambassador.

Here, we only raya 1 day je..Second day, I didn't feel as it is raye pon..
So, my hubby bring me shopping at the Nippori. It's a heaven utk beli2 kaen2 ela ni. Sgt murah. I especially love the cotton. I bought mostly kain yg murah2 je cz I x sampai hati to let my hubby pay for everything. I wud rather he buys for his family first..
*I can't wait for my schola masok (hate to be dependent on others T_T)*
Unfortunately, no photos of me in Nippori..terlampau sibuk pileh kaen..hehe

Oh, actually we went to Nippori to send hubby's fren beli kaen buat baju nikah;) hehe..
Later he wanted to buy boot n shoes kot.
That's how we ended up in Ueno.
Ueno is really a pasar i cud say. Mmg mcm pasar. But more clean of course=)
Seriously it's a heaven for sports brand mcm Nike and Adidas. They sell it lambak2 je..and it's genuine guys..

Me and mom-to-be lepaking at a Kebab stall in Ueno. She cannot walk much, so that's y.hehe

Mase kt Ueno all hubbies were out of ctl. We lost them T_T..balik2 tgk dorang plak shoping byk2 T_T..

Next, we went to Tokyo Dome.

Us in front of Tokyo DOme..serius xde feeling pegi sini..The guys besla telompat2..huhu
This place adelah tempat baseball game. Also, ade many2 rides surrounding the dome ni. So, this place mmg antare attraction in Tokyo. Rides on hari raye??No, thanks=|

Third day of Syawal..
Actually we wer supposedly spend our day in Toyohashi (where my home is). But En. Rozian insisted to bring me to Gontemba Outlet Store. It's on the way to Nagoya (the city where I live). So, no reason for my husband to refuse his proposal kan.
Us with En. Rozian's 'big family'. Actually all of us are not related to En. Rozian. Yet he let us stay in his home and pay for our meal T_T..baiknye..All the boys are my hubby's friend. Me??no fren lo..T_T

That's how I spent my raya as the newlywed n teros beraye di perantauan.
Honestly, I still missed my family=( like I am not ready to leave yet T_T..up until now, I still missing my mom, n sisters=( I miss the moment of going raya every weekends in Syawal to frens house sume..bukan nk mkn pon..nk jmpe and borak2 je..I miss everything in Malaysia T_T..

Sekian, luahan perasaan saye..sob2 T_T

Wassalam n selamat berhari raye..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

beautiful day it is..

Salam n hello=)

Today probably is the second last day before eidulfitri. As far as I cud remember, 1 Syawal has never been so enjoyable as 1 Ramadhan. I don't know why, but the moment of waiting for 1 Syawal rase lg bes pulak..

Maybe the adrenaline dah degrade by days kot..hehe..

It has been a month since my husband took me away..n it's never been this refreshing here in Japan. Since morning, the temperature has never been more than 25 dgree. Its my feveret temperature to be in. Its just that, I cant drink coffee and hubby is at work. Or else, its gonna be the perfect day=)

Oh, to remind me of this one good day, here I would like to wish all of you..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..

Mase dulu2..I have never said this with my that I become wiser..I mean it when I said this; Maaf Zahir Batin..really..Apologize if any of my words ever hurt ur feelings.

I guess everybody will be busy cooking for hari raye rite. Most of u sure bz baking ni T_T..I baked some..but I dont have the proper bekas now they masuk angin T_T..
so, I decided to only bake cake jela..

While you guys tgh cop2 kuih tu..I wanna share the montage during my bertandang ceremony.
Actually, hubby n me never intended to have one. Cz we want to keep it simple. Plus, he is not around to accompany me doing all this sweet stuff i have to embrace the fact that I wont have this touching2 display T_T..(which I want so bad since kecik;p)

The montage actually was a surprise gift by his aunt and cousin. We just knew that there was a montage during our mkn beradab. So, that's y I didn't eat well during bertandang walaupun sgt2 sedappppp....!!!

