Friday, July 30, 2010

my deja vu

Salam loves..
my eyes dh swollen cz of too much crying. I was bursting into tears when I tried on my reception dress. The dress was hancus!!I felt like wearing a costume! It's unforgiven!

I took a wedding package, with a new dress included. I know the dress wont be fully mine. But, the tailor shud make according to my size.If ever she wanted to be creative, I shall not looks like a mascot wearing mono size of a mascot!

I think I really understand how Aim feels when her nikah outfit was ruined by the tailor=(

Really hopes they'll realize how much I hate to wear it when they see me cried=( I didn't deliberately pour my's just happen!So embarrased when everybody saw me cried becoz of the baju. And yet they's late already..nothing much they can do..while I sent all d designs, the kain in early May.

Now, who's to blame??

But, knowing mysef, finding someone to be blamed is just waste of time.

Now, I need plan B.

B2b who's always pray that everything will going on smooth for her wedding..
and thinks to achieve perfectness, there's challenges to be faced prior to that;

Thursday, July 29, 2010

guestbook??hentam saja!

Salam laling2 sekalian..

I have no idea for the guestbook.
Y?-Becos I need it to be practical!Tht's possible to be kept intact forever. Afraid if i add ribbons n flowers everywhere, by nextyear, dh jadik mcm harte karun titanic=p ahahaha..

So, I just printed out my wedding layout.
glued them on the cover of a sketch book (bought in MPH..u guys told me to find it there, n i did..thnak u=]) to protect the cover from weather n watsoever elements that might ruin it?
tau x clear folder??I just selitkan d cover inside a clear folder.
Taraaa!!!here how it looks like=)

Don't forget to leave ur marks in there ok??


doorgift n significance-episode 2

Salam ladies!

I'm going to make this entry short. Don't worry=p
These are d cake slices that I packed yesterday. They are orange cake. chocolate.
Selection of orange butter cake is the way to remind my family and relatives of my late dad who loved orange cake very2 much!

Al-Fatihah to Allahyarham Rosli B. Joned. May U rest in peace.
I love u abah!

The banner-finally=)

Salam lovelies..

It's so late already. I just finished packing cake slices for the doorgift. Sakitnye pinggang T_T..
Jerawats getting worse.
So, the tips here, prepare with the most expensive ubat jerawat ever k!
U will be in a very deep stress. Even u tried to be under control, but ur body is not easy to get cheated.
If u r tired, ur body will respond immediately T_T..get enuf rest (haha..try telling that to mysef!)
Ok, enuf2..
I just want to share with u guys the banner that I'll put at the gate.

So, if u guys see this banner, that's my wedding going on lah.ahaha..

Hope to see u guys there!^_^

Yes, people usually called me Wani. In some special case, I am well-known s Boyan;p

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

doorgift n significance

Salam ladies!

Ahh..(ngantuknye T_T)

Being in research area for so everyday language pon dh jadik sgt scientific..Gosh..I am no fun nymore T_T..
Btw, my doorgift ade pelbagai.y??becoz I cannot afford to buy them in a big quantities, therefore I have to mix them up. Another reason will fullfill everybody's interest.

One of my doorgift which I had been wanting for so long was tat nenas.
Becoz of d tat was so gedabaks!only four pieces are fitted in a box. But, can do la.ahahha..

Cz Mr. lover suke sgt tart nenas.

But..I can't afford tat nenas (tambah2 yg saiz bengkak cani T_T)

Told my sister the dilemma...
And..she senyap2 bought many2 pieces (cannot tell d exact figures la=p) for me. yey!!

Here they are..packed in boxes.

Oh, they too are put a goodie bags. SO, only certain people will get. What to do..xde bajet T-T


So sedey that I cannot provide kuih raye for my frens anymore T_T

Nikah doorgift

Salam lalingss...

Remember the pink paper bag that I made mysef??
So everything dh siap..
The paper bags are for nikah goodies.
Alhamdulillah..ada rezeki sikit..nk share with those yg sudi spend time to witness my nikah.

Dalam dia ada ape??ahehhe...npk x gamba kt bwh ni??sure u guys can teke aite?;)

The proper packaging. Love it. Just like what I have imagined. That's y I desperately looking for plain pink paper bag!

Next photo: The TQ tag for nikah goodie. Simple saje..but can do lah=p
Oh, btw..d gambar isn't that clear..bwh name tu..ade 'The solemnization';)

Only God knows one's sincerity;

impianku berkecai lagi T_T

Salam ladies T_T

First of all..I was so depressed!cz I just changed the whole setting for my dais. Reason??cz my mom n me just knew that d hall is sooooo tiny minnie T-T uhuhuu..too late to change. We'v been cheated by the hugeness from outside.

But, never mind. I chose this hall because it's near to my house (yela, its my housing area's hall). So, it is easily accessible to my neighbors n my relatives. I love the home concept too. Plus, my neighbor pon dh jd like my family since my dad passed away. Most of them are too old to put them into troubles going to far2 away dewan. I want them to be comfortable especially I'm doing this for my mum. She wanted the wedding at the first place pn.

At first, I thought d hall was a two badminton court's size. I went there last Saturday, it's just one T-T ..huuuu..I can't tell u how devastated I was. So, the setting discussed at first wit my decorator hs to be altered from A-Z. So, no roman-style for me T-T

This is the hall that I'm gona use. 2 minutes from my house=p ahahah

So, the hall is small. We have came out with plan B.
The plan is..tambah kemah.
So, my wedding will have two parts, the formal event will b held in the hall..n d santai2 will b outside. I think it's quite acceptable to have the concept despite of my ruined DAIS T_T

Well girls..please pray for the weather to like me, okay=)

Oh oh..remember, wedding isn't just all about u.

Monday, July 26, 2010

ade org ngumpat saye..

salam lovelies..

Short intro: I AM SOOO DAMN TIRED WITH ALL THE PREPS!!n now I am blaming my mom for giving me a very few siblings!huh!

Short content related to tajuk: ade org ngumpat saye kt sini.
Short conclusion: Will definitely missing U, Fifi T_T..I think v have shared so many feelings n downs..i must say that we'v grown up at critical time together. Anything, please blame my husband for colekking me from u all T_T worries la a few years, I am sure we will b working our a** for UM tecinte T_T hahaha..SEE U THEN!;pp/s:ni gamba baby utk tatapan ko selame 3 thn (insyaAllah..)..yela..aku xde, sape nk bwk baby jmpe ko plak kang..sian ko..nnt pas 3 thn aku kenal kan ko balik ngan baby...=|


Thursday, July 22, 2010

I got showered!-special entry for two angels;)

Salam lovelies..

Yesterday was a very..i must say..touching day for me. But, I'm glad cz I knew that so many people actually love me..sob2..
I lov u guys so deeply until I couldn't said thank u properly...
I don't think that the word 'thank you' can explain well how i appreciate ur doings=(
However, THANK YOU =)

My day started very gloomy when I have to go to Plaza GM (I didn't know where d hell it was at first). BUt i managed to find it without sesat. But d Chow Kit!!No wonder I never dreamed of going there. Seriously, brg kt sane wayyyyyyyyyyyy murah. For those who'd like to do business, u must try find stock there. All kedai borong. But I just can't stand such situation. So sesak n scary plus creepy. The polices are everywhere.

Ok, then, my FMIL called. Ajak pegi meeting with our w-planner.