Unfortunately, I could not attach the file here. Tried several times, but it says error.

So, here's the link to MY BERTANDANG MONTAGE.

Final words, to b2b who's counting the days (terutama yg boleh bilang dgn jari..)..please watch ur food intake k..our raya foodies tu dahla byk lemak..haha..

Salam Aidil Fitri=)
QueenForADay di perantauan T_T

Friday, September 3, 2010

A thank you post

Salam Ladies..

This morning hubby handed me a card, its easier for me to transfer the photos without the needs to on another computer. Hence, less complicated in posting a new entry=p hehe..

So, I found lots and lots of photos of me n hubby during 'acare bukak hadiah'.

Part of the hadiah that we received

Us just after the bride's reception=) ur wishlist actually worked??
In my case, they do=) So, buat wishlist k.

However, I got many little things jgk. These people tau yg I will not be staying in Malaysia. So, they wud like me to have things that I cud carry with me to Japan. They are especially my close friends and of course my family members.
People said u'll b murah rezeki after u got married. It's true=) Alhamdulillah..

It's been a month, but I still couldn't find the opportunity to thank you all yg sudi bg hadiah.

Thank you Thank you.

Oh, personally wud like to thank my mom n MIL. Dorang punye hadiah mmg plg superb la..xtau nk pakai yg mane satu T_T..huhu..

To my sister who knows whats best for me..mcm tau2 je I lack of another piece. Thank you for the earrings=)

Hmm..if I wanna list it down, it's gonna be another boring post kan??
So, I guess I'll stop here=p


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thank You Ajid=)

Salam ladies..

It's past 1 hour since berbuka time. I just had a small cup of bubur caca while waiting for hubby to come home.'s been like this since then. But, wat to do. He works with japanese yg ske sgt keje T_T..
Called him just now and he's still outside of the office...and it took him 1 hour to reach office back and haf and hour to reach home. So, can u guys imagine at wat time only he cud have his proper meal???

Ok2..back to the topic.

I'm sure you guys have ur own unofficial photographer rite?? I had my own too..He is my cousin who is 17 with a very high passion in photography. He has everything that a photographer might have. U just name it and u jaw will drop open=p haha..

I used his photos to be uploaded in here and also my fb. Hmm...I think gamba2 unofficial are somehow important cz by the time photos from OP dpt, u r already pengantin basi=p My mom siap cuci all the photos lg cz cannot wait for the OP. hehe..

Called him Ajid and just discovered he also got a blog=) and
guess what??my wedding photos are featured in it=) besaaaa punye=p

take a look HERE

Oh, I don't have the chance to thank him for his hard work covering all ceremonies. Oh, I tell u, he did all for free=) Thank you Ajid =)

Oh crap! I cudn't find any photos of me with him (lumrah photographer xde dlm gambar)..
But, I managed to find one..hihi..

Spotted!Ajid at the most right..checking his hp kot..

That's all about my unofficial photographer (unOP)


Fine!the home..finally=p

Salam ladies..

hehe..many posts in a day.Tiring huh??

Ok, I have to put up this post no matter what. Cz my frens are waiting this one for so long=p

It's my new home.

Thoroughly, my house consisted of 'rumah bujang punya perabot'. I'm okay with it cz I only live here for 2 months je T_T huhu..(then I have to pindah to Hiroshima ALONE to pursue my study T_T)

The living room. Where the TV is..

The heart of a home. In japan, u will find the kitchen first when u enter a home.

The bilik2 air..hehe..oh, shud I put the photos showing the inside??=p

Mesin basuh pun nk tunjok??

Bed room=p it's quite huge..I don't know which part to show=p

From our veranda. It's hubby's parking lot.

The veranda and ampai kain.So tinggi..susah nk ampai T_T

The housewife's office=p

So, that's it!!any questions??LOL!!



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