Before that, I have to send my mom for her check-up session. There, I met "Makcik" (the name I called for this one makcik pengurus pusat tusyen. I was d teacher at d tuition center for few years. But this year, x aja). She was so surprised to see me. I have never came to visit her. Then she hugged me n cried!She hugged me so tight. I didn't know how to react. She said she missed me=( when I told her that Im gona move to Japan..she hugged me again T_T..I was so touched and at the same time very clueless..Is that how Makcik really loves me??Owh..T_T

Then, i went to w-planner.
U know, actually I am a BAJULESS perantin!haishh..I know=(
My baju nikah suddenly they said they didn't do (it's a very long story on this..I'm thinking of putting special post on this later).
But, to let everybody live in peace, I just pick d baju in d boutique je. Lucky me..there's this baju yg gojes really fits my body. No alteration??o_O (jrg2 berlaku cz I am so petite..ahahha)

At 8 I arrived at d TGI Friday's d Curve.
Pity the two ladies hv to wait for me.
At first, they look normal..
Then the surprises started..
They crowned me, made me wear a sash (which ws so lovely) and handed me a bouquet of pink rosess!! Owhh..I was so speechless=(Then all the staff there made me sing..
I got mental block!then i sang tepuk amai2 (crap!)
I gave speech n they made me tiup lilin which was 1metre away..I was almost spitting T_T

D crown, roses n d self-made sash (d sash bole masok malaysian book of record cz no benang n jarum was used along d process;p u cn see gam tumpah2 quite clear..haha)

It's been a long time since I felt this happy in my entire ADULT life.
I would like to thank you these two special ladies who have made me smile n cried all night=)

The two wonderful girls!

Part of the moment recorded;)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

once upon a the year 2000;)

Salam ladies!!

My mission for bilik pengantin was quite different when most of my bajus were put inside a HUGE luggage..huu T_T pindah teros (mcm masyarakat melayu Afrika pule..). So, while kemas2, mmg sume harte karun pon terjumpela..termasok la dedication notes mase skolah2 dulu=p hihi..

Oh, my gosh..I've forgotten dah. I got a book of dedication notes. Most of them I didn't even remembered who!haha (yela, most of them was using nick names..for example peminat MM..sape nk tau sape tu peminat MM??=|)

Among all pieces, I was smiling when I saw this. haha..

This was the note stuck to an ice-cream dedication. I knew I'll get one even before the day they distributed the dedication. Cz a friend of mine (my dormmate) was screaming like crazee on this one nite, telling me that 'this particular guy' sent me a dedication (the dedication was organized by her she knew).

At that moment, seriously..I don't give a damn;p haha..
Until..I saw the dedication..
Ade ke org suroh bls??teros terang tules suroh balas??haha..
So, among many dedications I had received (ceh..xdela byk mane;p), this one has caught my attention (tsk2..sgt kotor skali taktik ini budak;p)

So, I replied this dedication cant remember cz I was rarely dedicate anything to anybody;p ngahahaha..

And now, in 2 weeks I'll be his wife;)

All this happened when we are in form, do ur maths;p

* Is it normal??cz I really feel overwhelming with lov..I didn't do anything!neither does him!

During my MIA

Salam lovelies=)

Yosh!dah bape hari x menjenguk blog saye sendiri apetah lg anda2 yg laen..
I've been busy doing all the stuff for doorgift. Oh my gosh..seriously..pengantins..ur hands akan jadik coarse when everything u wanted to do bu ursef. But, since i've insisted to do it all by myself..
now my jari sarung cincin dah ade kulit mati yg sgt tebal,
ibu jari kebas dh 4 hari,
jari telunjuk n jari hantu telah pon melecur akibat gam tembak T_T
pinggang???tak usah nk ckpla...rase mcm nk pth pon ade..T_T..
tengkuk??kalo sehari lg extend wat mende ni..mmg ade yg kene pakai penyokong kepale..T_T
but, when everything siap, i did felt the satisfaction. It comes when everything has your touch=)

see..kotak2an yg berjaye dimuatkan dlm satu skrin kemere henpon..kotak kt bwh tu penuh ngn bekas telur..maleh nk snap cz my pinggang cannot b bent nymore..=|

Buat mende ni la my jari got burnt..pedih gle kene gam tembak T-T

The improvised version of goodie bag;p

The truth is, my budget for doorgift mmg dah sgt lari.
Firstly, becos I didn't expect ribbons are that expensive..n I didn't expect we need like loads of loads of rolls for everything!
Secondly, I always have doubt whether..'are these enuf for everybody??' or 'wow, I wud luv to giv that out for my wedding'. Therefore, so far, I haven't yet decided on what I wud put inside the goodie bags. Plus, I have second thought to add some more of the goodie bags. Afraid there's people yg x dpt nnt. I don't want that to happen=(

So, I guess, another allocation that you guys must be very careful is the doorgifts.
And don't forget to give it with open heart with aim to share your happy day.

Remember; memberi lebih baik dpd menerima=)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

my wish


Got a phone call from my beloved supervisor..
Die bg ceramah pasal my future in Japan T_T huu...
How to b a gud 'duta' there..while I'm thinking of not going...(going to be a duta..NO.going ikot hasben nak la T_T)
How can I open my mouth to tell her about MY plan pulak T-T..I am so messing up with two big institution. Blah ar Wani...booooo!!

Ok, pliz ignore the above..T_T

Time ticking so fast when the date gets nearer..I didn't said this saje2..I am really experiencing this..
ade one time ni..i nk beli kertas je...pastu tgk jam, i actually spent 1 hour to buy kertas??wat the...T-T
(mengarut lg)

As the date gets nearer, my only wish is...I want my wedding to be:
1) lancar..terutame mase nikah..x kirela kene lafaz bape kali pon..hehe
2) many people are attending
3) as less complicated s possible
4) a reunion

Ya Allah, please help T_T

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

wedding of my dream

Salam ladies..

Last week I went to a wedding of my fren back in UM..She's got a blog fact its very popular;)
Her nikah ceremony was held 4 month before that. And it was beautiful. I must say that its indeed in our my case..i can only imagine je la..hahaa..n well executed;) nk imagine jugak??ok2..die mcm dlm ayat2 cinte muvi;) but..slightly prettier than in d muvi cz this one is live!

oke2..back to the reception story..
The reception was held at the Seri Pacific Hotel. So, it's a hotel..people expect it to be grande!
but, turned out..the people were wrong. It was a very simple ceremony..but so meriah!!just like what I want for my wedding!I am so jealous (jeles yg positif yee..) cz she managed to execute it well..huu..I am so proud of her and her family. That's what I gota say. I really want my wedding to be ringkas..but a lot of people are coming. I just want to meet all of u there. I don't care about the flowers who eventually will die!lol!
huuuuuuuu.........T_T how i wish my mom thinks like me T_T

Finally, it's me and them at d wedding;) MasyaAllah..beliau mmg gojes setiap mase..

b2b who always in last minute T_T

corsage for penanggah

Salam ladies..

Sure most of us in KL will hire caterer for the wedding rite? So am I..
But, my mom asked me to do a few corsages just in case if there's people helping around but they are not relatives. This was usually happened in my housing area where we've got a few people yg sgt ringan tulang..n also few neighbors yg sgt helpful. So, y don't v honor them with a small token of appreciation;)

Because of this is a last minute thing, I was just using leftovers here n there. Sorry para penanggah sekalian T-T..i really am broke T_T huuu..

Here's how it looks;) I know its not pretty..but i guess this will do;p

Oh, tp sbb gune leftovers..x cukop..esok kene g kedai beli lg bahan2 mentah T-T
n d towels...

Oh, Im so last minute!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The map;)

Salam guys..

U know u all are invited rite??
If u guys would like to receive my invitation card, please don't hesitate to leave me ur address;)
But for those who'd like to go green, here's the map to the wedding.
Really happy to share my wedding day with all of you who's been with me during ups and down;)

Map to the bride's reception (1/8)

Map to the groom's reception (7/8)

B2b who'd like to leave a ur prep as soon as possible. Don't postpone even the thing is sooo remeh T_T huuu


Wedding prep is stressful! especially if only 3 weeks left. It's no fun guys.. HUuuu..T_T

Thursday, July 8, 2010

SCR..Atiq..Fifi..Cammy..Aim..sile bace post!

Salam ladies..

yey!!finally i got something to post. hehe..thanks to missButterfly for awarding me award eh??*_^

okeh2, witout wasting anymore lines..n's the soalan susah2 gle (=p) for me to answer as an award winner=p

1. Link kepada orang yang bagi award ni

2. Nyatakan sebab musabab anda minat kaler PINK :
sbb saye nampak comey la ble pakai kale pink;ppp

3. Sejak bila suka kaler PINK :
x sedar bile bukak almari je..sume mendealah kale pink..T_T

4. Nyatakan 5 barang yang anda paling sayang yang kaler nyaPINK :
0.kasot saye byk gle kale pink (but not that into pink=|)
1. tops (yg sgt a lot T-T)
2. tudon yg match ngan top2 pink itew..
3. eyeshadow pon kale pink T-T (i know its disaster T_T..huu)
4.glossy2..yg sume pink base T-T
5. flowers from my bestie

5. Snap gambar anda dengan salah satu barang kaler PINK :

*terliur tgk kasot ni last pair T_Y

6. Tag 5 kawan anda yang minat kaler PINK :
(korang suke xsuke kena jwb gak. aci?)
i. SCR
ii. Aim
iii. Atique
v. Fifi

p/s: Ampun ye korang belime kt atas tu..bahahaha..

B2b yg sering x mengaku ske pink=|

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It shud b plain!in shud b pink!

Salam all..

I've been in searching for pink paper bag for quite sometime. I'm asking for a pink..n must be plain. tp susah sgt nk jmpe=( everywhere ade corak2 yg for now xde lg yg bekenan T-T..huuu..actually, they were bukan x cantek..they are just out of my target..

So, i decided to fold them mysef!
Alhamdulillah..the job is quite easy...i target to finish folding all in 3 nights. InsyaAllah..
Here's some of it;)

Sgt senang ..n surprisingly...jauh sgt2 murah!!!Alhamdulillah..
tp i think i larat fold for nikah gifts je kot T_T..huhu..

I cant thank my mom and aunties enuf for their love on me. Thanks a million!

Bekas telur-teaser

Salam lovelies..

Harini abes kuku i sbb cabot tande harge=( huhu......dh x sekate..mcm komfem je kene pakai inai T_T..
Telur is my wajib doorgift. I have to give out telor cz my mom insisted to do so. But, insyaAllah..i'll also gives out something else to add to the telur..insyAllah...almaklumlah..bajet kecik t_T..

Ok, again, becz of bajet kecik..i cannot dream of having fancy bekas telur. I could only chose based on the price. So, here's the bekas telur that u'll get nnt;) tp..x cukop T_T..hv to go find at other branches later. Pray la supaye other branches ade stock T_T..

The sneek peak;)

Got 'the knot' is soo pretty;) but my mom hate it T_T

Monday, July 5, 2010

The wishlist

Salam ladies...

everybody been calling me asking if i need any helps..huu..thank you thank u...but, i'll call u if i need anyk;) *terharu*

n also, when i said this to them: 'save d date yea..n u can hunt for the gift now'
they usually replied: 'x tau nk bg ape la..ko kan nk pindah jepon T_T'


I know..that facts limit the options for d gift. To solve this problem..i wud say:
'buy je la anything. don't think about me moving..think about me staying, k'.

n some of them, even if i'll b staying here, they also dont know what to give..*sigh*..
cannot blame them la..i also experienced this now n then..
so, my fren had suggested me to do a wishlist.
but in my case...the wish list yg i create, it's not totally my wish (cz like alwiz, i pon x tau ape yg i nk T_T), the wish list is just to giv an idea to my frens of what to buy. well..if it's not for me, for other bakal pengantin rite??;)

I'm doing this in a short amount of time. If you guys happen to think of something else that's really suitable for wedding gift, glad if cud share;)

*all photos are from Google

hihi..that's all i can think of. Most of them are cooking items. actually, i love baking, most probably, i wud b wanting an oven so freakin bad T_T n also martha stewart's cookie book!!heeh..

oh, n d most that i need is a hand luggage T_T sooo looking for the one in shocking pink=p!

B2b, who has already received d very advanced w-present!Thank u to kala, fifi n mun;)

*update (1 day later after a few people been asking)
addition to the list:
1) glass n plate set (ok je la's not like i'll stay in Japan forever, kan??)
2) mini laptop bag=p
3) buku panduan menjadi isteri solehah
4) buku panduan buat ibu mengandung=p
5) stove pon bole..
6) baking pan
7) iron pon bole..especially yg bole bwk travel..hehe
8) rice cooker..wooo..pentin ni..
9) MONEY (suggestion by kay...then here's my account number:maybank 164481107957 ;p)

*update 100710=p
-recipe book-occupied
-lingerie-occupied..(in fact too many T_T)

*update 110710
Addition to the wishlist:
1) scale....(br prasan i alwiz had problems with measurement bile nk ikot resipe this one sgtla bes kalau dpt=p)
2) mini sewing machine (i alwiz wanted to try to sew..but xde, i have to start somewhere..=p)
3) cake making utensils..hehe
4) microwave
5) lesung batu kecik (that can b brought to travel;p)
6) vacuum

Hukum Ukiran Inai

Salam lovelies..
I've been telling everyone that i don't wanna apply any inais. Cz I don't like d colour. Maybe becz d colour is orange kot..n i'm not a big fan=p if it's pink maybe i will wear it on everyday basis=p haha..

So, I post about me will not b wearing any inai on my fb wall. Got so many responses. Most of them didn't understand y do i wanna make things difficult..urgghh..

A few of them said to me tht I shudn't b worried cz ukiran inai is HARAM..

During that time, for me it's a very gud point to tell my mom later (when surely i'll be forced to apply).
But, I was thinking..if it is haram..n y alllll (in purata la..) brides applied inai rite?

So, i googled.

There's so many discussions about this. Some said it is definitely haram and dilaknat if v ukir inai (cz it's like tattoo..), some said it harus..

So, I decided to visit the Portal Rasmi Fatwa Malaysia.

Based on their muzakarah, hukum memakai inai adalah harus...
For inai ukir, as long as is it based on the plant's element, then it is ok.

To make urself clear about this issue, you guys can just click on the above link;)
So, now I am little convinced to apply inai ukir...=) n i want it like this;p

sgt minimal..brla rele nk pakai T_T (source:Google)

B2b who's so worried to b a wife..T_T

wedding of the year??

Salam darlings...

Anyways, it's a very tiring day fer me.
My day cells actually active at 130, when v bertolak to Sab's wedding. The wedding is so beautiful.Just like d one that i've wanted. That's how I love her. It's becos I think, v like most on d same thing;) hehe..ok, leave it there. She looks sooo happy td. n of course la pretty.. ^_^

This post is just to tell all of u that, my wedding is not like most of the b2b out there. That's y i wud prefer to call mysef a NO bridezilla=pCz, I really wanted a small ceremony. I wud spend most of allocation on food cz i want more people to come. I am trying so hard to please evryone. My family, my FIL family n of course my friends. So, I wud do a lil here and there so that they wont talk back about my day. Oh, of course they will...but at least i can minimize the risk=p.

Many of my frens were saying that my w-day will b a wedding of the year. Glad to hear that. But, I hope u guys didn't mean it to say that it will b a big, grand one. Cz u wont see any. I just hoping everyone to come, stuffed ursef, n share d moment wit us=)

I'm trying to cut cost here n there cz right now i realized that, there r a lot of things coming out in a last minute that I didn't think it will happen. huh T_T pity my fiance to set up a complete home for us in Japan (yes, d most expensive country in terms of daily expenses). I am soooo guilty in making him do this =(... I hope I can do well enuf to help him start our life together.. (oh, I hope I have less lust..not 9 T_T).

B2b, who doesn't mind to wear her e-day's dress on her solemnization;

Friday, July 2, 2010

30 minutes catch from W-Exhibition, MV

Salam all..

Went to wedding exhibition at d MV exhibition centre.
Oh, I alwiz lov to go on friday cz less sesak..n my mud will b better (remmber, cz I'm not a bridezilla=p).

I don't really know my intention here. Just wanted to scare mysef a bit about my decision (xde keje=p). even though i already knew the f-ness of my w-planner T_T..

eh..still..I was looking for doorgifts and also d paper bags (sume yg bekaitan doorgifts la).

Usually, I don't find wedding exhibition that useful to me. But somehow, I did find this time around interesting. The bajus are all gojes this time. The gojesness first of all came from RinsSuzana. The bajus wer all gojes la i tell u. menyesal pulak x xurvey kt dorang suggoh2 T_T

Depan RinsSuzana tu ade booth laksa shack?? are providing pulut kuning service (to replace tiers cake) which are getting popular these days..take a look at some of d collections which I love=)

This was made of .8.5kg pulot..byknye..i just ingat nk buat sendiri 3 tiers pulut kuning made of 5kgs=( huuu..xleh2..
see..they put roses..fresh tau..mesti mkn pulot ade rase rose sket=p
don't like??try below with tiers..

If x suke tibe2 ade bunge ros tu..try this. I think this one is nicer..they decorate it with edible decos (i mean yg comaptible with pulut kuning taste). In the middle tu rendang tok..
the price is rm270 (rm20 more thn d above pulut kuning..)

If you wud like to try different thing, go for pulut hijau!erkk...don't worry..this pulut is still gud..they r still x expired=p hahah
This pulut turned green becos of pandan colouring..
for me, i wud v do pulut kuning cz it is kuning aite??err..i dono.wont go for this definitely. oh, the red thingy tu is pulut oso. They r coloured with rose colouring. rm255 kot..i cant remember=p

Besides this, I alwiz love to see baju. Oh, I wish I am tall so that baju will not b an issue=(
Few of them that I love=)

Alwix lov kain like this. i suitable to wear one like this??cz my leg wudnt b long enough to show such silhouette=(

Love this design as well..First notice this kind of design in Syahrir Nordin's. Will short bride suitable for this??=(

This baju wasss sooo gojes!but kebaye labuh just a no-no for me;)

The settings that I love and...teringat nk snap=p

Comeynye arch ni..But I already hv my gojes arch dah=p hehe (if the w-planner x lupe my request la T_T)

The main setting (ade petandingan nyanyi mase ni=p)..the roman setting which currently tgh in;)

Oh, n my fren was kinda of being forced to test for this one caterer. br rase sket je, our face mmg amazed. It was soooo sedap superb2!!!and also cheap!u can get it for rm6.80 per head!soo cheap!sume2 ade la..cake pengantin bla2...(penat nk taip)

What I like, they are very islamic.

Oh well..who are still in searching for cheap lollies and worries. I finally found it here (after all d trouble I went through and changing ideas..T_T br nk jmpe=()
find them here-->

Oh, of course if u wanna best deal, u shud have book them within this weekend darlings!
Gudluk!!seriously bes this time punye exhibition ^_^ (still I am not up for anything T_T)

Oh, semuanya sudah terlambat T_T

Damn expensive!

Salam ladies,

I just bought setem for d w-card. I was so shock n rase one card costs 80 cents??that's so ridiculous!!i think company card will go bankrup cz people will tend to use electronic mail then!naek more than 100%??S*&%%$!!

hundreds just for stem T_T ..budget lari T_T

It's ok darlings...i will still sending u all the cards=) wait patiently k.
*kalau x sampai jgk kad ni..siap la POS MAS!* hahah

B2B who loves her w-card=p

Lawatan ke Romantika

Salam ladies..

The day is getting nearer. So, I've started to think about my bilik pengantin's decorations. Of course i would like to keep it minimal. Oh, not because I love minimal's just my budget on this is veryyyyyyyyyyyyy minimum T_T haha..

I don't know where to start. But, somehow, these past few weeks, people were telling me about Romantika. It's a kedai like KK deco. But..cheaper kot;p n a lil bit different. again...a lil bit..n
Ok. went there las weekend.
nobody wud like to take part in this task. Looks like it=(
So, I just went there randomly without knowing what to buy T_T
A few things that I considered to buy..but put it back. Why??cz I don't know what to buy T_T
These were the few things tht I left it there;p

lov roses..suitable to be hanged at kepale katil..or pintu..its a piece of attraction..there's piink crytal hanging (but i cudn't captured the image well T_T..) and also locengs;) rm25
Put this one back at the last minute since I got another idea suddenly T_T

Cheap yet big painting. Thinking to buy one in case that I have an empty spot in the room..
re-think again and decided no to buy first until there's empty spot. yela..if v buy first, then we'll try making spot for this one. waste2...cannot!rm36

A jewellery box a.k.a gift box. Heart this one. Cz it's cheap but looking expensive=p haha..put it back cz I have already have VIP gift ready T_T..rm8

Sharing is caring aite??In case u guys looking for those items, u can find it in Romantica, Amcorp Mall, PJ. The flowers are cheap. Flower decoration ranges as cheap as rm8-rm100++

For bunga yg letak kt pelamin tu...usually they put in a big vase tu..u can get it at rm80. well decorated. u can choose flowers and they can decorate it for u=) If I knew this, I wud have been decorating my own pelamin during d e-day T-T a lot save there.

Naseb baek pelamin sponsor;)


Salam lovelies..
Before I start my job, rase nk menulis pule..owh wat else did i left out??owh, it's the honeymoon;)
Ok, actually, my fiance had proposed a place where u can find this:

Source: Google

But, u see..we got married just a week before Ramadhan. So, we don't really have time to stay long. Wat's d point of going there for 3 days kan T-T..So, v posponed the date to newyear. Suddenly my sister nk get married plak on that new year.'s becoz d date kan, v maybe posponed our honeymoon to 2 months later. Plus, i don't want to go there in fun no fun..haha

Tp my fiance ni insist jgk nk ade pre-honeymoon (i don't see wats d different with real honeymoon T-T)..He insisted to go out of d country (like he actually staying in Malaysia T_T). Where to go out of the country when v just have 3 free days???

Tell u guys, he never been in Singapore..haha...dah pergi merate2 dunia..singapore die x penah pegi??, he bought 2 ticks to singapore. Main intention..he wanted to bring me to this place-->

USS under construction-source:Google

Haish...ikotkan jela..asalkan die bahagie..heee

B2B yg x suke naik ride yg pening2 T_T

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hijab style for the bride

Salam ladiess...

Oh, lg sebulan??i can't believe this. Time runs soo fast. Last year, i didn't know that I'm gonna get married in 2010 T_T if i knew this, i must go raye like crazy=p n of course i'll learn how to cook rendang..(ye, saye maseh x penah msk gulai apetah lag rendang T_T)

ok2..back to the topic.

It's about the hijab (yeah..i know..aaagaiiinnn). Haha..I am so berat hati to wear tudong awning T_T..
it's not that i'm not comfortable..
it's just based on d fact that i love being different.
But, the risk is whether it works, or u'll look weird..for this one??looking weird on ur WEDDING DAY!!!
I don't wanna take d risk.So, i google. If there's a manual for us in choosing veil, there's also manual for choosing hijab.

Anyone who's still stuck thinking for d rite hijab..try read this. It helps me in making decision=p


I was actually wanted something like this. I got a round face. this bride also has round face rite??(ke my eyes dh x kero..haha). But, according to that blog, this style is unsuitable for round face's person. But she still looks pretty T_T I wantt..huuu

Actually many people said, i got an apple-shaped face..* bentuk ni not in d list*


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